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Yeah, not my finest moment. Although my worst was after a bad break up, being sick in a club and writhing around on my back with my dress over my head. A friend took me to her aunts house where I was sick all over their downstairs bathroom and woke up in their reading room full of books with titles like “The mind of a serial killer” “Why I enjoy death” etc because her aunt was a criminal psychologist but I literally thought I was going to be butchered by a stranger because I had no idea how I got there. 

Currently staring at my 2 year old and hoping she never does anything so stupid. sigh.

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I have never been blackout drunk, but my bridesmaid had that happen to her at my wedding, and I had NO IDEA until the next day when she told me about it. Apparently, she threw up all over the bathroom in the bridal suite at our venue, but I had already gone up there for the last time that day so I didn’t find that. Then, her mom (who was there as a guest, thankfully!) took her to the ER for IV fluids. She still has no memory of what happened, because she was on medication and was fine until she wasn’t. Apparently the bartender gave her a full bottle of wine for herself, and that was the beginning of the end hahahaha. At least I know my venue wasn’t stingy with the open bar!

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I got extremely drunk once and puked all over the back of my friend’s truck, and he didn’t notice until the next morning. I have no memory of it, but I have never let myself get that drunk again. I felt terrible!

I’ve been sloppy a bunch of times, but I’m always around people who take care of me if I need it, so I’ve never really been in a bad situation. I’ve embarassed myself a couple of times, but I can do the same thing sober – at least drunk I have an excuse 😉

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@MrsRevolutionize:  happened to me once, at a friend’s wedding. We were drinking and I didn’t really eat much because I was socializing. I started to feel a little sick, so I stood up and made my way outside. The next thing I know, it’s the next morning and I’m at my then-boyfriend’s (now fiance) apartment. I apparently proceeded to start throwing up, crawled into some thorny bushes to hide (even blackout me was embarassed!), tore my brand new BCBG cocktail dress to shreds, and continued to throw up after he put me in the car to head home. He ended up taking his shirt off so he could clean me off. He also cleaned up after me and wasn’t even mad. He is awesome.

What terrifies me is that to this day, 5+ years later, I don’t remember a thing. Nothing. Not even a glimpse. There is just a black hole between standing up to go outside and waking up the next day. nearly 12 hours, gone, just like that. I don’t know what I said, what I did, who was around me… I was helpless.

I will never ever ever do that again. Ever.

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i’ve been black out a few times, and nothing really bad happened. The first time was the New Year’s right after I started drinking, and I thought I was invincible. I was at my house with some friends and my FH (then my boyfriend). My mom was at a different party with her friends, and she called me around midnight to pick her up (she had been drinking too). Luckily, one of my friends hadn’t been drinking, and she drove me to the party to get my mom. That party was where I blacked out. Apparently I went around meeting all of my mom’s friends and falling down. Her friends just thought it was funny. Then we went back to my house, and I guess I threw up a lot, including once on the bathroom floor because I didn’t make it to the bathroom, and my mom and FH helped clean up. FH had to give me a bath or two, and my mom was teasing me the whole time. Eventually they put me to bed, and I woke up the next morning still drunk, drank some powerade, went back to sleep, and finally got sober. To this day, my friends, FH, and mom still tease me about it.

The second time was at an apartment party in college, and I’m not sure what my last memory was, but I woke up in bed with my best friend (both fully clothed) and neither of us remembered how we had gotten there. That could have turned into a bad situation, but we were lucky that it didn’t. In my opinion, blacking out happens sometimes, and that’s why it’s important to know your drinking limits and be aware of your surroundings. If you’re really letting loose, make sure you have people there that will take care of you.

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I’ve been fairly drunk before – and had lots and lots of booze – but I don’t think I’ve ever been “blackout” drunk. If a person’s going to drink that much, they need to do it in a private, intimate setting.

One of my cousins got blackout drunk and took off driving home once after an argument with family. The family was out looking for her, and eventually found her car at home. They went to the door, knocked…I’m told she answered the door au naturale.

She later said she remembered not being able to get into her house, and pounding on her neighbor’s door – at 1 or 2 in the morning. She was embarrassed about that one and says she has no idea how she even got into her house…or taking her clothes off.




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Oh god. I can’t count nor remember exactly when or how many times

Black out drunk off of alcohol only? I remember one night after I found out my roommate had decided on her own to move in some girl I had never met into our house (my roommate’s dad did own it so she felt she was able to make that decision without discussing it with me first….even though I paid my half of rent which wasn’t going to go down by adding another roommate & I would be the one sharing the bathroom!!!)…I took about 10 shots in 2 minutes because I was SO pissed. I have no idea what happened after that, all I remember doing was going to my bedroom. Then I woke up the next morning and found vomit all over my sheets and floor. I must’ve been alcohol poisoned something serious because I didn’t remember throwing up, going to bed or doing anything after the shots.

