(Closed) Speeding and texting kill more than driving drunk: shouldn't laws reflect this?

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  • poll: Should penalties for driving while texting, speeding, etc., be equal or greater than driving drunk?
    yes : (33 votes)
    45 %
    no : (31 votes)
    42 %
    other/not sure : (9 votes)
    12 %
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    More people are hurt while walking and texting than while driving and texting. Should there be laws against looking at your phone while walking with the same consequences?

    Hypothetically, yeah. It’s dangerous. But putting people in jail longer or fining them or losing a license won’t eliminate or reduce texting while driving. Look at the war on drugs. (FYIW: I have never in my life used illegal drugs.) Giving people harsher penalties for marijuana in order to eliminate it did SUCH a great job of eliminating marijuana use. Except it didn’t. People think it will never hurt them; they won’t get caught; it’s OTHER people that cause accidents – etc. So they do it anyway. Just like marijuana; just like drunk driving.

    In the end, all that happens is that the public gets some semblance of revenge, while no one learns anything and an additional family’s life is ruined.


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    panda1016:  In the end, all that happens is that the public gets some semblance of revenge, while no one learns anything and an additional family’s life is ruined.

    This. Negligence comes in a million different forms but to criminalize something harsher to make the public feel better (eg. texting or drinking while driving) misses the whole point.


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    SithLady:  I wondered this too. But personally I’ve known more arseholes drive over the limit than who use their phone when driving. I don’t know.

    ETA I’m not alright with anybody who goes 10mph over the speed limit. I don’t think that’s cool at all.

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    LaurenMJ:  Drunk driving rules will not be lessened because no legislator will ever fight for such an unpopular opinion. Do you know one person who would vote for a politician that supported reducing drunk driving penalties? That’s an opposition soundbite waiting to happen.

    Those laws were created before people understand that stricter penalties don’t prevent crime. We can’t fix what has been done in the past, we can only resolve not to keep making that same mistake.


    ETA: Also, here is some research on texting/walking vs. texting/driving. http://www.buffalo.edu/news/releases/2014/02/022.html

    The injuries are obviously less servere, but they happen far more frequently. The point is, you can’t legislate everything, even if it’s dangerous. At some point, it’s not helping, it’s just making society feel safer until the next danger comes along.

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    Where I’m at texting or using a phone is considered distracted driving even eating if you are driving dangerously.  The proof is easy enough with “crotch gazing,” missing lights or swerving.  If you do any of those and you are caught then you would get charged.  There is enough evidence that using s phone while driving impairs you to the same extent as drunk driving. While there are some who still do it Ive Noticed a large decrease in my day to day interaction with distracted drivers because of the law since the demerit and monetary penalisation is conducive to deterring the behavior.

    It actually shocks me the US diesnt seem to have those laws and when I’m there I’m scared at how obsessed drives are with their phones instead of concentrating on the road conditions.

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    LaurenMJ:  You need to calm yourself. You’ll give yourself an ulcer.

    And may I ask what is the difference if someone kills someone when they are driving under the influence vs. texting vs speeding vs being tired vs opening a bottle of water vs trying to calm down a toddler? A person is still dead at their hand, correct? Because they were negligent, right? The severity does not need to be categorized when a person is killed by someone being negligent while operating a vehicle. It’s one in the same. They are guilty of vehicular homocide and negligence. Case closed. To criminalize something and give higher and more severe penalties, which has the same end result should the worst happen, such as drunk driving or texting is assinine. All it does it make people feel better that they’re being “tough” on drunk drivers or texters. But considering 31% of all vehicular deaths are caused by someone being under the influence, it doesn’t look like these laws have changed people’s driving and drinking/drug habits.

    And I seriously doubt increased penalties will stop people from texting either. But if you want to increase penalties for those who text to waste tax dollars to hold an influx of traffic court cases to make yourself feel better, be my guest.

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    OP your ????????!!!! and !!!!!!!!!!!! marks have given me a headache. I agree with Katie-Didnt, you need to simmer down.

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    Alcohol results in significantly more deaths than Marijuana. The laws don’t reflect that either.

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