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I am not helpful with the electronic resources – I think that my decluttering was inspired by something someone linked to on FB, however I also live in a small condo with my now 6 month olf and have done (and continue to do) lots and lots of purging and decluttering. I have also been careful of all of our purchases – I have gotten the least amount of stuff possible! So generally, I have gotten rid of absolutely everything that we aren’t currently using and we don’t have a reasonably foreseeable future use for. So like, for example, I was hanging on to spare sheet sets for a queen size bed in the guest room that we don’t have and probably won’t have for the next 20 years. If we did get this spare bed 20 years from now, I would probably want to buy new sheets for it! I made sure that all of our furniture doubled as storage so that the condo could be cleaned up quickly and easily. I only bought baby stuff that she would be currently using. So when she was an infant we had some rattles, some lamaze toys, and a playmat, and then bought a jolly jumper when she was big enough fot that, etc. I also have a rule that she can’t have more gear than fits on our snap together mats in the living room – so we have a square of 4 mats and all the gear has to able to be arranged on it. I don’t buy anything new unless some other gear is outgrown and put in storage. And I do periodic checks of all of our stuff to make sure that we’ve got it as minimal as possible. It’s been super great for us – it’s undone my tendency to hoard and hang onto things, and has made us all more cautious and deliberate consumers! Good luck! Having a baby in a condo is a great thing, in my opinion! 

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I have a few blog’s I like to read for organizing, but mostly decluttering is about being able to let go of things you don’t need or use and not becoming emotionally attached to “items”. I used to keep a lot of things around. I’d keep anything I thought I might one day put in a scrap book, or one day use. Now I’m much  more minimalist. I hate to keep things around that don’t “belong” or have a place in my house. If it’s not something that would find a good home in my organization, we don’t need it. I also go through stuff regularly and get rid of things which I’m sure drivesmy husband nuts. He takes after his mom, who keeps anything that may have even the slightest inkling of sentimental value. Not even kidding, when I moved into his condo we went through his closet, and had probably 10 bags of clothes he had sine high school and college to get rid of (he was 30!) We had to let his mom come over and collect any old baseball or fraternity shirts that she wanted to keep. And she did it….

Even though we have only lived in our house for two years and I have done a TON of purging in that time, I’m feeling the same need as you are, to organize each room and make sure we don’t have clutter in preparation for baby and kids, as I know now that we have entered family-growing-ville, the STUFF will start to accumulate and need a place to go. I’m surprised at how much stuff I’ve been able to pull out to get rid of. 

So far I have just been going room to room bagging stuff for garbage, good will, or tagging for a May garage sale. As I finish each room I feel great about it and like I really accomplished something. It allows me to not worry about what is in other rooms until I am done, and then I feel like “Great, I don’t have to come in here again and wonder if there’s anygthing else we are holding onto”. I’d start there!

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@MsKeee:  So like, for example, I was hanging on to spare sheet sets for a queen size bed in the guest room that we don’t have and probably won’t have for the next 20 years. If we did get this spare bed 20 years from now, I would probably want to buy new sheets for it!

Exactly this too! Sometimes (actually a lot of times) people, my husband as well, are like but what if some day this what if some day that! And i’m like… it’s not like we can’t go buy a new set of sheets if that some day ever comes! This is not the last set of sheets on the face of the earth!

We just sold our guest bedroom furniture on craigslist and it was bittersweet beacuse I really loved that bed frame. But I have NO IDEA when we will be in a new house that has enough room again for a guest bedroom, and at that piont I assume I will want something else for it, or at least be able to afford a new bed frame. My husband asked me probably 10 times if we should store it somewhere for that some day we have a guest room again. The people I know that keep those kinds of things have clutter coming out of the ears, their houses are never clean, and they are ALWAYS “purging and organizing” to try and make sense of it all.

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I’m not getting ready for a baby, but I have been decluttering lately. SO and I have so much junk. He’s a borderline hoarder and worse than I am, but I’m not innocent, either. I have thrown out two big lawn bags of garbage thus far, but I still feel like I’m keeping too much. I haven’t started on SO’s stuff, but I know it’ll be a challenge. He won’t want to get rid of anything, and I certainly won’t just get rid of his things. I will be getting to his stuff tomorrow, and I’m worried.

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@bella128:  I like apartmenttherapy, they have a tiny home contest so you can see how people work with small spaces, but also hacks on items, the essentials for functioning and they often do remodeling of space into a nursery or childs room, they did do a house cleanse at the beginning of the year and also I think in march on decluttering the whole house in a month. the cure should be the main column for decluttering


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My favorite topic! I try to keep my lifestyle and my home simple and am looking forward to carrying these practices into parenthood myself (next month! ahhh!)! I’m even attempting to have a “non-consumerist” baby shower by creating a wishlist of secondhand items instead of a traditional registry (so far, not everyone understands, but it’s cool….)

My favorite minimalism/simple living/decluttering blogs (and a lot of them have great e-books as well):




http://smallnotebook.org/ (I love her baby gear tips! now I will never buy a sippy cup! and my little cupboard space will thank me!)


Our 21-Day Journey into Minimalism


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No resources, but I’m right there with you on the minimalist/no-clutter lifestyle! I hate having unused stuff laying around. Personally, my rule is that if it hasn’t been used in a year (or over a whole season when it would have been appropriate to use it), I take it to the charity shop where someone else can benefit from it and the money used to buy it goes to a good cause. In all my years of getting rid of stuff, I have never once felt something had been let go prematurely or wished I hadn’t given something away. We live in a 2 bed flat with 700 square feet and two babies, and it is more than enough space for us to live very comfortably as long as I stay on top of clutter! Living in Europe has helped me to realise how much extra (unnecessary) space Americans have in their houses, and think all that space can encourage ‘stuff collection’ in a way that isn’t necessary.

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@annifer:  OH MY GOD that is my gospel right now. I have combed through it so much and aaaah it’s got beautiful befores/afters makes me so motivated.

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