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  • poll: When I learned to drive

    I learned on an automatic and CAN drive a manual

    I learned on an automatic and CAN NOT drive a manual

    I learned on a manual and drive one currently

    I learned on a manual but drive an automatic now

    I don't know how to drive

    I know how to drive (either kind) but don't drive by choice or circumstance

    I prefer a manual transmission

    I prefer an automatic transmission

    I like cheese

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    I learned to drive on automatic. As soon as I was comfortable with that (learner permit), I learned manual on my bf’s truck. My first donated car was automatic (5 mos.?) and my first bought car (used) was manual. I did not really get the hang of uphill and bad traffic until I needed to do it every day. Personally, I would always prefer manual. 

    Fi if and I have both not owned or seriously driven cars for over half a decade. We will see, when the time comes. I would prefer manual, but together, we prefer hybrid. Fiance cannot drive stick, and I don’t know if I would be a good teacher or if he would be interested. 

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    I learned on an automatic but my current vehicle is manual, which I prefer. Also, cheese is pretty good. 

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    I learned to drive in an automatic and I cannot dive a manual.

    My Mum tried to teach me to drive a manual, it was the first time I’d ever tried to drive a vehicle – I ended up stalling, bunny hopping, swerving to avoid hitting a truck and almost crashing into a power pole.

    I ended up being taught to drive by one of my guy friends in his automatic, late at night, down deserted cul-de-sacs in suburbia.

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    My parents insisted that I be able to drive manual, reliably parallel park a vehicle with a large turn radius, navigate ice and snow with or without four wheel drive, and hitch/tow/park a trailer before I could get my license. It was great learning experience.

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    Another Brit here who learned on a manual. 

    I prefer driving an automatic anywhere that isn’t the UK – thinking about being on the wrong side of the road and dealing with crazy road users (particularly in Asia…) is plenty to deal with! I much prefer a manual when I’m in the UK though – I feel far more in control of the car and it’s just more fun! 

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    My first car was a manual. I drove it from 16-20. It was a 1990 Honda Civic, and I miss it to this day! While I had my learner’s, I drove an automatic. So auto technically came first but not by much.

    I prefer manual, but my current car is automatic.


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    I don’t know how to drive 🙁 I get so nervous though I know I’ll have to learn… So far I’ve been trying on automatic though. I also fancy cheese. 

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    I learned on automatic and in order to learn how to drive a manual, I bought one.  DH  had to pick me up at work and take me for a lesson every night for about a week.

    I generally prefer manual, except during traffic because my knee gets tired from shifting.

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    I learned on an automatic, and that’s what I prefer, especially in traffic. But I insisted on learning how to drive a stick as well. I never wanted to be in an emergency situation and unable to drive. My ex at the time drove a stick, so I practiced in his car. It was also nice that I could drive his car if we ever needed to switch.

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    @DaneLady:  I learnt in a manual, I drive an manual. I also like cheese!! 😀 halloumi is my particular favourite at the moment

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    I learned how to drive on an automatic and currently drive an automatic, but I learned how to drive manual for our honeymoon because automatic rental cars were so expensive in Iceland, so I know how to drive both. I prefer an automatic but am glad I know how to drive both.

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    I learned on a manual and have had both manual and automatics over the years.  Funny thing is when I moved to the Netherlands, I had to do lessons, and an exam all over again for my dutch license.  The instructor wanted to book extra lessons to teach me to drive a manual (over here, if you do your exam on an automatic, you get a license that ONLY allows you to drive automatics). He ate his words.

    I currently drive a manual because the car I bought new didn’t have an automatic option.  Since the dutch national passtime is sitting in traffic jams, I’ve decided I want an automatic for my next car.

    Besides, some of the automatics out today here in Europe have MUCH better milage than manuals.  At 1.65 a liter, I’m all for savings!

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    Manual all the way!  That’s what I learned on and what I currently (and always) have driven.

    However, I drive a lot for my job, and I have to say that the big fancy automatic work truck with cruise control is pretttttttty sweet.

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    @DaneLady:  I learned on a manual (scary!) and even though I became quite good at it, I never liked it. Both cars I’ve had as my own so far are automatics.

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    I learned on a manual and an automatic at the same time (mom’s car/dad’s car). I drove a manual until last year when we were buying a “family car.” I did teach DH to drive a manual, but he has some sight impairment that already gives him plenty of things to think about on the road, and so he doesn’t like driving a manual.

    My first car was a manual, and my parents did it on purpose. It was an easy way for me to avoid lending out my car (15 year-old drivers are scary, so my parents didn’t want me to lend it out).

    It was a great plan until it back-fired in college, when I wanted others to be able to drive my car. On move-in day my sophomore year, 2 male friends asked to borrow my car, and I gave them my keys and told them where the car was. They came back a solid 30 minutes later and sheepishly admitted they didn’t know how to drive it. Silly boys. I taught about 5 people to drive manual in college.

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