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@BeachBride2014: While I would side-eye someone who blacks out every weekend, I don’t judge someone for it every once in a blue moon, as long as there were no poor decisions (re: driving drunk) or negative consequences to them, their family, or their health. 

This is true.

I just look back on some of my party nights and I’m thankful that nothing negative happened to me or around me (and my friends) during my impaired moments. I can still enjoy tipsy nights but I have too many issues about control to allow myself to black out. I just couldn’t deal. 

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My DH and I believe we were roofied once in Mexico.  We were in the pool drinking a few drinks (it was an all-inclusive and the drinks were super watered down). This was our third day there so we knew the strength of the drinks – so no surprises there.  Anyways, we had been sipping on pina coladas that some man had brought over to us and another group from the bar (being friendly so we thought) when we realized it was about 5pm and we should go get ready for dinner.  We walked towards our hotel room and then…..nothing.    I wake up 6 hours later passed out in my swimsuit in the hotel bed, DH is passed out in the shower with the water still running.  We both were sick to our stomachs but after a few pukes felt ok enough to venture out for some food.  We both have no memory of getting close to our room, coming in, showering, nothing.  Pretty scare experience since we knew we hadn’t had much to drink and we both blacked out at the same time in the same way (and he’s twice my size!). 

So lesson learned – even if you’re with your husband, don’t accept a drink from a stranger no matter what. 

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@Eckle:  “Personally I have never been blackout drunk, and I have no desire to experience it.”

@soontobebe:  “Never. I have been very drunk before (ages ago when I was between the ages of 18-21). But I never took it to the level of passing out, blacking out, not knowing what I was doing…that’s a scary thought to me.”


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I have been black out drunk 3 times in my life.  First time I was 20 and with my best friend in her dorm room.  Apparently I started crying at some point in the evening about her leaving me because she was moving to England.  The second time I was maybe 23 or 24 and my same friend and I went to a few bars with her dad.  At the second bar, it just…stops.  Her dad called her mom to come get us all.  I apparently tried to run away because I wanted to walk home (and it was in the middle of winter at a bar no where near her house).  I apparently puked in the parking lot of the first bar (while rolling on the ground, classy, I know) when we went back there before the final trip home and some guys walking out of the bar tried to record it on their cell phone.  Her mom is amazing and straight up bullied them into deleting it.  This was back in the day before facebook and myspace were popular.  The last time, I was home by myself drinking while playing xbox online. Classy again, I know.  

Now I’m 31 and I BARELY ever drink. I know that I don’t know my limits or when to stop when I’ve been drinking and I don’t want to test them again.  My husband didn’t know me then or see how I would act and can’t understand why I don’t want to drink now.  I don’t want to have that happen again.  Blacking out is not cool.

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The first time I got drunk I blacked out. I was sitting on a couch in a friend’s basement with DH, who was my fiance then. I remeber a lot of what we did that night, and most of what I drank, but at one point I got dizzy and my vision blurred. I thought I fell asleep, but when I woke up in the morning they told me that I was up for a lot longer than I thought. I’m glad i was somewhere safe, but that was not a particularly pleasant night. DH spent a couple hours throwing up and there was puke on my coat in the morning that must’ve been mine. From now on I don’t ever want to go past slightly tipsy!

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I actually have never blacked out… but my husband blacked out once, when we were at a karaoke place (private room style.) He got really wasted. I left before him because our cat was sick and I didn’t want to leave her alone all night. When he finally got home in the wee hours, he was only wearing his t-shirt, his button-down was gone, mumbling complaints that it took him 2 hours to get home on the subway (a little over double the usual time) and fell asleep.

He woke up awhile later mostly sober (I guess he spent his subway ride sobering up) and and confessed that the reason it took him so long to get home was because he got off the train to throw up – he was quite courteous to other riders/workers/etc. in avoiding both the train and the platform but had hit his shirt and thrown it away. (And the trains are really far apart that late at night.) When I realized it was a blackout situation was when he started complaining that I left too early and we never got to do the songs he wanted to do.

