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  • poll: Do you park where yuo don't belong?

    Yes, I park where I want, when I want

    Yes, but when I do, it's only in pregnancy/parental/family parking

    Yes, but when I do, it's only in handicap spaces.

    Yes, but only in emergencies

    No, Never.

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    urchin:  I would never park in a handicapped spot that is just unfathomable. But I’ve seen those “parent spots” and I while I do find it totally ridiculous I probably wouldn’t park there simply because there is a sign that I don’t “qualify” so I’d move on. But it is dumb. I understand it can be beneficial to some but it is not a necessity.

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    I have parked in expectant mother’s spots if I didn’t see the sign until I had already pulled in. I always inwardly roll my eyes when I see those anyway. No, I don’t have children. Cue the attack! ;o)

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    Nope, I never park in the marked spots. My Mother-In-Law is “disabled” (aka overweight and lazy) and she somehow milked a parking permit out of her doctor. It absolutely disgusts me when I see her rolll up, take the ONE spot that’s van accessible, and hop on out to her hair appointment. I won’t even ride with her in case she decides to do that crap when I’m with her. She also has someone push her around the airport in a wheelchair when she flies. It’s ridiculous.

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    I never park in handicapped parking spots. I’ve also never seen an “expectant mother” spot. Not going to lie, that would annoy me. Pregnancy isn’t a disability. If you have complications or are high risk, I’m sure you could get a temporary handicap tag.

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    i’ve parked in handicap spaces when i am with my brother because he is disabled (uses a wheelchair).  but i would never park in the spot just because (my mom and brother each have the hanidcap placard with them). 

    and my mom would never park in the spot without my brother.

    i’ve seen many people who abuse the handicap parking spots, taking it  from people who really need it. 

    but sometimes i have to remind myself that some people can have a handicap placard without an outward disability, could be a respitory issue, etc. so you never know.


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    I would not and have never parked in a disabled parking space. My DH’s oncologist has insisted he has a Blue Badge (the UK disabled parking permit) because of permanent mobility issues that resulted from his chemo treatment but for sure, we will not be occupying a disabled parking space until that permit arrives. 

    Neither do I park in parent and child parking spaces.

    All priority parking exists for a reason. If you don’t need that priority then have the decency to leave the space for someone who does. 

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    Ugh, around here there are so many of those ‘special spots’ and they are both for pregnant women and for people with kids.  Malls, grocery stores, walmart, etc.  They are not marked as well as the handicapped spots, I don’t know how many times I didn’t see the stupid sign until I was halfway into the spot.

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    I’m a good parker. The only time I park where I’m not supposed to is if there is some kind of no-parking zone and I’m just running in for under 5 minutes and it’s not a heavily trafficked area. I never park in handicapped parking unless I’m dirivng someone who has some kind of handicap and a tag. My mom had cancer and was in a wheelchair for the last year or so and those handicapped spots are a lifesaver. Especially if there’s bad weather. I haven’t seen too many of the pregnancy/parent spots, but when I do I avoid those spots.

    This reminds me of the thread a while back asking if people use the handicapped bathroom just because they like more room. I was flabberghasted by the number of people that use the handicapped restroom for no real reason at all. I wish everyone could see the look of horror on the woman’s face who was unnecessarily in the handicapped stall when she came out and saw that my mom had puked everywhere because her chair wouldn’t fit in any of the other stalls and this lady was in the only handicapped stall. I suppose she could have had some sort of unseen need for the handicapped stall, but with the way she kept apologizing – I don’t think so. If you’ve got an actual need for the handicapped restroom – use it, that’s what it’s there for. Or if you have small kids that need to come in with you or something like that – fine. But just because you like more space and don’t like the crack in the door? Please!

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    I would never park is a disabled parking bay, and I would never park in a parent child space if I didnt have my daughter with me. 

    The only thing I will say it that here at least, there are way too many disabled parking bays which never get used and hardly any parent child spaces. 

    It private car parks both disabled and parent child spaces cannot be enforced, but in public council owned car parks they can. At least where I live anyway. 


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    Never use a handicap spot, I mean that’s even illegal.  I don’t use the “for this business” only ones unless I’m going there either, because around her you can get towed for that.

    As for the expectant mother ones, I would only park there if it was the only spot left.  Like if there really where no other spots I’m not going to sit around the parking lot hoping someone else leaves soon.  That’s never happened though, and consideing I don’t have any reason to be at like Toys’r’us around Christmas (that’s one of the only stores I’ve seen it at and the only time I can think it would be that full), then it probably never will happen.

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    urchin:  Your poll is flawed and skewed so I didn’t vote. 

    Your opinion of who “belongs” in a parking space is just that – your opinion. 

    Stork parking is nothing more than a marketing ploy by retailers.  They really don’t give a damn who parks where.  They care about customers spending money in their stores.

    I’ll park in whatever legal space is available. 

    I’m glad that there is handicapped parking for people with genuine need. 

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    When I worked at Kohls, there was a parking spot reserved for “associate of the month”. I worked there for years and we never had an associate of the month. So I parked there sometimes 😛

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    I never park in reserved spots.  I just really don’t care enough about getting a decent parking spot.  I’m one of those people who prefers to park a little farther out so I don’t have to deal with traffic as much.  I had a friend in high school who would drive her mom’s car (which had a handicapped plate) and park it in the handicapped spots, even though it was her mom who had the disability.  That infuriated me to no end.

    However as an electric car owner, I’m going to get on my soapbox about the electric car reserved spots.  EV spots are usually there because they have chargers for EV drivers to use.  They are not just randomly assigned spots with an electric vehicle sign next to them.  Some cars (the Nissan Leaf especially) rely on those chargers to be able to get where they need to go.  My car has a gas backup engine, so it’s no big deal for me, but I’ve seen plenty of people who have to wait in their cars or get towed because some dickhead in an SUV blocked the charging station.  Don’t park there unless it’s the absolute last available spot.  Vent over.

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    urchin:  they haven’t made their way here yet. And I totally get wanting to park close if you’re having complications. I know I would. but around here they give out temporary hanicap tags like candy so I’d probably just do that.

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