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Honey Beekeeper
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All. The. Time.  Sometimes I think he’s missing a few dog genes or something.  He’s supposed to be part lab… but he doesnt like tennis balls or any balls, he doenst like to play fetch, he hates car rides, he afraid of the 2 steps down into the living room and hardwood floors – yet he runs around like a nut on ice and steep rocky hiking trails.  He spent about 10 minutes yesterday pawing at the steps in the living room until he runs  across the 2 feet of hardwood to the carpet.  Same thing with a 3 foot stretch of tile to the garage… mind you its the same tile all over the kitchen which he’s ok with.. but something about that little hallway he doenst like.  We go through this every day to get him to go for a walk.. he wants to go soooo bad, but he just stands there and whines and hesitates until he works up the courage to claw his way over as if he’s going to fall through a hole.

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Bee Keeper
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Hahaha, yes alllll the time.  We have a mutt & two great danes, and let’s face it:  danes are NOT known for their intelligence!

I’d have to say that Duke is our most ‘special’ dog… the lights are on but nobody’s home!  He is aware of how wide he is, in that he won’t walk between two pieces of furniture or a door that is only a teensy bit open.  He has NO idea how long he is though, because he will try to sit on the couch in the tiny space between my butt & the end of the couch.  We’re talking, maybe 5 inches of space.  Inevitably, he plops on top of me, then has the nerve to look at me as if to question how in the world I ended up UNDER his rear. 

Pearl, our other dane, is a bit smarter than Duke, but still has had her share of ‘special’ moments.  I had opened our sliding back door one day to let the dogs out, and Pearl was apparently really excited to get outside because she just darted right out!  …right through the screen door.  It didn’t even slow her down :/

Our mutt, Rosie, is by far the smartest of them all.  She’s mean though… she’ll wrestle the danes to the ground, take the toy right out of their mouths, and hide it under a piece of furniture she knows they can’t reach.  So, under the bed, coffee table, and couch we find all sorts of dog toys. 

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I love these kind of pet stores.  Our dog was so excited to be in the car last time.  Her nose was right up on the glass and she breathed on it and made it foggy.  Then she licked it. 

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We had a baby gate to comtain our puppy and our older dog took off at a sprint and ran smack imto it. He got this dazed look and walked off. It was hysterical. 

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Helper bee

I think my cat is pretty smart, but he has some quirks. He likes to go in corners and then he either meows loudly, or scratches at the walls lightly. We have beadboard and he doesn’t damage the walls. He’ll stand up on his hind legs, stretch as far as he can, and scratch the wall like there is something there. Then he will meow and look at me as if tio point out the thing he is trying to get. There’s nothing there. We took him to my parents’ house and he did the same thing there, only more so. He did it on every corner he found.

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Helper bee

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@DaneLady:  my danes have all been exactly the same lol.  I used to say about my boy what he didn’t have in intelligence he made up for with good looks and personality.  He wouldn’t go outside if it was raining no matter how much he needed to and if you made him go for a walk in the rain he walked round puddles!!

He also had no idea that his tail was actually attached to his body, if he hit something with it he’d turn round thinking something else was there and don’t even get me started on his face and suprise if he broke wind Laughing

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My 11 yo toy poodle (smart for just about everything) managed to smack the top of his head on a glass coffee table trying to get food that was placed on it… Get it from underneath.

I think everyone on this thread will get a good laugh out of this post on Hypobole & A Half. Oh how I love dogs 🙂

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Sugar bee

Our dog, Gabi, has a lot of special moments, but the one that sticks out was introducing her to our pet gerbil.  At the time, Gabi was a solid 15-20lbs and the gerbil was…gerbil sized.  Clearly they were mismatched in size and strength.  But that didn’t stop Gabi from cowering in the corner whenever we took Ninja (the gerbil) out of his cage.  The gerbil’s exercise ball was even worse – it turned a harmless gerbil into a harbinger of doom, rolling around in his impenetrable force field.  It took her a solid 6 months to muster the courage to approach the gerbil.  When I tell people that I own a 50lb German shepherd/pit bull mix, they are surpirsed when they learn just how big of a wuss she is.  


Although on a sweeter note, over the holidays our dog would sit next to the gerbil cage and whine nonstop.  We figured out that Ninja had a tumor and was on his way out, and Gabi realized something was wrong with him.  Gabi likes to balance out her special moments with smart moments sometimes.

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Honey bee
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YES.  Every pet owner understands this!


My cat often goes after things that aren’t there on the walls, on the carpet, stares at things that aren’t there, etc.


His best not-cat like trait is that when he sees birds outside he jumps on our table and skreetches at them…. but if the birds are too big or get too close to the window he jumps down and runs away!

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Sugar Beekeeper
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Sigh. Our cats.

The older one LOVES plastic. Wants to lick it, eat it, etc. We came home yesterday and there was a little puke on the carpet with a red thing in it. Looked like a red pepper off of a pizza we had the other night, but the pizza box was still closed/unmoved. Today, Fiance texts me that it wasn’t red pepper, it was part of the tie off of a garbage bag that he decided to snack on. 

The little one loves tape. Cats are supposed to HATE tape/stickers/etc. Not Murphy. Favorite thing ever. You have tape? She wants to eat it. She loves to have it stuck on her and goes nuts. She also likes to love on me when I have food. We eat on the couch and she comes over and gets all interested, snuggles up to me, tilts her head straight up and backwards to look at me with her lovey eyes, and then bats at my plate. So bad.

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Bumble bee
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Yeah, one of our dogs is very clever and mischieveous, and the other has a few screws loose. If you throw a blanket over his head, he stays perfectly still and seems to think it’s night time. I had to teach him how to use stairs. The saddest thing ever is after he’s had surgery and needs to wear a cone because he doesn’t understand what’s happening when the cone runs into things and makes him have to stop. He’ll just keep trying to go through the door and running the cone into the frame…


It reminds me of the Hyperbole and a Half “Simple Dog,” where she talks about her poor dog who’s a little bit retarded.

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Busy bee
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My special kitty Pierre once ran full speed and then dove head first into the wall and knocked himself out. Luckily he was okay.

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