(Closed) Sorry… Another spinoff but… Vitamins… what do you take and for what?

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I take lots of vitamins

muliti vitamins, calcium with vitamin d, fish oil and iron boosters. Since taking these I have so much more energy. I don’t take them all at once but spread them out during the day.

I also take melatonin at night and I now sleep so much better.  

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@kris325:  A vitamin B suppliment will help you metabolize the food you eat into energy as well as reduce stress. You may also be low in iron if you’re always tired (but be careful because you can take too much iron). I’ve also taken Korean Red Ginsing and a suppliment from CanPrev called “Adrenal-Pro+Thyroid Support” to help give me some energy. The best thing to do though is probably to get into a good sleeping/eating pattern.

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I take GNC Women’s Ulta Mega with Energy, which is a daily multivitamin. I definitely notice that it gives me more energy than I used to have, but I have to take it after eating a full meal, otherwise they upset my stomach. 

ETA: Thanks for the reminder! I forgot to take them today

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I’ve been taking prenatal vitamins since a few months before the wedding, just in case we are able to conceive.  I’ve been on them for about four years now.  I also take Vitamins C and D. 

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I take quite a bit of vitamins:

a multi-vitamin (gumi-its like a treat!), calcium with vitamin D and K, B12 (for memory and metabolism) and glucosamine chondroitin (for joints-my knees bother me sometimes).

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I take a prenatal multi-vitamin, calcium + vitamin D, biotin, and folic acid.  We are not TTC but because of my various health conditions, I could use the extra vitamins from prenatals.  folic acid since my OBGYN says all women of childbearing age should take it.  Calcium +D because its good for the bones and again because one of my Rx drugs leaches calcium from the bones.Biotin because it makes my hair and nails stronger and an Rx I take makes me shed hair more easily.

i also have a prescription vitamin B12 spray I use once per month.  I have to either have shorts or spray because of a digestive disorder that affects the part of my intestines that absorbs B12.

Bcomplex vitamins are Cotten recommended for increasing energy levels.  If you’re interested in herbs, is there an acupuncturist near you?  They’ve studies all kinds of herbs and maybe can recommend something for you.

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@kris325:  I take vitamin D because I live in cold, snowy, dark Canada where I’m stuck inside for half the year.

I also take omega 3 fish oils to help with that SAD/winter blues (not diagnosed, but I sure get depressed in winter), and because they’re generally good for you. I also have a lamp to help w. this but I haven’t noticed significant results.

I took a B complex for a while because I read can that it can help w. anxiety, but I didn’t notice any difference so when the bottle is done I probably won’t replace it.

I take calcium sometimes because I don’t eat/drink much dairy.

I used to be a real vitamin junkie, but it started adding up and I read so many articles that say you’re basically peeing your money away by taking vitamins if you have a decent diet. I try to stick to the ones I know I need these days.

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I’m a big believer in vitamins and green tea.  If you add lemon juice to your green tea, it’s supposed to make a huge difference in helping you to absorb the antioxidants.  I take a multivitamin every day WITH iron…as PP mentioned, iron is key for energy and also it keeps me from being borderline anemic all the time.  I also take a calcium supplement every day, because I’m bad at getting any dairy other than ice cream and cheese =/

When I’m traveling or around sick people, I take an Emergen-C packet a few times a week.  I swear by them. 

Since I’ve started this routine, I haven’t been sick ONCE in the last YEAR.  I feel fantastic.  Keep yourself to a routine schedule… 7+ hours of sleep at the same time every night if possible, and try to get light activity into your day.  You’ll feel so much better. And drink lots of water.  I’ve also found that when I eat high protein things, I feel better as opposed to carbs.  There’s no crash.  Good luck!!


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I (sometimes) take a multivitamin but I don’t really notice much difference between when I’m taking it and when I’m not.

I take the Vitafusion Gummy Multi-Vitamins.

Product Image

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I take a multivitamin every morning (Alive! brand, makes me less nauseous), along with a B-Complex 100 (it’s REALLY helped ease stress the last few months) and a 1200mg omega-3 fish oil thing (for skin problems, better brains maybe).
At night I usually take a calcium-zinc-magnesium with D3 (to help ease teeth grinding… going to switch to magnesium citrate instead), OR (never and) an iron when I’m feeling particularly down. Iron cannot be taken the same time as calcium – they block each other.

The major difference in terms of energy was the multivitamin I take — it’s made of whole foods, and dissolves quickly, so it’s readily available. Major player in stress relief was the Vit B’s… my anxious jittery thoughts stopped a couple of months after starting those.

I’ve also taken a few other food-based things here and there… Tumeric capsules helped clear up some skin problems (though I would probably spring for a more potent capsule next time), Ginger with nausea (until I overdid it and it caused nausea)… I usually try something new for a month (or research the hell out of it) to see how it agrees with me.

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I take a generic women’s multi-vitamin just to make sure I get everything I need. Another reason I take it is because it has folic acid which I need to take for future human baking.

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recently I started taking magnesium citrate supplements because I was having sleep issues. this mineral can be both mentally and physically relaxing.  note: I take citrate because studies have shown that the cheaper, more common version – magnesium oxide – is not well absorbed. but it’s a little hard to find – I have to go to a vitamin store to find mine.  this is the brand I take: http://www.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp?pid=320077&catid=183255&aid=338666&aparam=goobase_filler

also, I used to suffer from bad menstrual cramps and excessively sore breasts. my doctor prescribed calcium for the cramps, and vitamin e for the boobs. the difference was really dramatic. I told all of my girlfriends about it, and months later they all thanked me profusely for the tip!

I keep chewable vitamin c around and eat 2 throughout the day (and more if I feel like I’m getting sick). I swear I have fought off many colds this way! 

I take other supplements too, but the ones listed above have definitely impacted me the most.

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I take a multivitamin for obvious reasons and I also take Biotin because my nails are very soft and thin and the biotin helps strengthen them and keep them from breaking.

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@Mrs.KMM:  I take these too, yummy!

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