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@RenoSweeney24:  It’s only happened once, and I have never EVER been drunk since then. I won’t even get drunk that is how much it scared me. Thank God I was with someone I trusted, but I remember getting up that morning and somehow DH, who was just my BF at the time, found me laying on my kitchen floor with the garbage tucked in my arms.

I have never wanted to feel that sick or out of it ever again.

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A few times, the worst was a few years back. DH & I were back home visiting family, and all his friends wanted to go out to a show in the city another friend was playing. They rented a huge white van and designated a DD, then we stopped a liquor store on the way for pre-gaming it in the van (nevermind that we pregamed at the house too). I don’t remember much other than being at the bar doing jager shots trying to keep up with the boys. 

DH told me the next morning apparently I puked all over the van floor just as they pulled into his brothers driveway where we were staying. Thankfully no-one was left but the DD so it was pretty undercover. DH said I almost puked on him and he had to turn me to puke on the floor. He took great care of me though! I woke up with him, a pounding headache, freshly brushed teeth, and no remembrance of puking my guts out literally 2 feet from the curb. I feel horrible for the DD that had to return the van- Sorry Dude!!!


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Never. I have been very drunk before (ages ago when I was between the ages of 18-21). But I never took it to the level of passing out, blacking out, not knowing what I was doing…that’s a scary thought to me.

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@Eckle:  That is true about the questions.  The problem is how many other people around the person are completely sober or even think to check?  Generally very few if the situation involves going to bars or parties!

My problem was I could drink like a fish all night and never puke.  NEVER puked unless I did something else in addition to drinking.  So I could just keep going without realizing it.  Lots of people puke but I never did!  Until the next morning that is.

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I’ve been black out drunk twice in my life.  The first time was New Years Eve during my parents divorce (I was 20) and I drank A LOT (a bottle of wine, a pint of vodka and a mini bottle of champagne for sure…who knows what else) I know I kissed one guy friend, I apparently kissed another, I have zero recollection of it but friends swear they walked in on us making out (we talked about it the next day, neither of us remember so we decided it didn’t happen) I then passed out on the bathroom floor with myself locked in for I don’t know how long.  I spend the next day vomiting every half hour like clockwork.

The second time was about 2 months later, I was at a friends birthday party, I drank about a dozen beer in a couple hours (I’m 5’4 and 120 at the time…not a good idea).  I remember very little about that night, the next morning I woke up in a puddle of my own vomit and am extremely lucky to be alive.

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It’s only happened to me once, and I was 17. I was at a bar (fake Id), and I remember throwing up, and then pullin my pants down and being so angry that my friend wouldn’t let me go back out into the bar (from the bathroom) with my pants down. Then I passed out on the bathroom floor, with my pants down. *sigh* not my finest moment.

now, I drink often (like once or twice a week) but I’ve never even been close to that level of drunk, ever. I rarely get “drunk”, and when I do, most people wouldn’t be able to tell because I don’t act or do anything different, other then the fact that I get really “dance-y”.

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Just once. Never again!!!

My mistake was (being newly 21 and yes, I promise, newer to drinking) double fisting lol. Me, my roomies, and the neighbor boys used to go out to this club in college EVERY thursday. Well, the guys would usually get two drinks at a time and this time, for some reason, my roomie and I decided to do the same. Being naive, I didn’t realize how much FASTER you drink when you have one in each hand. Ugh.

My last consecutive concious thought was as we were heading out to the dance floor, my friends are all dancing and I realized I was having trouble just standing. I remember how I thought of it:  (Quite amusedly to myself) “well… this isn’t good now is it? You SILLY!”

Then I was in the bathroom, in one of the stalls, and my roomie was knocking on the door telling me “Hey girl, we gotta go, they’re kicking you out….” It wasn’t that I did anything crazy, they had a VERY strict policy there because the LCB is always breathing down the town’s back. (Big university, LOTS of bars.)

