(Closed) *SPIN-OFF* Being black-out drunk

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Ugh I hate it as well lol I’ve been there a handful of times though 😡 . The first time was the first time I drank and I drank vodka with an ex. We were watching the walking dead and there was a part where it was getting blurry and I passed out woke up at like 6 in the morning. I was so scared since I was 18 and still lived at home, sigh

then all the other times were similar except with Dh 😡 .

The hopefuly last time was a couple of months ago, Dh and his friend wanted to go to a party, and I’ve never been to one lol. I was nervous, Im an introvert, so I started drinking . I vaguely remember elbowing dhs friend , it was sprinkling outside , I was going back outside and fell on a banana tree lol. Dh picked me up, scolded me and walked me to the car. I cried because he raised his voice at me and I thought I passed out in the backseat but Dh said I was “conscious ” way after that. Never again..

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I’ll play. 

I went to college and liked to party, so while I haven’t blacked out in years, I have blacked out several times in my life.  My favorite was a Christmas episode.  Just to note: this happened when I was 22 and single.

I drove down to visit a friend for a weekend and we went out to a dive bar for a karaoke Christmas party.  I dressed up in a cute dress and leggings.  I started off with some white wine and, since I wasn’t driving, indulged myself.  My last memory involves me falling off a bar stool.

I woke up in a stranger’s bedroom, wearing men’s clothing, a santa’s hat, and clutching a camera with a broken screen.  I started trying to put together the pieces.  A look at the camera had several pictures of me singing with strangers (I don’t sing) and kissing a cute guy I had never met (definitely not something I’d do).  The room I was in was frilly and pink (so decidedly not a guy’s room). 

I checked my phone, and saw a million garbled text messages. ICK. 

A look around and I discovered my outfit from the night before, so I changed back into it and started out of the room.

Thankfully, once I exited, I found my friend.  She had me sleep in her sister’s bedroom since I was in no shape to drive home the night before.  The clothing was her boyfriend’s clothing.  I had started trying to strip off when we got home saying I was uncomfortable, so they grabbed an extra t-shirt and gym shorts for me to wear.

As I sat down to breakfast, they explained that the guy I was kissing was one of my friends gay friends who was now one of my best friends.  The smashed camera was mine that I had accidently smashed in a car door.  I had been so sad I started crying.

We still have no idea who the people were that I was singing with or where the santa hat came from.

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I never drank to the point where I was black out drunk. I also don’t think it’s funny.

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I’ve never been black out drunk or even thrown up from drinking. I’m assuming in order to black out you have to be drunk enough to throw up and I’m a gigantic baby I HATE HATE throwing up (I cry, overreact, get irritable, it’s just ridiculous) so I’ve never let myself get to that point. Definitely have had super drunk night with blurry details but I always remember the gist of the night. I think it would be really really scary to wake up and not remember a thing. I’ve had two minor sugeries where I was put out via anesthetic and when I woke I felt a bit of anxiety about being put out and not knowing what happened (apart from having a surgery if that makes sense) and that was in a safe environment, in party/club setting I think I’d freak out.  

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Three times for me–I don’t think DH can count how many times he has, though!

We have friends in NY that are EXTREMELY heavy binge drinkers. Every Saturday at their house is like a frat party!

I think my only good black out drunk story is from the night DH and I got engaged (cringe, I know)

DH surprised me with an engagement party! With drinks! And after that, all of us went dancing in downtown Buffalo (ever been to downtown Buffalo? They party hard…)

So more or less all I can remember is bits and pieces. I remember doing two shots (everyone tells me I STARTED with two shots… Apparently many, many more followed) and I can remember dancing. And at one point, DH’s BFF asked me how big I thought his penis was.

Then I don’t remember saying anything, but I remember his face looking REALLY sad.

(Later, everyone told me I spent 5 minutes MERCILESSLY making fun of his tiny penis)

But what I remember most is throwing up for 6 straight hours. Because I lost most of four hours of fun and dancing, but I remember every miserable minute of hurling my guts out in the guest bathroom!

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Never been black out drunk. However, I have been drunk out of my mind on two ocassions I remember vividly. One time I had something like 13-16 various drinks in two/three hour period (I was with a Girlfriend at an all inclusive resort). I danced, ended up in pool (with clothes on) and had a fabulous time.

Other time I was New Orleans drunk as shit on hurricanes stumbling around the French Quarter. Both times I can tell you EXACTLY what happened, what I did, what I said etc.  Needless to say both mornings after were hard on my head. Hungover, supreme. 

If I ever drank to point I couldn’t remember hours or a night, I swear that would be last time I drink. So I so can’t relate to a “black out” drunk state. 

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@RenoSweeney24:  I’ve never been black out drunk or drunk in general. I’ve been tipsy once or twice, but I’m kinda proud I’ve never over done it.

Fiance drank a bit more before we got together. He told me he was at a party once and got a bit drunk. He wound up eating an entire bag of chips and then got confused over why the bag was empty.

I’m guessing that blacking out is kind of similar to getting knocked out before having my wisdom teeth out with laughing gas. I remember lying on the chair and being told to count some numbers. I kind of remember the IV in my arm and the mask on my face. And I really dimly remember some pressure in my mouth and jiggling. Next thing I remember is the Doctor telling me I did awesome. Next thing I remember clearly was walking to the car with my Fiance. I don’t remember anything else between those times.

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The morning after my 21st birthday. I woke up naked, sticky, and covered in lube…

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I’ve never been “black out” drunk. I get drunk pretty easily, so I usually stick to a one-two drinks only policy.

I’ve been drunk enough to throw up before, but I’ve never lost memories or anything that extreme.

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@RenoSweeney24:  I’m not doubting. But I think its important to know your tolerance level for alcholol. If you have several instances of blackouts, I’m thinking at some point you have to aware of where you will end up, if you’ve had the experince, say more than twice. First time, okay you didn’t know. Second, maybe your testing things. Third time…really? That’s starting to get careless. After my two instances I’ve never been that drunk again because I don’t want to put myself at risk. 


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I  spent  most  of  my  college  years  and  years  there  after  blackout  drunk.  Let’s  just  say I  dont really drink anymore.

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@bklynbridetobe:  That’s wonderful that you never enjoyed drinking like that.  However, when I was in college, we would go out for the purpose of letting loose and having an insane night.  I’ve blacked out several times, under different circumstances, but always with my friends and never got in trouble.  The last time I blacked out was right around the time I gave up my partying lifestyle. 

Drinking until I lost my inhibitions lost it’s appeal as I got older and my priorities changed.  Now I might have one or two drinks on a weekend night and usually offer to be the DD since I’ve had my own fun.  I got enough partying in and now I’m more than happy being sober.

So I’ve blacked out probably 10 or 20 times in my life, and am not an alcoholic.  It’s had absolutely no negative consequences on me.  While I would side-eye someone who blacks out every weekend, I don’t judge someone for it every once in a blue moon, as long as there were no poor decisions (re: driving drunk) or negative consequences to them, their family, or their health. 

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I can’t consume alcohol as I lack one or more of the dehydrogenases needed to break down the poison. I react to it pretty much the same way as food poisoning. Oh I TRIED to drink when I was younger since our society seems pretty convinced that it is necessary to drink alcohol to have fun (it isn’t BTW), but I always got violently ill before I could get drunk.

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