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@RenoSweeney24:  It’s only happened to me once, and while nothing ridiculous happened from what I was told (a friend’s uncle kept calling me “Tokyo” because I was moving to Japan and kept trying to make out with me, but apparently I was adamant that I wasn’t going close to him because I was moving to Osaka thank you very much) I’ve never drank heavily since. Too freaky for me!

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I don’t know if I’ve ever been “black out”. I mean… I’ve been a mess. I’ve done stupid stuff that I didn’t remember the next day. But I think every single time I’ve been in that state, AT THE TIME I knew what was up. I have regretted things for sure but I’ve never felt like in the moment my decisions were outta my hands… ya know? which is why i just don’t think being black out is an excuse for much…

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Fortunately, I have never been black out drunk.  The idea scares me!

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I’ve never been black out drunk. I’ve been very drunk, but never to the extent where I didn’t know how I had gotten somewhere or anything like that. The idea of that is really scary to me, especially in this day and age. I’ve never been worried about what I would do when I was drunk, only what others around me might do.

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I went to a Halloween party in 2006, it was held by co-workers of mine from a restaurant I worked at. I was 21 I think…can’t process haha

I had taken a jello shot or two (till this day I’m scared of them) and I have no idea what was inside, I also had one mixed drink.

I ended up feeling anxious after a while, and feeling not right…I told friends I was leaving, and remember walking around the block to my car, I felt normal, not drunk just slightly tipsy (from what I thought).

I drove (yes I know) out of downtown, across a bridge, and that’s all I remember, I don’t remember getting home, I don’t remember walking up the stairs (I lived with my mother temporarily).

Apparently my mom said I went to her bed, sat on it and when she told me it was not my bed, that I yelled and screamed at her that it WAS my bed.  I guess it went on for a while, and then I peed right on her bed. Just sitting there peeing.

Not my proudest moment…and it never happened again.

I think I might have been drugged..i’m really not sure.

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ATA:  I have drank tons of drinks without blacking out….at that point in my life my tolerance was very high, I loved drinking and could drink many long island iced teas without much to eat.

I was never blacked out drunk before or after this time, only majorly fucked up..like can’t talk, slurred speech, can’t walk, dizzy…bla bla.

I had none of that.

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I have been blackout drunk once, when I was 17.

The next morning I called the last person I remembered talking to at the party, and then a few more people as I was retracing my actions through the night to figure out who to thank for taking me home safely.

My mom still talks about that time because apparently I was in my room, talking alone and I told her I was calling my dad to tell him I didn’t need a ride home – but I had no phone in my hands.

Yeah.. not quite my best night. Damn tequila and teenage parties!

I never got this drunk again in my life, in fact I never got more than tipsy after that. I do not like hangovers.

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Ohhh boy.

I was a pretty good kid in high school. I drank every once in awhile, but never really to excess. Until St. Patrick’s Day of my senior year. I was at a friend’s house (who luckily lived just around the corner) and I blacked out. I actually only blacked out upon leaving his house, so thankfully, I didn’t do anything too stupid in front of my friends.

Anyway, the next morning, I wake up in my parent’s bed with no memory whatsoever of anything after leaving my friend’s house. Of course, I’m freaked out and of course, I have no idea what my parents do or do not know.

Turns out, I came into the house and made enough noise to wake my mom up. She came downstairs and obviously, saw that I was drunk. She asked me what I had drank and I told her vodka, even though I had only had beer. Whatever. Then, I started yelling and swearing at her…no reason why. Then, she was freaked out that I was going to die of alcohol poisoning or something, so she put me to sleep in her bed (and made my dad go sleep in the guest room). I spent the next hour or so alternating between SPITTING and yelling at her.

The next morning, she was more amused than anything, but it was horrifyingly embarassing for me. She STILL brings it up to this day!

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I’ve neve been completely black out drunk, but one of my not so fondest memories is going out with my SO and some friends. I hadn’t eaten much that night, and drank waaaay more than I ever had. When my SO was driving us home (he stopped drinking long before I did), he had to pull over multiple times because I kept getting sick. He said the next day he had to pull over at least 5 times before going to a gas station to get me a bag instead. He told me this the next morning and I only remember him pulling over once. He still picks on me occasionally about it, only because it was totally out of character for me. I’m much more careful and wary about drinking now because I hate how helpless I felt. Ugh. 

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@RenoSweeney24:  Our second wedding anniversary, we went out to dinner with wine, drank a ton of champagne…I couldn’t really tell you what happened, but the evidence we found in the morning was certainly perplexing….a trail of clothes through the living room to the dining room table, broken champagne flutes on the back porch, remnants of a bubble bath with water all over the floor, we both woke up naked in bed with all the lights on and Barry White on the ipod….so I don’t really know what happened, but I’m sure it was a great time!

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I have been REALLY drunk, and not remembered every single detail from the night before. But I am pretty sure that even when I’ve been that drunk I wasn’t blacked out. And even if I was so so so drunk that I made the stupid and drunk mistake to kiss someone, I would have known at the time it was wrong.

ETA: When I say stupid and drunk mistake to kiss someone, that would only be stupid if I, or the other person was in a relationship. I find nothing wrong with singleton drunk kissing LOL!

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@RenoSweeney24:  Unfortunately it has, I was a bit of an alcoholic for a while. I didn’t really go out or affect other people with it as I usually stayed home. I think it was bothersome for my roommates at the time when I’d occasionally be found sleeping on the kitchen floor or fall asleep locked in the bathroom (luckily we had two).

Once I guess I was drunk and fell down in a parking lot where my roommates weren’t sure if I hit my head or not so they kept waking me up every couple hours to make sure I didn’t have a concussion or whatever. I don’t remember that. I’m sure I inconvenienced them a lot, but I don’t think I otherwise did anything horrible embarrassing or detrimental.

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