(Closed) (Sort of) Spin-Off: People touching your baby

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  • poll: Where did you draw the line?

    I didn't care if anyone touched my baby.

    Family only.

    Family & friends only.

    I cared if people kissed my baby, touching no big deal.

    I didn't like people touching my baby.

    I cared if friends kissed my baby; family no big deal. Either could hold baby no problem.

    Whoever...As long as you wash your hands first!

    Strangers touched my baby but I was too nice/scared to say anything.

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    I voted for family and friends can hold the baby. But i totally know what you mean! Certain people just gross you out.  I have an uncle who sort of spits when he talks and always has slobber in the corners of his mouth. umm gross.  Same goes for kissing. Close family and friends can kiss my baby.

    My sister said when she had a baby – random people she really didnt even know would ask to hold her baby and she just told them the baby was sick all the time.  She said even worse is the number of people that come in the hospital room with no intention of washing their hands or using anti bacterial before trying to hold your hour-old baby! 

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    I’ve gotten this little stop sign thing as a gift for a few friends that recently had babies to put on the carseat (with a little travel sized hand sanitizer to attach with it), as a visual reminder to people that they need to have clean hands before touching the baby.  It’s at mytinyhands.com  (sorry I couldn’t get the picture to show up – but it’s a little plastic stop sign that says ” please wash your hands before touching mine”)
    They said that it actually worked and made people a little more aware that they were about to handle a newborn baby.

    But I feel the same way, I don’t want a bunch of random people to be touching/kissing my baby.  *Hopefully* the cold & flu season ending by the time my little guy is born in March; but if not I can see myself regulating who gets to hold the baby; especially with the flu and whooping cough warnings that have been coming out saying it’s going to be a bad year for both!


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    I’m not a mother yet, but I will be super cautious about this becasue (not to scare you, but…) when I was a baby, I almost died because my mom let someone hold me, and that woman gave me bacterial meningitis. The doctor didn’t believe there was anything wrong, but luckily my mom took me to the ER anyway!

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    @ellebeerob:  wow, that’s horrible! 

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    I’m not a mom just yet so I can’t vote. But I just wanted to say I don’t think you’re being unreasonable in your fears of people touching and kissing your baby. Often times when I’m around babies, I really want to hold them but I don’t even ask because I don’t want to make the mom uncomfortable. It’s perfectly fine to be protective of your LO.

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    Ugh, it doesn’t stop when they’re not babies anymore. Strangers still touch my daughter’s hair (she has fairly unusual hair for our area) like it’s no big deal – my daughter hates it and it makes her so uncomfortable.

    When she was a baby, she was always in her car seat next to me or in a sling, so it was pretty easy to control who touched her. I had no problem with family and close friends holding her as long as they weren’t smokers and had washed their hands thoroughly, so that wasn’t an issue, but I just cut people off if she was in her carrier and I saw hands coming near. I also carried around hand sanitizer in case people who I didn’t mind touching her wanted to in passing. I’m sure some people thought I was nuts, but she never got sick.

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    I’m not a mother yet and quite frankly holding babies makes me nervous so I wouldn’t ever ask someone to hold their baby. If they offered for me to hold them and I was comfortable, that’s fine.

    Is it just me or does anyone else find it kind of rude to ask to hold someone’s baby without them offering first? (other than family members/close friends)

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    My SIL doesnt like people touching the baby (especially the baby’s hands – bc the baby’s hands go straight into the baby’s mouth) because of germs…and I totally dont blame her.  My SIL just tells people that the baby doesnt like her hands touched.

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    i don’t think you’re weird at all.

    i don’t have kids yet, but i am going to be so over protective of my babies. 

    i’m going to have hand sanitizer to offer to people who want to hold them and have little mittens on my babies at all times so nobody can touch their hands with their germy fingers.

    there are so many people who choose not to have their kids vaccinated, so it makes me very nervous that illnesses like whooping cough are coming back.

    my husband has a lot of little kids in his family, so when one of them gets sick, everyone else gets sick too. at christmas time there was a nasty stomach flu being passed around and christmas eve was my husband’s turn :/

    my in-laws don’t always do a good job of keeping their home clean, so part of me doesn’t even want to bring a newborn around his family because of all the germs floating around.

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