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  • poll: Do you park where yuo don't belong?
    Yes, I park where I want, when I want : (2 votes)
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    Yes, but when I do, it's only in pregnancy/parental/family parking : (21 votes)
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    Yes, but when I do, it's only in handicap spaces. : (0 votes)
    Yes, but only in emergencies : (6 votes)
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    No, Never. : (86 votes)
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    AB Bride:  That makes me so mad that it’s so difficult to get a handicap sticker in your area. Especially for your Mother-In-Law who has MS. Everyone knows that somedays are better than others with that disease. I hate that. 

    There should be a spot for “I just feel like shit today.” 

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    lolita39:  Yeah, I’m totally on board for courtesy parking stalls for those who need them for whatever reason.  Or a pharmacy stall for those who aren’t going to be walking around the mall for hours, because at that point in time they are too sick to do so.

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    I’d rather see establishments add more handicapped spaces in place of the stork spaces.

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    lolita39:  How do you know that pregnant women “need” a close spot more than me or anyone else?  The corporation wants people to spend money at their establishment, period. 

    Explain to me how I am any more “selfish” than a pregnant woman who feels entitled to preferential parking?  If they are in medical need, they can apply for a handicapped placard too, yes?

    I don’t feel entitled over anyone else.  I am perfectly happy with the first come, first served system.  Its the pregnant/new parents who feel entitled to preferential parking. Why do they feel entitled or more deserving than anyone else?

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    I never park in handicapped stalls, ever. I have parked in the parent stalls though, especially when I’m just running in somewhere… I’ve also parked in pick up only spots, and out front when I’m going to the grocery store. I know, I’m a jerk.

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    I also park my twin turbo V6 in the “eco friendly” stalls.. if there’s a regular stall available I will take that, but when those are the only ones available I don’t care if I’m eco friendly or not, it’s cold 90% of the time in this city so I’ll take the spot.

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    The “pregnancy parking spots” are merely a courtesy offered by the store — they are offered no legal protection. I don’t shop at places that have them, and I actually prefer parking further away and walking (and I’m pregnant). I do see them as unnecessary — pregnancy is not a disability. If it were, the preggos of the world would have disabled parking stickers and tabs. If a pregnancy legitimately is causing disabling problems, that’s something to take up with disability claims.

    A TRULY disabled parking space, however, is completely and utterly off-limits. I was quite pleased when I was in a restaurant once, and someone pulled into the “disabled” spot to pick up carryout. Seconds later, another car pulled up several spots away. The driver got out, came into the restaurant, and demanded Carryout Man move his car…as his legitimately-disabled, in-a-wheelchair daughter needed it. I thought Carryout Man’s face would burst from how red it turned.

    He was lucky the driver didn’t just pop out his phone and call the police to take care of it. Kudos to the folks who call on all of the entitled jerkfaces who park in those spots.

    For what it’s worth, and since it’s related: the disabled stalls in bathrooms are open to EVERYBODY. It’s really only impolite to take it if someone who is disabled is waiting in line.

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    Handicapped spaces are completely off limits to me. I know people who will say stuff like, “Well, I am ‘handicapped’ by the fact that this is the only spot left.” No.

    I have no qualms about parking in stork parking though, when there’s nothing else around. My weight generally sits somewhere in the neighborhood of “fat enough for plausible deniability.” I could use the exercise for sure, but crossing parking lots around here is like playing Frogger, and sometimes my anxiety just can’t handle that.

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    Zhabeego:  lol, this is now a circular debate. So it’s clearly becoming a waste of my time to debate with you. 

    Clearly your views on childbirth (via: shat out a child) and parenthood are so negative (your assumption that all mommybloggers are picketing for special parking and hand-outs) that it seems you could never feel an ounce of compassion for say a family with strollers and small children or a woman who is 9 months pregnant. 

    Personally, I just don’t assume that I need anything more than anyone else. I don’t know that persons situation. It’s the corporation that made the sign. Take it up with them. How do you know that they don’t genuinely care extra for families or pregnant mothers? You don’t. But don’t gripe on parents for actually parking there.

