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@crayfish:  While I mostly agree with you, I disagree that it is the “only” one tested. Antibiotics are the most commonly prescribed RX drug in the united states. It’s a bit hard to think that no one has seen any sort of side effects with any other antibiotic.

I cannot find any information about any other antibiotic affecting birth control. However, I did find information saying they suspect the TB antibiotic works against it because it is for tuburculosis and that it needs to be treated differently (It got into medical jargen, but something about the way the antibiotic changes makeup in your blood stream.) While I would expect similar antibiotics to work the same, or at least have a similiar reaction, it does not appear that this type of antibiotic is widespread (one could argue because of the actions taken against TB itself.) so, I wouldn’t say that “not all antibiotics have been tested” because they are so widely issued — doctors would be sure to see that sort of result.

However, since this type of antibiotic works so differently, it isn’t a real surprise that it is an isolated case, so to speak. Again, this type of antibiotic isn’t really issued often, while other ones are, so I’d assume it would be safe to say that unless the patient has a reaction, the others would be safe.

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I work in an urgent care, and when women get antibiotics, the docs always tell them to use extra protection while on it. I’d say it is possible that it made your bc less effective(not necessarily completely obsolete though), but you are probably fine. Obviously use a better backup next time, but you are probably safe since you at least used spermicide and have been on bc regularly as well. I’ve known a couple of people who got pregnant while on bc and antibiotics, but they didn’t use anything to back up at all. 

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@AeroLove:  yeah, it does, but when you stop birth control you can ovulate pretty much around that time. So tracking temp could help double check that hasn’t happened. To be honest, I’d do ome online research about what to track to make sure the pill is working, seeing as i’ve never been a pill user, i’m making informed guesses xD

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While spermicides have a fairly high failure rate with typical use, I’d guess that your pill offered some protection on antibiotics. I second a more reliable backup method next time.

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@Honeyblood:  What you’re saying isn’t true for most women. It can take months to ovulate after stopping the pill – it completely varies from person to person. Charting temperatures etc is only useful in the context of s cycle, which shouldn’t happen on the pill. The OP wouldn’t know what she was looking at, especially if she had never charted while off the pill.

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@cmbr:  No, I wasn’t saying “you will totally ovulate” or “you’ll still have a cycle” I mean that if she forgot a pill/was using antibiotics, and had been generally tracking her temperature prior to that, he might be able to see a fluctuation, or more what I was saying not see any change, which would be an indicator that things might be fine.

I am aware that you don’t nessiserily ovulate for a good while after stopping. But some people must, or else a missed pill wouldn’t be a problem.

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Antibiotics and BC are a tricky thing. Certain antibiotics increase your liver’s break down of estrogen. So, if you are on BC that relies on an increased level of estrogen then it could affect it. But it won’t necessary lower your estrogen enough to cause you to ovulate. Also antibiotics could kill the good bacteria in your body that helps convert the estrogen you get from the pill  into a useable form. But this also won’t necessarily lower estrogen levels enough to make BC ineffective. Of course all of this depends on the BC, the antibiotic, and the person. 

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