They actually got so worried about me that they had me sit in the storage room and asked me questions. The two questions they asked: Do you know where you are? Do you know what day it was?

C’mon now… we went to this club EVERY thursday. So I answered like “Psh, yeah I do. Its Thursday… duh. I’m at (club’s name)! SILLY!!”

So they let me go home. My other roommate (not yet 21) came and picked me up, and I kept calling her the wrong name. She got me into bed, but right before I was getting sick in the bathroom and she said I looked up at her, the most pitiful, sorryful look on my face, and said to her with my mouth quivering, “I really made a mess ‘a things, didn’t I?”

Not my best moment. I continued to get sick all the next day, (multiple times on campus LOL. Ahhh, I wasn’t alone though.)

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@RenoSweeney24:  Yep…being an alcoholic I have been blackout drunk hundreds of times. Terrible things have happened to me while in that state. I am lucky to still be alive and/or not seriously injured. Looking back…it terrifies me. But at the time I thought everyone blacked out every single time they drank…just like me. Anyway, I have been compeltely sober for two years now and I am so grateful for that.

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One of the last times I blacked out, I came to in the back of a strange car with a guy on top of me.  I knew the guy, he was a friend of someone I had dated earlier in the year.  STarted kicking and screaming and crying until he got off me.  I don’t remember much after that – I woke up in the morning with my pants on the floor, with no recollection of even leaving the bar.  My cell phone was dead, it was raining…I got out the of the car and the alarm went off and some guy came out of the house and drove me home.  When he dropped me off he said “You seem like real fun, we should party sometime”

What can I say, 2004 was a really shitty year!  Thankfully I haven’t blacked out like that since then.

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I don’t drink very often. But when I do – I’ve never been black out, but there have been times where someone mentions something about that night the next day and I’m like “What? When did that happen?” 

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@BellaDee:  That definitely sounds like you were drugged. I haven’t had any experiences like that myself but my best friend went through that and it was very similar. Scared me to death!

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I’ve had many nights where I’ve lost pieces of the night but only one where I have absolutely no recollection of the night whatsoever. Eight years later, I still sometimes wonder what happened that night. I did make it back to my dorm room, I’m 99.9% sure I didn’t sleep with anyone (was a virgin so I assume I would’ve been sore if I had) and it sounds like I had friends taking care of me.

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I once ended up at an Austin Powers party…that alone explains why I drank so much.  The last thing I remember was drinking screwdrivers…then I threw up on the deck in front of strangers.  The next thing I remember was waking up the next morning with bruises all over me.  I leaned over the bed and threw up in the floor and what came out of me was black.  Scared the shit of out me and it never happened again.

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@RenoSweeney24:  I’ve never been drunk! Let alone black out drunk, that would be scary!

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Nope, no blackouts… I go from tipsy to sick… no crazy stuff when drinking I wouldn’t do sober, no black/brown outs.  Happy tipsy to puking, sleeping on the bathroom floor (though I’d get a pillow and comforter to curl up in).  It only happened a few times when I was younger and thankfully at home (as an adult in my own place)… except for once… that was horrible. 🙁 Thankfully it was with a good old friend.  It was in someone elses hotel room and I didn’t want to leave the bathroom but he coaxed me out to our room and watched over me.  Still friends over a decade later and he’s never said a word about it… he must be a saint!

Once early on DH and I got pretty wasted.  I was horny and attacked him… but before we really got anywhere I went  “I’m… aah …. gonna go sleep, or I’ll get sick… sorry.” and went to sleep lol.  He thought it was funny and I remembered it fine lol. I was like “ugh, I’m sorry!” and he’s like “nah, it’s ok, it was pretty cute”.  Not my finest moment there either!

I’ve heard of others blacking/browning out and the idea of it freaks me out.  I had a pretty messed up childhood and my one get me through life motto was “I can control me if nothing else.”.  I don’t know if that has something to do with it or not.  I also can’t be hypnotised (at least not yet lol).

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