(Closed) SOS need urgent advice! Meeting with company president in the AM!

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I think it is time to look for a new job. Your wings have been clipped there. Additionally, even if you win the uniform battle, there will probably be hard feelings.

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I don’t see anything in your story that remotely resembles “morally corrupt” behavior by your manager. I hate to say it, but it sounds like she had some excellent points: rather than you doing other people’s work, you should have been making sure they were doing their work correctly (because that’s what it means to be a manager), and if you weren’t willing or able to shift into that mindset, you might not be really well-suited to their vision of a manager. You may want to switch gears and ask the company president to mentor you and advise you on courses you should take to pass those exams you need to get back into the management track. 

You can certainly express your dislike of having to wear a uniform but I suggest you choose your words very, very carefully. It sounds like you are at a critical point in your career with this company, and that people further up the org chart have a stricter interpretation of how the jobs are to be done, and you do not want to risk sounding like you’re pouting over a uniform (which in the grand scheme of things is a pretty insignificant thing— don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t want to put on a uniform I didn’t like, but really, who’s going to see me while I’m at work?!).

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MissTaken:  I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Ive seen situations like this many times in my career. It sounds like you’ve rubbed the new manager the wrong way, and consequently are on your way out the door. Rather than out right firing you, they’ve essentially put you in a position, where most likely they are hoping you will do the dirty work for them and quit. I understand that your ego is bruised, but it’s important to keep in mind, that for the time being your salary and benefits are unaffected. Now is the time to start looking for a new job. You are in a much better position to do so than if you were unemployed. I would also not bring up the uniform or any of the issues you are having with the other manager, unless you are prepared to lose your job. The best thing to do would be to maintain a low profile, not give them any reason to fire you, while you search for a new job. The best takeaway from this unfortunate situation is that sometimes politics are as important as performance in the workplace. 

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Hmm.. The easy part to answer is about the agreement. I don’t think you will be able to get that removed, stating that benefits may change is pretty standard.

tell him how you feel about the uniform but focus on how you feel your career is not forward moving in this new role and see how he responds.  At my work, I would have absolutely told the higher ups if my supervisor acted questionably because one of our core values is being open.  But, I would have communicated it immediately.  It’s tough to bring all the dirty stuff up now because it may seem like you are using it to get your way.  

you should start browsing for a new job though 🙁

edit: Horseradish has amazing advice, ask for mentorship from him and find out what you need to do to stay with the company if that is what you want

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MissTaken:  Well you received excellent advice from a couple of Bees here but it’s not what you wanted to hear so it looks like you’re really not going to take it. The truth is they are trying to push you out. Best to smile and keep your mouth shut so you can keep your pay and benefits while you look for a new job, which will be much, much, much easier on you than trying to explain to potential employers why you were fired. What you are proposing to do in this meeting tomorrow is a terrible idea. You’ll be giving them the excuse they need to put the nail in your coffin. What makes you think the president will side with you when he’s probably the one who hired the manager? He probably likes her style. 

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I hate to say this, but I don’t see this meeting having anything but a negative outcome for you. It sounds like from what you have written that you were her assistant and perhaps you stepped on her toes by doing things that were not your place to do. You said ‘it’s not my job to police my manager’. If that’s what you were doing–and it sounds like you were–then yeah, I can see why she would want you in an entirely different position. Everything you’ve said makes it seem exacty as PPs have put it–they want you out, and they’re not going to do the dirty work. They’re hoping you leave. I really don’t think speaking with the president will get you the result you want. I’d start looking for another job as soon as possible, and I’d make sure I don’t do anything to garner a bad recommendation or burn any bridges, despite what they’re doing to you. The message is clear–your boss want you out. I don’t think going to the president and complaining is going to do any favors for you. 

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MissTaken:  it’s quite possible that the other employees are the ones who have done the complaining. Lots of people may have sore feet. 

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MissTaken:  I agree with what others have said. They want you out. If they didn’t they would never have allowed the new Groomsmen to sideline you and effectively demote you.

I am a union rep and the one thing that every employee I have dealt with gets wrong and that is that they are not disposable. Every employee is disposable. It doesn;t matter how good you are at your job, you are still disposable. If someone in management wants you gone, then you will be gone. 

I agree that it is too late now to back out of the meeting. That will hurt your reputation with them even more because they will know you are weak. What I would do now is go into the meeting, not to complain about the Groomsmen but to sell yourself. Talk about your furture with the company. Ask where they see your future going.  Talk about how you feel you are being under utilised in the new position. Maybe go in with a plan on how you can better the position. Go in with a plan that details where the company is lacking at the moment and how you can fill that gap. Turn this possibly disasterous meeting into a positive thing.

If the Groomsmen is as bad as you say then she will bring about her own downfall- no help needed from you.


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