I told him, accurately, that we DID do those songs, we sang them together, he stood on the sofa and danced, kind of. I had a moment of annoyance because I really enjoyed that and it was a nice memory for me. He was upset because he had really looked forward to them and now he’d gone and forgotten the whole thing.

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@RenoSweeney24:  this post absolutely brings back blurry reminders of me been black out drunk. This happened for a holiday xmas party. I hadnt eaten all day long…and ended up having strong liquor like black label straigh up…mind u i am very petite girl 5 feet and weight 115. Needless to say i was so drunk out of my mind..i ended up throwing up everywhere and i needed to have my bf pick me up. BUt it all happened within the a 2 hour period…i am not sure how i go drunk so fast but it was a horrible experience. I remember crying and just asking myself why did i do it. I didnt do anything stupid just throw up outside a lot. My friends were there to support me through it…but it was still horrible!!!! the next day i woke up feeling so guilty knowing that i let myself get that drunk… 🙁 never again

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Isn’t it not considered black out drunk when you remember the night?

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@RenoSweeney24:  the only time I have blacked out was after being drugged at a bar- luckily I made it into a cab and the benevolent cab driver realized i was out cold (at around 730pm- it was after 2 sips of my first drink) and he walked me to my apt building door and rang till my roommate came down and got me.  Thank GOD whoever tried to drug me had no common sense and did it so early that I immediately knew something was wrong and got the hell out of there.  As a sidenote, not to threadjack, but I was holding my drink the entire time and never put it down…I did, however, turn away to talk to one guy while still holding my drink and I think that’s when his friend slipped something into my cup.  Be careful out there, ladies!!


On my own accord I’ve def gotten sloppy, but never blacked out. My hangovers are too vicious for me to get *that* drunk, but my bachelorette party got me pretty tipsy… we drank from 9am-midnight and by the end of the evening I was housing pizza and had to be escorted home.

I have a friend who gets blackout drunk and makes out with EVERYONE. Like, everyone. She doesn’t do anything beyond making out, but damn- every place we go there’s some dude that she’s occupied a shady booth with.

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Well….I was the original Party Animal in my youth. However, I still felt uneasy about being out of control through drink so in the main, managed to stay the conscious side of insobriety. Except on two memorable occasions.

The first happened during the pre-Christmas festive season when I was just 19 (bear in mind that over here in the UK, legal drinking age is 18) and worked in the City of London (that’s the financial district). I lived in North London, a journey of about 15 minutes and 5 stops on the surburban main line railway. We’d been celebrating Christmas straight after work for a week or so but on one night we really went for it. 

I distinctly recall being responsible enough to know it was time to go home and catch the last train of the night to get me home. I distinctly recall getting onto the right train although I have a vague recollection of someone stopping me falling between the train and the platform. I then remember nothing until two railway staff walked through my carriage and said “I think you might like to wake up, now Miss”. On asking where we were, it turned out that the train was now in the railway sidings of a town I had never heard of somewhere in Hertfordshire. In other words, at least 25 miles beyond London. 

Fortunately, it needed to be taken back to a depot in London so the train driver driver and guard allowed me to sit up front in the driver’s cab. When we got back to my station they stopped the train for long enough for me to jump out. Only to discover the station was locked! After an undignified climb over a wall (and a quick stop for a pee behind a garbage bin) I staggered home. Not my finest hour.

The second time I had total memory loss was at a party. I was 21 and had made the absolutely stupid mistake of taking someone else’s prescription medication because I had bronchitis. After 2 glasses of wine I remember nothing. It turns out that I was sent to replenish the supplies of alcohol (everyone chipped in) and I vanished for 2 hours. I was found, barefoot and perched on a bar stool, in a pub half a mile away where I was leading a community sing song. I recall absolutely nothing of this. Or where I’d bought the bottle of sherry (??!!) that I was supposed to be bringing back to the party. I do recell feeling as sick as a dog some hours later though.

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