(Closed) Spin off baby pierced ears–how about you?

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  • poll: did you get your ears pierced as a baby?

    yes, and i'm glad I did

    yes, and I wish my parents hadn't done that

    no, and i wish my parents had done it

    no, and i thank my parents for not doing it

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    I think I asked for them at about 7, I remember being excited about it.  Oh, I don’t remember any pain.  I had more done as an teenager and I didn’t really think those hurt either.


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    Mine were pierced when I was a baby and I’m happy my parents (probably mostly mom) made that decision.

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    @bebero:  What about a no- and I don’t think I would have minded either way? I didn’t have it done – but I don’t really feel like I am against it…

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    @bebero:  Exactly!  I actually asked the same thing over on the original thread but only one person has answered my question.  I basically asked those who thought the child should decide whether there was a starting or cut off age?  I saw a few responses that indicated their 4 and 6 year olds decided when they were ready.  What the ___?!

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    My parents didn’t, and I’m glad – I think it makes the most sense.  I got them pierced when I was 6 or 7 (kindergarten), and I don’t remember it being that painful or traumatic.  I was really excited.  My parents waited until I wanted them, and I had to keep asking for a while so that they were sure it wasn’t some whim and I’d change my mind in a week.

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    @VegasSukie:  In my opinion the age should be 12. Old enough to care for them yourself. 

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    My Mum had mine pierced when I was a baby, but I only ever wear earrings for formal outings/occasions… I guess I could have done without them.

    We went back-and-forth about getting our DD’s pierced, but decided not to. She’s almost 9 now, and I don’t think she has any desire to ever get it done (we ask periodically, especially close to her birthday).

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    I didn’t get pierced as a babe.  Wish I had…wish I had 10 piercings 🙂  jk jk…no sentimental value whatsoever when I got my ears pierced in the 8th grade…it was just about damn time!!!

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    I had mine pierced not as an infant, but very young .. around 6 or 7 I believe. glad my mom made me do it lol I’m too chicken to do it myself otherwise .

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    I voted “No, and I thank my parents for not doing it” ONLY because it was my first ‘big’ decision as a teenager (I was 13). It made me feel ‘grown-up’ and because I had to save-up my own money to get them pierced, I feel like it gave me more responsiblity to take care of them. I was all like: “…I paid for these babies!! I’ve gotta look after them!” 

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    I voted “no, and I thank my parents for not doing it”

    I was not allowed to get my ears pierced until I was at LEAST 11, after begging for them for a couple of years leading up to that time. I ended up getting them pierced on my 11th birthday as my gift from my parents, and was able to pick out which earrings I wanted. To this day I still remember that trip with so much fondness – it was a really special occasion to me, and I felt SO grown-up and sophisticated after. 😉 

    Those are the only holes I had that healed properly and are still there. I subsequently got 2 more holes on each ear, and one in the top cartiledge when I was 19. They never healed properly and have since grown over because it hurt to wear jewelry in them.


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    I voted “no, and I thank my parents” but i could have really cared less…not sure what i’ll do when we decide to have kids.

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    Baby of the 1950s here…

    I didn’t get my ears pierced until I was in College.  And doing so was a BIG Deal for me… sort of how piercings / tattoos are for many today.

    My kids (1980s babies)

    Weren’t done as infants… they got their when they were a enterring their Pubescent stage… so between 11 and 13.  It was sort of a mark of the passage into their Teenage Years (and I made it very clear to them there were responsibilites with keeping the holes clean etc…)  They had to be KEEN and ONSIDE, Before Mom would dish out the funds.

    Lol, I remember it well… they were psyched.  BUT they also were all quite surprised by how much it hurt… and how much time and effort it took in those first few weeks to maintain / take care of the piercings.

    Looking back, I feel I did the right thing with my kids.

    Altho Babies & Little Girls are cute with their earrings, I don’t think they have the where-withall to understand the health implications / commitment…. be that the cleaning aspect… but most importantly the whole idea of possibly getting something caught and tearing your earlobe to rat-shit (a real danger).  I stressed that with my girls and also to wear good earrings (sterling or gold) and not junk to lower the risks of infection / complications. 

    Hope this helps,

    Consequently I VOTED… NO AND THANKFUL.


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    Yes and glad mine were pierced as an infant. I would have been way too lazy and thoughtless about keeping them clean if I had them pierced at a young age, but I wouldn’t have wanted to wait until I was old enough to be responsible. I’m also super happy never to have needed to wear the clip ons my friends wore because those damn things hurt.

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