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@MissCountryGirl727:  I totally agree with you on the snakes vs. spiders!

One thing that I have come to hate even worse than spiders though is house centipedes! I had never seen one until we moved into our apartment & then I was just finding them EVERYWHERE! (if you haven’t seen one google it, & I guarentee you will be more scared of them too!)

We actually complained (as did others in our building) & he had the whole house sprayed for us. We haven’t seen anything since, & that was about 2 months ago. If you have a good relationship with your landlord, you could at least mention it (perhaps say you’ve seen more than 2, like maybe 20 lol)

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@julies1949:  I agree. As long as they are not dangerous to me or my dogs, I encourage them! I wish we had more, actually; flies are horrible at our house!

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@MissCountryGirl727:  Exterminator – seriously, we had to resort to that in our home when I was a teen. We get ugly spiders around our neighbourhood, where the venom causes necrosis of the skin. Fun! Just down from the house there used to be a fencing club where the diamond mesh parameter fence was thick with the webs of bird catching spiders. Oh no thanks, no spiders for me.

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If you collect horse chestnuts (aka: conkers) in the autumn and put them in a vase they will keep spiders out of that room. When I lived in the UK I had a vase in everyroom. I think they give off an oil/smell that humans can’t smell but it keeps spiders away. Also pull your bed away from the wall and make sure there are no blankets hanging on the floor – spiders will find it harder to crawl in with you. I have also heard that they aren’t keen on citronella, if you mix up the oil in water in a spray bottle and go round your windows and doors they should stay out too.

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I can relate. I am TERRIFIED of spiders. Rationally, I know they do us a service by eating other pesky bugs, and I could even see how I would think they were pretty-looking if I wasn’t so scared of them. But just reading this thread is making me sit up straighter. If I see a picture of a spider in a book I can’t touch the picture or even that same spot on the page until I get several pages away. I have a panic attack if one touches me. And every few months I have a dream that there’s a spider in my bed and I jump up and start flipping on all the lights until I fully wake up and realize it was only a dream.

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We just moved into a new house and realized that the territory around it is full of spiders (black widows) and cockroaches…I was terrified until 3 days ago, when I saw a pretty big size bark scorpion in the garage, then several more on the backyard and frontyard…After that I stopped being concerned about spiders and roaches so much…I am allergic to any insect bites, even a tiny little mosquito..If scorpio stings me I will end up in the hospital..

SO we decided to hire a  professional exterminator…They came over and all spiders and roaches were gone the same day…However, scorpions were not..because it takes them longer to die (about 1 week)..Now we are waiting for scorpions to die..so we can live a normal life again..

Just hire a professional exterminator….it is not expensive and really helps..

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@julies1949:  Spiders are not our friends. Spiders are tiny spawns of satan that should be killed with fire. 

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@SashaUSARu:  ugh I feel for you.  I would leave and never return ! 

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@MissCountryGirl727:  Oh God, that totally just gave me the creepy crawly feeling.  Yuck!

I wish I wasn’t such a chickenshit when it comes to spiders, but I am.  I’m actually a chickenshit when it comes to all bugs.  It’s pretty sad.

At the risk of sounding like a complete idiot, I will share an anecdote from last night:

I was lying on the couch watching TV with my fiance.  He looked at me and said, “You have a fly on your arm.”  Now, in my defense, I was falling asleep so I was kind of out of it … But I screamed.  I didn’t just say, “Ahh!” and shake it off … I literally screamed like someone was trying to kill me and then started flailing my arms about like a crazy person.  My fiance just laughed at me and was like, “Calm down!  It’s a fly.”  

I felt pretty ridiculous, but I really just don’t do bugs.  Even flies.  Gross.

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