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My mom has a seven pound chihuahua and she didn’t have to wear a cone. For the most part, she just laid around and slept. She barely messed with her stitches at all and wasn’t bothered by them. I’m pretty sure she got her stitches out a week or so after surgery? I know that it wasn’t a long time though before she was back to normal. 

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Awe she’s a little cutie! We have a boy and a girl, both miniature australian shepherds. We fixed them both, and actually there wasn’t a big difference in their recovery. Our male had to wear a cone solely because he wouldn’t stop licking at his incision, but our girl actually didn’t need one.

She was more scared than he was in terms of getting dropped off for the actual surgery – he went back wiggling his nub (because he’s tailess lol) but I actually had to hand her to the tech and she was clearly terrified. I felt awful, of course, but when we picked her up she seemed a lot better. We got a prescription for pain killers for both of them, which we just fed them once or twice a day (I forget but the vet will give you specifics obviously.) Both of them basically slept the whole day of the operation after being picked up, but perked up the next day.

If you have the option (which we did), go for the stronger pain killers. We got a week long prescription, and as long as we gave them to her at the scheduled time, she was competely fine and at the end of the week, back to her normal playful self!


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I’ve had two dogs spayed. With my second dog, she has a bleeding disorder, so I took time off of work to be with her due to risk for internal bleeding – she is one high maintenence pup whom I love more than anything.

My first pup was a lab and it was very hard to keep her calm and not jump. She did end up tearing a suture from jumping; if the vets office is good, they will see her in follow-up free of charge like mine did. It wasn’t a big deal, it just looked a little red and puffy for a few days. She was fully healed within two weeks.

With my second pup, her healing was amazing. I stayed home with her (she is a similar size to your pup) and just pretty much held her (supporting her bottom) as much as I could stand for like 5 days straight haha. But seriously, looking back I didn’t need to. She healed so well. Little chihuahuas are soo good and the incisions are soooo small! 

No cone needed for either dog. If you are very worried, consider talking to your vet about drugging her with Benadryl to make her sleepy.

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I had my 9lb shih tzu spayed when she was around 10 months old. We would’ve had it done sooner, but she went into heat for the first time the week after we got her and we had to wait. She’s a very skittish dog and was traumatized by living somewhere new and then going into heat the next week so I was concerned about sending her off for surgery. But she was such a trooper! She didn’t have to wear a cone (I think they sent her home with one just in case), and she never really messed with her stitches. She obviously didn’t feel very well so she just laid around the first day and she was on pain meds for a little bit. After that, we mostly had to keep an eye on her to keep her from jumping on the couch and ripping her incision (easier said than done!). I don’t have any pictures of her being miserable so that stage obviously didn’t last very long!

My mom’s bigger dog (150 lbs) had a much more painful and more miserable recovery than my little puppy did! She moped around for a while and had like 5 different cones because she kept finding ways to mess with her incision around the cone…. She was around 6 months at the time and used to lay spread eagle on the tile. She tried to lay like that right after her surgery and it was too painful for her. She never laid like that again! I was worried my shih tzu would be the same but that’s her signature position and absolutely nothing changed after she was spayed.

Good luck to your puppy and to you too, mama! It’s much harder on us than the dogs, I think!

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I have rescued literally hundereds of dogs and cats. Spaying is not a big deal. Just make sure they are on painmeds for several days. Before you know it they will jump back on their feet and act normal. Spaying and neutering is the best thing you can do for your pets. Over 6 MILLION die each year at our local shelters.


(Animal rescuer and advocate) 

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I had my baby girl spayed at 4 months old. She’s a medium sized labradoodle so she was only like maybe 15 pounds at the most. She was perfectly fine. We brought her into the vet at about 7:30am and picked her up at the end of the day (about 5:00pm). She pretty much slept the rest of the night since she was still feeling the pain killers. After that, she was back to her normal, hyper self. The vet said to just make sure she doens’t run around too much or play too rough. Well that was easier said than done. She acted like nothing happened. She didn’t have to wear a cone or go back to get stitches removed because the vet used sub-dermal sutures. He said just to make sure she doesn’t like the “glue” (it’s kind of like liquid bandaid).

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When I had my chihuahua spayed, she was 3 months old and did not need a cone or pain meds. My lab on the other hand was a different story! She had her dew claws removed (which I regretted after seeing the wounds!) and was spayed all at the same time. She needed pain meds and a cone that she wore for 2 weeks! She hated the cone and could barely walk around with it on because it would get stuck on everything. Spaying is a MAJOR surgery, so the dog needs to be kept calm for about 2 weeks after. It was nearly impossible to keep my lab from playing and jumping.

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The earlier you do it the less intervention you will need post op.  It really is going to depend on your vets’ recommendation. 

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I got my bichon yorkie spayed at 6 months old, she weighed around 8lbs at the time. I took her in at 6am and picked her up that evening… she was groggy and didn’t really want to do anything other than cuddle all night (it was so cute and sad!), and she did not have to wear a cone. The vet told me to keep an eye on her and if she starts licking her incision then I should go get a cone, but she left it alone. He told me to not let her run around or jump for a few days, which turned out to be almost impossible because she was back to her playful self the very next day.

She needed pain meds for I think 3 days after, which she took just fine and she healed up nicely in no time.

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Well I had a female bunny that I had to get spayed, and she did have to wear a cone because she wouldn’t leave her sutures alone.  It did take her a while to heal up (a few weeks), but I think dogs heal much faster than rabbits.  We also gave her pain meds, but because she had messed with the incision site, we had to deal with a small infection of the area which kept her from recovering as quickly.

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Our little Chihuahua was adopted from a shelter. Unfortunately, she had many problems and had to have 4 surgeries in her first 1/5 years, including 2 hernia repairs, one spay and one cherry eye correction (she has been problem and surgery free for the past year, but we know a luxating patella surgery is in her future). The vet didn’t do stitches for the spay and hernia repairs, she used a “glue” instead that was supposed to be less itchy. The vet gave us a soft cone (flexible) to use, but we went to PetCo and got one that looked like an inner tube (waste of money). She hated both cones and really never really messes with the area so we kept the cone off unless we weren’t watching her. She is pretty sleepy after surgeries and stays calm for about 2-3 days after, but I’m not surprised, she is a relatively calm little girl. The vet usually advises us was to NOT stay home with her after her surgeries (i.e. go to work), so she stays calm and sleeps (we only have one dog, so we know nothing else will keep her up). 

Something that you may consider is to stock up on some pumpkin (you can also give them a little pinch of flax seed once a day, we do that and she almost never has problems going and her fur/skin stays hydrated and smooth). The pain meds and surgery combo can constipate them, a little pumpkin will help make it much easier for them to go. The only time I ever heard her cry was trying to go after the surgery, still breaks my heart just thinking about it!

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I’ve had two Labs that we adopted young enough that they weren’t spayed yet. They were both sleepy and kind of low for the first evening while the effects of the anesthesia wore off, and one of them cried a little bit so we gave her some pain meds.

The next day, it was like nothing ever happened. It was really hard to keep them quiet and they hated having to stay on the leash at all times! Neither of them needed a cone and neither needed any pain meds after the first night. If it isn’t totally obvious that she is in pain, don’t give her any pain meds (they’re bad for the liver). Believe me, she will make it clear to you if she’s in pain. 

Something I have learned is that dogs really pick up on your emotional state. So, if you are nervous and anxious about something, they sense that and it makes them nervous and anxious. The best thing you can do for your girl is be calm and relaxed, and she will be acting totally normal by the next day.

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