(Closed) (Sort of) Spin-Off: People touching your baby

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  • poll: Where did you draw the line?

    I didn't care if anyone touched my baby.

    Family only.

    Family & friends only.

    I cared if people kissed my baby, touching no big deal.

    I didn't like people touching my baby.

    I cared if friends kissed my baby; family no big deal. Either could hold baby no problem.

    Whoever...As long as you wash your hands first!

    Strangers touched my baby but I was too nice/scared to say anything.

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    I think there is a line, keeping your baby in a bubble isn’t healthy but also not wanting everyone in creation to touch your baby. For me I think when I do have kids it will be family and friends as long as they wash their hands. Also smoking around my baby will cause me to leave. I don’t think there is an issue with asking people to not touch your baby either, especially if it is flu season like it is now. Also keep those little germ factory kids whose parents don’t get them vaccines far far from my baby. Whooping cough is up to its highest rates since the 50’s because people have decided they don’t need vaccines. 

    Eta: Do people really ask to touch and hold strangers babies?!? Who does that?? I would have no issues telling someone I don’t know to not touch my kids. 

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    Is it very common for strangers to just touch all over someone’s baby they don’t know? I’m constantly needing to take my 3 month old to Walmart and I’ve never had this happen… many people stop me so they can look at him and comment on his hair (he was born with a CRAP TON of it, and it never fell out… just got longer lol) but no strangers have ever attempted to hold or touch him… And I live in Texas where people generally aren’t afraid to do this kind of stuff lol 
    So far the only people who have held him are close friends and family. People who have either come to visit or we have gone to visit.  
    I think you should just start thinking of something kind to say to strangers who may want to get too close. “Oh, please no holding/touching. He’s still very small, so I’d like to avoid any sickness if possible! Thank you so much!” Odds are you will never see this person again, so don’t worry too much.
    And just bring in a big jug of hand sanitizer with you around family and tell them to please use it. They’re your family, they should understand lol  

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    Family and friends only.  After they’ve washed and sanitized their hands.  If we’re out and someone I don’t know gets too close I simply step between them and my baby.  My DH does the same!  I think it is so weird that people would just reach out to touch someone’s baby!!!

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    I’m not yet a mother (I hope I will be one day :)), but I am true germophobe. A real germaphobe, not joking. The thought of anyone kissing my child (aside from Fiance and myself) is very anxiety-provoking. I don’t care if people think I’m rude, but there will definitely be some guidelines for being around our kids.

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    If went out and about we just had our son in his carrier and had him covered up. People would look but never touched him.  I also had that little sign about washing hands before touching mine.  As for family and friends they knew if they wanted to hold him it was hand washing time.  As time goes by have become more lenient with people touching him.  Then again only people who touch him is family or friends. 

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    I do not let people I don’t know touch my baby, I can’t trust them and with such a precious treasure I don’t want to.  family and friends?  Whatever as long as you wash your hands first, I’m not a germaphobe but with some of my friends…..I’d rather they wash up  ;D

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    I am not a mother, though as a Nanny I ‘touch’ lots of babies. Most parents I know don’t really mind people they know touching the baby, but are uncomfortable with acquaintances/strangers doing so.
    I know when I do have children, I will be rather picky with who touches/holds them, I can already think of some family members or friends of FI-to-be’s that I would not want randomly touching or holding my baby.

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    One thing I would suggest is encouraging people to touch the baby’s feet instead of hands (especially kids because they always seem to want to touch babies!). This way whatever happens to be on their hands is not going to go right into the baby’s mouth (as it would if they touched the hands).  Of course asking people to wash their hands is important too and +1 to what all PP have said 🙂

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    My babies were 2 months premature and therefore very susceptible to contracting an illness. I posted a sign informing any guests that hands must be washed before touching the babies. The sign went well. Many times, I didn;t even have to ask people to wash up. They would see the sign and go straight to the bathroom! Perfect! In public, strangers often want to touch your baby. Babies draw attention, espceially twins. Sometimes the attention would get on my nervous. Anyway, when strangers felt the need to tough them, I requested that they touch their FEET ONLY. I’ve seen little signs you can hand off the car seat/stroller to remind people not to touch or feet only. I think that’s cute so that you don’t have to sound mean about it.

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    I’m not a mom yet, so I didnt vote. But I’m usually good about not touching peoples babies, even if I really want to. But I had a slip up a few weeks ago when a friend brought her 1 month old to see me and I instantly reached out and touched her hair (she was born a huge fro.) My friend didnt say anything but inside I kept going “idiot, idiot! No touch baby!”

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    I don’t have kids, so I didn’t vote, but I know I’m not going to be uptight about it.  My sister in law makes me wash my hands before I touch her baby, and I think it’s strange.  Hello, I’ve been on an airplane and driving a rental car, I use hand santizier the whole time and wash my hands as soon as I walk in the door.  For myself.  I’m borderline OCD about cleanliness when I travel.  To ask me to continually do it is pretty offensive!

    Granted, I wouldn’t want strangers touching my baby, but I trust the important people in my life to make educated decisions about their cleanliness and how it relates to my baby.  

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    *I’m not a mom yet*, but I don’t think you’re being ridiculous. I’m in my third month of being a student in a children’s hospital, and after seing some pretty scary stuff (meningitis, sepsis, flu, pneumonia – in neonates especially), I will NOT let random people handle my baby. Family and friends are ok as long as they aren’t sick. While the baby is a newborn, I would not be shy about enforcing hand sanitizer (being nice about it, of course). I think when the baby is older (>2 months) I will probably not be quite so vigilant. Hopfully by then the little one will have some immunity from breastmilk and their 2-month vaccines 🙂 

    Oh, and we don’t have family members who smoke, but if they did – forget about it. Especially if they were going to be around the baby quite a bit. It’s a risk factor for so many complications (not to mention it’s GROSS)…I’m the kind of person who is polite to a fault, but that’s the kind of situation where I would lay down the law haha. 

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    This is just creepy – I only would comment on how cute the baby is, never ever touch a baby. I expect the same courtesy when I have a baby. What is wrong with people.

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