(Closed) Sonic cleaner and pave/micropave? Anyone used one?

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  • poll: Have you used a sonic cleaner with your pave/micropave rings?
    Yes, and I have never had any problems with it. : (9 votes)
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    Yes, and I have experienced a loose stone/stones from it. : (1 votes)
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    No, I don't use a sonic cleaner with my pave/micropave rings. : (14 votes)
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    @Stargaze31:  I have had problems with my pave diamonds in my ring before, in fact I lost a stone within 2 weeks of getting it and then another 3 before they agreed to remake my whole ring for free (keeping the centre stone).  But this was mainly from resizing as they made it quite a bit smaller, I think they slightly made mine an oval shape too but still the stones were loose.  Anyway I have a sonic cleaner but I would be too scared to use my new ring in there.  My sonic cleaner has made marks on other jewellary of mine too when I think I left it in too long.  I clean my ring by rubbing dishwashing liquid straight on it with my finger (not a brush), then rinse in cold water and dry.  It sparkles like crazy but it needs to be done once a week as it loses the extra sparkle easily.


    Edit: Mine is white gold also, I have heard of rubbing toothpaste but I think it might be too abrasive.

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    Don’t use ultrasonic on pave. Get a steam cleaner instead. Ultrasonic will slowly shake the melee stones loose, and damage the setting. I recommend the Jewel Jet. I bought one a few months ago, and I use it once a week. Use whatever jewelry cleaner the drug store sells or jewelry store provides, soak it, brush it with a baby tooth brush, then blast it with the steam cleaner to dislodge tiny debris and boogers.

    As for your white gold Q, neither ultrasonic or steam would hurt it. The only thing that will hurt it is banging it and your body’s pH eating away at the rhodium plating. Which is normal.

    I do a daily wash in my jewelry cleaner with the baby toothbrush. Jewelry and diamonds get dirty with fingerprints and other stuff. It’s normal. It’s a flat surface– windows get dirty, too. Wash it every time you wash your hands after the restroom, too. It’s disgusting that people don’t know to do this. The ring is a cesspool of germs.

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    I have a pave band and a sonic cleaner, and I’ve never had any problems (knock on wood!).  I’ve been using it weekly for six months or so, and I love how sparkly it looks!

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    @PetraArkanian:  What material is your ring? I heard if its platnium you can use sonic but others it could make them loose. Im curious too as we got a rings just a month ago

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    My jeweler recommended that I not use sonic cleaners on my rings. Both my rings are platinum 3 sided micropaves. He said they would knock diamonds loose. I know they steam clean my ring so I was considering buying that Jewel Jet somone mentioned above. I have not heard anything about steam being bad for micropave though.

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    @Ms.BlueEyesDC:  It is platinum, so maybe that’s why I haven’t had any problems.  I guess I should’ve done some research, I had no idea this was such a complicated issue!

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    Hey there! I have a micro pave ring in white gold! Everytime I shower, I drop it in the red container solution you can buy at Target or BBB. It’s for diamonds. My ring is always clean. Lol

    It was suggested by our jeweler to get cleaned & inspected by them every 6 months. It’s free & they are right down the road so no problem. I have not had any stones fall out. 

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    My ring has microprongs, which are supposed to be more secure than pave, but I soak my ring in 1 part Windex (make sure it has ammonia!) and 3 parts boiling water. Then, I scrub gently with a soft bristle toothbrush and rinse under warm water. It always looks sparkling, almost as good as the jeweler clean!

    For reference, here’s my setting, IDK how different it is from pave? It’s also platinum, f that helps.

    ETA-I’ve done my mothers, Future Mother-In-Law, and cousin’s Engagement Ring this way, and they either have channel set or some other kind of side stones, and they also look perfect after. Good luck!

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    @Stargaze31:  That’s incorrect. Ultrasonic: shaking dirt loose. Steam: blasting dirt loose. It’s just blowing at it. If anything is risking damage, it’s an ultrasonic. Do a quick google search on Ultrasonic+cleaner+pave and you’ll pull up enough horror stories. It’s not like it’s an immediate damage, cleaning it once or twice a year in an ultrasonic will be fine. But if you do it often (which I like to do, and I’m assuming you would like to since the grime is grosing you out), it will dislodge the pave.

    Pave stones aren’t held in by their own prongs. Get one loose, the whole structure is screwed. The “neighbor” stone depends on each other stone to have a tight fit. One gets knocked out, and you risk losing the rest.


    Small ultrasonic is good for cleaning fine jewelry. You have to be careful when using it on fine jewelry set with small stones (pavé, micro pavé). Although underpowered, it might dislodge small stones when used for too long. You do not have the experience and tools to check every stone after washing.” from Leon Mege, a micro pave master.

    Truly, the microprongs holding pave together shouldn’t get bent from the small shaking, but if the setting is already being hit (clapping, tapping your hands on the steering wheel while driving and listening to tunes, knocking your hand around, etc), and the prong is already damaged, the ultrasonic will shake an already loose stone more loose. 

    Use your judgement for which style cleaner you want to use, just please get your ring checked at least once a year by a jeweler. Have them check and tighten all the prongs, and check for durability. Since you say you have WG anyway, you can just do a yearly rhodium dip and physical check up. That will keep you “in the know” in case anything happened to your baby.

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    @Stargaze31:  That sounds like an awesome plan. A 6 month “physical” is a great idea, especially if it’s free! Them making it mandatory for the warranty is just your push to follow through 🙂

    Your mom and yourself will love the steam. I use it to kill germs on a lot of small items in the house– like the toothbrush! And the steam doesn’t leave water marks on your ring, so you don’t have to hunt for a drying cloth that doesn’t leave behind funky lint. 

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    I was having issues keeping my cathedral setting micropave ring clean. Today I found the solution. I put a denture tablet in a cup, placed my ring right on top, and added hot water. I let it soak for an hour, lightly brushed the main diamond/setting/everything except band with a soft toothbrush, then rinsed well and dried it with a blow dryer. The effervescence blasted the stubborn gunk out from the prongs and the hard to reach areas involved in a cathedral setting, and now my ring is as sparkly as the day I got it. So happy to have found a safe and easy method.

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