(Closed) Sooo…when do the last-minute cancellations stop?

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lauroo:  We had someone cancel 3 days before as I was sending final final numbers to the caterer.  I had to rearrange seating a little last minute but it all worked out.

Everyone else showed up day of, we didn’t have any no-shows.

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lauroo:  We almost cancelled the day before FI’s Brother’s wedding this past weekend. I have a seriously bad internal bacterial infection and we weren’t sure if I would have been up to the flight. Let’s just say DO NOT GOT ON A PLANE if you have antibiotics and percocet in your system. We made it tho thank god! and I pleased my future in laws by making the effort so that was a plus.

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lauroo:  It may never stop. People may text you the day before and tell you they’re not coming. They may text you the day of. They may not say anything at all and just not show up. Or, this may be the last of the cancelations.

People are inconsiderate and rude, but sometimes life happens, and we just have to accept that they are adults, and we are adults, and if they’re canceling it should be for a good reason. If it’s not, well, then you know that and your opinion of them may change a little bit, but unfortunately you can’t say anything to them about it.

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My daughter’s wedding was supposed to host 102 guests. There was a 100 minimum. One of my husband’s cousins cancelled 2 weeks out, because she decided to visit her family that weekend. 52 weeks a year and she decided that was THEEEE weekend! 3 of the groom’s relatives cancelled 1 week out. We didn’t have to pay for the cancellations and I was happy I did the table seating in a Excel spreadsheet, so I could easily change it aroumd.

My daughter got a text at 2:00 PM the day of the wedding telling her that one couple couldn’t come because they hadn’t packed yet, for a vacation they were taking the next day. One no-show,due to poison ivy (it did not come on that fast). That guy was a date added-on 2 weeks before and I had to re-do the table plan, for him then. The 3 no shows cost us $186 each. ARGH!!!!

At least we didn’t get hassled about the 100 minimum. I knew a couple I could call last minute, to fill the seats of the couple who cancelled, but we were already taking photos then, so I forgot to call them. Obviously, my daughter isn’t inviting them to anything ever again. 

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lauroo:  I had people cancelling up to the day of via text saying they weren’t able to come when they initially rvsp’d yes! & some simple didn’t show up and never gave any explanation… People as unpredictable sometimes, monies are wasted but you’ll be married (try not to stress) and Life goes on ..


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For your sake, I would suggest locking in your seating chart this weekend and then not giving it another thought. 

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lauroo:  i had a handful of cancellations the week of. i mean its something that is bound to happen.

there was only one person that i was really upset with for cancelling, it was my cousin who kept calling and texting saying how excited he was and couldn’t wait to go. He tells me he booked his flight, made travel arrangements to stay with his girlfriend’s cousin, etc, got coverage for work (this was 2 months before the wedding). He calls me a few days before that he can’t make it because he can’t get coverage for work. I then reiterated what he told me “i thought you said you got coverage, and what about your flights? are you going to get your money back?” He said I didn’t book my flight yet, I said hold on, my wedding is in 3 days and you haven’t booked a flight yet?” He was silent. He never had any intentions of coming. <br /><br />I still speak to him, but I was pissed that we had to pay for him and his girlfriends plate. 

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lauroo:  i can add people 30 days up until the event so if i have to add and people start canceling im going to be mad. I know it’s rude to invite people last minute but i would be allowing a few ppl plus ones because that would just waste a space and i would feel horrible knowing i paid an additional 300 bucks for so many more people and they start to cancel. I guess it’s nice of them to tell you so that you can allow other guest to come or if allowed by the caterer change your numbers. 

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lauroo:  it was all over the freaking place. Culturally weddings are a bit different and it drove me nuts that even two days before, there were people who had said they weren’t coming now calling to say there WERE coming and with X add on! -.- 

I simply had to guess and add a lot of food. Oh. And give up on having the seating chart.  In the end it was all great but geez they were driving me crazy lol

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dont even try to change things after a week out. i had a handful of people contacting me ON THE WEDDING DAY to tell me  they werent coming (after rsvping yes) and we had quite a few no shows as well. we had to turn in a head count to the caterer 1 week ahead of time. we were out ab $800 due to canceled yes’s and no-shows.

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Yeah, I hate to say it, but, people will continue to cancel, right up to the last second.  This is my second wedding, so, I’m trying not to get pissed off at the things you can’t control.  The one thing that really still bugs me, is the no shows.  Unfortunately, though, we can’t help the inconsiderates of the world. 

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Yeah by the week of our wedding we just had to find some inner peace and roll with it.  We got some weird last minute cancellations and thankfully we were in a good place and just kept on trucking.  In the end it all worked out. 

So, when this all started about a week before.  My mom and I were talking on the phone and she was telling me about how she was supposed to go to a wedding that day but didn’t feel like it.  I gave her a tongue lashing for sure!! 


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Last minute cancellations stop at the last minute of the event itself.

That’s the harsh truth of the matter. ijs

Some people may even attend but leave early, not partaking in some of the provisions you’ve provided on their behalf. They kinda don’t count as a last-minute cancellation, but they kinda do, too, huh?

Hang in there and enjoy your nuptials.


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