I’ve been MAJORLY drunk off my ass several times but I always remember bits and pieces. I did drive home once (very bad me) and didn’t remember the drive. Just leaving my friend’s house, one specific turn,  & pulling into the parking lot.

I have had a lot of black out experiences from other substances though. I’m not a druggie or anything but I’ve tried pot several times in the past (early 20s and in college…it happens) and one of the most awesome new years eve parties of my life, I don’t remember the ball dropping because we had been smoking and drinking. And I was put on xanax for anxiety and if anyone has any experience with that (or loved ones with that), a lot of blacking out & abuse can result. I was prescribed it at one of the worse possible times as I was extremely depressed.

And actually, remembering that new years eve reminded me of this one. I blacked out bad in high school. My best friend & I took SO many shots and drinks that last time I remember looking at the time was 11:45pm. I don’t remember the ball dropping but I woke up at 4am in clothes that were not mine after having “dreams” of being in hell and in the shower throwing up all at the same time. I found out later my friend threw up in the bathroom which left no where for me to go so I threw up on her bed. Her parents put me in the shower to clean me off and then changed my clothes and I passed out on the couch. Her parents were usually cool with us drinking some but were PISSED that we snuck so much.

I miss my party days even though I know how irresponsible and stupid I was.

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Pretty sure only once. I must have been about 17 or 18; was partying with my two girlfriends. Drinking Southern Comfort (Blech!).

I have memories of me crying uncontrollably (I used to get very emotional when drunk… super embarrassing)

Then the next day I went back to visit my friend who was also very hung over. Come to find out I crushed her nail with my knee… I have no recollection of this

EDIT: I just remembered something else.

It was the first time I met my now ex; we were at a Halloween party, I remember sitting on his lap then being in a dark room and the lights coming on and there’s weed (like a shit load of weed) EVERYWHERE… on the bed, carpet.. everywhere. People are grabbing handfuls and running away. Then apparently I and my friend were kicked out because the guy’s lap I was sitting on had a girlfriend, and we were at the girlfriends house (had no idea!)

Ughh NOT good memories!



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Personally I have never been blackout drunk, and I have no desire to experience it. It’s not entirely true that you can’t tell when someone is blacking out, sometimes you can tell if you ask the right questions. People who are blacking out usually remember the last 10-15 minutes or so just fine which is why they seem normal and can carry on a conversation, but if you ask them about something that happened an hour or two ago they won’t know what you are talking about. If you’re hanging out with someone and you suspect they might be that drunk you can try asking them questions to see how bad it is.

I do have a blackout story, except I was the sober person who got to the the drunk one what they did. In our dorms we had private bathrooms that connected between two dorm rooms. Our bathroom connected to the triple next door. I went into the bathroom at about 3AM (it was a Saturday night and most of us were still up at that time) to get ready for bed and I noticed that it was a mess. The carpets and towels were all rucked up and my neighbor’s credit card, bus pass, and student ID were strewn around the floor. I gathered them up and without thinking about it I opened the door to her room to give them back to her. She was blearily laying on the floor on top of about 1,000 pokemon cards in a red thong. The guy she was with jumped behind the door and yelled out ‘oh this is awkward’ thereby identifying himself to me because I recognized his voice. I put her stuff down inside the door and closed it again. Needless to say I did not go straight to bed after witnessing that. Later I got to tell her what she did, that was not a fun or comfortable conversation.

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i never really got to the point of blacking out, i think my body responds by throwing up before I even get there.  Then I feel better, and just go to sleep. lol

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I’ve actually never even been a little bit drunk LOL. Like I can handle my alcohol pretty well, and I’ve never really excessively drank at all passed what I can handle. My parents were pretty cool about the whole alcohol thing growing up where we could drink if we wanted to, so I never really got into the whole getting drunk thing.

My SO, on the other hand, had extremely strict parents growing up. They didn’t drink and wouldn’t let him drink. Once they found a receipt in his wallet (he was 22) for a beer he bought, and they freaked out about it LOL. He promptly moved out a few months later. 

Anywho, my SO has been black out drunk twice since turning 21. The first time we had a bonfire. He drank something like 15 beers. He is a light switch drunk, so it’s like he’s fine and dandy with 14 drinks, but the 15th just knocked him right out. He ended up throwing up pizza all over my parents’ backyard at 1 AM and then falling asleep in a chair in my backyard LOL. 

The second time was just about a month ago, and it was the worst experience for ME ever. He had a friend over, and they both got extremely wasted. They both ate Doritos before they drank, so the vomit was…beautiful LOL. My SO’s friend was the first to throw up. Then my SO saw that and started to throw up and also decided that he couldn’t move anymore even though he had been standing up just fine 3 minutes before. Luckily SO’s friend was kind of a vomit once and pass out kind of guy, so he eventually fell asleep, but my SO will throw up about 30 times before he passes out. He also wet his pants which was really fun for me because he wouldn’t get up to change so I had to hope that his friend wouldn’t wake up and see me putting new underwear on him LOL.

Needless to say he hasn’t had much alcohol since!

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