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  • poll: Do you park where yuo don't belong?

    Yes, I park where I want, when I want

    Yes, but when I do, it's only in pregnancy/parental/family parking

    Yes, but when I do, it's only in handicap spaces.

    Yes, but only in emergencies

    No, Never.

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    MissHockey:  No, it probably wouldn’t have killed me, but cause injury, yes.  It wasn’t about the extra steps, but the extra steps on the icy road.

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    I’ve never come across an emergency that would require me to park somewhere restricted, but if it was an emergency I would. I also have a lo of knee issues, if I had to go out and get something when it was bad I would park as close as I could, without using a handicap spot because its illegal.

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    urchin:  I have NEVER parked in a handicap space. This includes parking there and sitting in the car while waiting. I am capable of walking so those spaces are obviously not for me.

    As for the stork/expectant mothes/pregnancy parking I am pregnant and despite being ‘eligible’ to use these spaces I haven’t. I don’t see the need for them currently and I figure that there are more miserable and farther along pregnant ladies out there who can use them.

    Then again I am one of those people that likes to park far away and walk. 🙂

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    When I was younger I had a very sick brother who we had a handicap parking sticker for. He was on oxygen all the time and never walked so getting your sick baby and his oxygen pack and your three other kids across the whole Parkin lot was impossible.

    There were too many occasions for my liking where we had to walk anyways because someone felt they had the right to use the spot to quickly run in a grab milk. Or times when it was raining so hard that we just didn’t get our milk because my mom couldn’t get my baby brother safely into the store.

    Needless to say, you will never catch me in a handicap spot without a sticker (and a reason!) I respect the parents and expecting parents ones as well. My two feet work just fine and my groceries don’t squirm and dart into traffic so I’m good with walking to my car.

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    I sometimes park in handicapped spots, but I also have a handicapped permit. I have never parked in a parental or pregnant spot, and likely wouldn’t (only time i would is if there are no handicapped spots available and it was on a day when i needed it). I would still likely feel bad about it though.

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    I never park in handicapped or pregnant/parental spots. I would feel bad about it if I did. I tend to park as far away from other cars as possible anyway since I typically drive my collector car and I don’t like door dings. 🙂

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    I would never park in a disability spot. Just no.

    Parent/family/expectant mothers parking….um….I’m of a mixed mind to be honest.  I don’t think these spots need to necessarily be closer but it would be beneficial if they were wider so that parents could pull the stroller alongside the car to load/unload kids, rather than having the stroller towards the lane way at the back of the car because the spot is narrower.

    But as for just closer and not wider, whatever.  I don’t think most pregnant women need special treatment and nor do families but it’s a nice gesture I suppose.  But, I mean, what about a woman with a 10 year old, should she use the spot too? Or a woman 20 weeks pregnant? If I’m being honest, we have “stork spots” at most major stores and malls here, and if there were no other spots I would use one.  But only if there were no other spots.  Pregnant women are pregant, and yes uncomfortable, but generally aren’t disabled.  If they are they should seek a disabled tag from their care provider.

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    Preggo spots isnt a thing here, but if it were, I wouldnt park there. I can walk ten extra feet and leave the screaming infants and waddling pregnant chicks their spots. There is never a good reason to park in a handicap spot unless you are handicapped.

    My dad is a disabled vet and has DV plates, which for parking lots means the same as the handicap plates but people dont know that. He got them because he has mobility issues anyway but recently had an accident and in in a wheel chair. They went out to dinner one night and parked in a handicap spot because he needs the ramp up and area to get into his wheel chair. Some woman all by herself with one of those temp handicap mirror tags comes up, sees my able bodies mom get out of the car and starts cussing and being rude. Suddenly she raced away in her car when she saw my mom get the wheelchair out of the back…. Mom then sees her as close to a full jog as one can get in six inch heels to get into the resturant before my dad in his wheelchair makes it up the ramp so she can avoid eye contact. Dont abuse the handicap tags. If you personally dont need them dont use them just because they are already in or on whatever car you drive. Yes, getting wet or snowy or cold sucks. But it sucks worse to be all that, all while trying to get into a wheelchair!

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    I never park in handicapped spaces (except, obviously, if I’m with someone who legit needs one and has the placard, which I’ve done a few times).

    I try my best to avoid the other types of “reserved” spaces, but if I can’t find other parking, sorry dude, I’m putting my car there.  But there literally have to be NO other spaces available.  I’ve done it like once I think.

    If it’s “for X Business only” spots, I’ve been known to park in those if I can’t find other parking for the business I’m going to.  I don’t do it in lots that are notorious for towing, but I’ve done it a few times for a quick run in. 

    Basically I try to respect the parking rules, even the nonsense unwritten ones, but if I don’t have any other options, I’ll do what I need to do to park my car. 

    The one that amuses me most is watching dudes try to park an F-250 between the lines in a compact spot.  Like, those are labled for compact cars because the spots are tiny.  Then they get all pissy looking when they can barely open the doors. So funny.

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    for those if you who despise stork/parent of young children spots, look at it this way: if a mom trying to deal with multiple kids has less of a distance to have to corral those kids, said children are far less likely to end up darting into the parking lot lane where you are trying to drive and getting your car all dented or bloody.  It does help you out, too. 


    Where I live, the weather has a chance of turning pretty nasty during the winter and spring months, but has every chance of a warm wind whipping through and raising the temperature by 20+ degrees. I remember a pregnant coworker growing out of all her coats… There was about a month where she ended up wrapping thick scarves around her belly when necessary because her coat couldn’t do up, and thee was no guarantee if she went out and bought a coat that she would need it more than once or twice. That is definitely a situation where a pregnant woman deserves a closer spot than the back of the parking lot.

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    I follow the rules. I would never park in a handicap or expectant moms spot.

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    I wouldn’t illegally park in handicapped spaces. I was once upon a time handicapped & had a temp tag, but that was different.<br /><br />I roll my eyes at “Expecting Mothers” parking spots. I wouldn’t park there, even if I was expecting. You’re pregnant, you’re not legless.

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