    Technically, it’s not first come first serve when the sign says “for expectant mothers/ families with small children”. It’s just you taking a parking spot that wasn’t designated for you because you feel you are equally as entitled to it. Which by your logic, is just as wrong as the families/moms feeling entitled to it in the first place. 

    If you are genuinely disturbed by the stork parking signs, take it up with the store. Write to your local congressman. 

    To me, it’s not about families and pregnant women “needing” a spot more than you. It’s just a nice gesture provided by the company to get more pregnant women and families to shop there.

     See, if I saw you parking in stork parking I wouldn’t judge you at all. I don’t know your situation. Plus, it’s a parking spot for crying out loud. Unless you’re parking in a handicap spot without a sticker, and even then, I don’t know your situation enough to judge you. Yet, you seem to judge women who park there as entitled cows who shit out children. That’s where I’m disturbed. 

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    I usually park in the far end of the parking lot because I like to get in a little extra walking where I can. I’m pregnant but haven’t used any stork parking yet because I’m only 6 months, talk to me again when I’m about to give birth! our local co-op has a few spaces closer to the door for people over 65 and also for parents with little kids, I think it is nice and If I saw someone with crutches using one I wouldn’t get pissy. I think it’s just a nice way to give people who might have a harder time walking closer access. also it might be in the stores best interest to limit the time young children are in the parking lot in case of accidents. I do ocassionally use the parents with young kids parking when I have my daughter because you have to return the cart to the entrance at that store and I want to be able to see my car when my daughter is in it! I don’t care one way or another if a store offers it, but I wouldn’t use it unless it applied to me. I also wouldn’t get all bent out of shape about it because at the end of the day who has the energy for that?


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    AB Bride:  Oh puullease. First off if you are dizzy and having mobility issues I don’t think it is safe for you to drive at all. I have had my fair share of health issues as well and I would never complain because mom’s with children have 1 or 2 stalls at the front of the parking lot for them. Pain or no pain a couple more steps won’t kill you. Either way you still need to walk into the building.<br /><br />Are the parenting stalls necessary? No of course not. But they are a nice gesture for those with kids. If you would like to go ahead and use them because you aren’t feeling well then I guess that’s good for you. I am allowed to have the opinion that you are lazy because of it.

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    Laurenplusalex:  “I would never park in handicapped, that’s illegal and punishable with a pretty hefty fine, not to mention pretty darn rude. The mom spaces are, I believe, not law, so I suppose I *could* park there, but I’d feel lower than dirt if I saw a mom or expectant mom struggling after I took that spot.


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    I parked in a handicap space ONCE in my life. I was at a motel late at night, and there were absolutely no spaces on our side of the parking lot except for two handicap spaces. Since there were two, I went ahead and swung into one right in front of our room so that we could unload our things, then I’d park around the other side for the night.

    And then of course another car swings into the other handicap space… and she had a legit handicap license plate. She gave me the dirtiest look when she saw I didn’t have any tags. I nearly apologized and shouted that we were just there for a minute! I felt so guilty! At least she still had a space though.

    Other than that I would never ever take a handicap spot. If someone really needed it, then I’d be a total dick for taking it. I could see myself maybe using a pregnant, compact car, or electric car spot if the weather was absolute crap, I was going to be quick, and the lot was packed.

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    I would never ever park in a handicap spot… but I have parked in the “stroller” car parks just before Christmas, when there was literally no other spot in the shopping centre car park (I started from the back walls and kept going in” I had this huge family next to me as I got out ask me where my stroller was, and I was like how is having a stoller any more difficult than having a trolley?  Lol, I don’t usually do it, but I was running short of time and needed the space.  Sorry families, but I think you’ll survive.

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    Only in emergencies, though there haven’t been any yet. Dh has parked in the handicapped space at our apt a couple of times, but there is always two & it’s only been during his 20 min break if it’s packed so I don’t nag him about it too much. 

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