(Closed) Spin-off: Do you favor one of your pets more than the others?

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    @AnneTossy: I said that too before we got our second dog!  Seriously when we got the first one I would tear up just looking at the titles of articles about how to cope with losing a pet.

     Luckily though, the second one seemed to fill in the gaps the first one had.  One is calm, the other more playful, one is independent, the other will follow you around the house.  One was awesome at potty training but chewed up everything in sight, the other one was the opposite.  I actually find myself favoring the second one more often, but it just depends.  


    Edit – just realized I used the term “potty training” for a dog . . . 

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    We each came into the relationship with a dog.  Obviously I have a stronger bond with my dog, so it’s easy for me to favor her, but I put a lot of effort into showing the little guy love, too.  He’s a lot more demanding of attention that my dog is, so even if I favor her, she doesn’t know it.  I love them both, though.  Dear Fiance I were jokingly discussing our “prenup” (neither of us has any reason for one) and I told him I’d sign it as long as I get to take both pups with me.

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    Yes!  We have 3 dogs and a cat.  The cat is my favorite cat but Lola is my favorite dog.  Fiance had Savannah (the beagle) before me- so she is a daddy’s girl and sometimes I think she regrets me because I wrecked their perfect 2 some!  LOL!

    We got our puppies Lola and Mac 6 weeks between each other.  Lola was 7 weeks old and Mac was 13 weeks.  (Same litter)  I only wanted 1 puppy but Fiance wanted the 2nd.  I will say I do love both puppies- but Lola pulls on my heart strings a little more than her brother.

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    Absolutely.  When J and I got together we each brought a dog into the family.  I absolutely loved mine and while I can’t fault his dog, Bones – he’s an absolute sweetheart and very well behaved, we just don’t click in the same way.  We had to put my dog down last year and I was actually afraid that I might love the new dog more than Bones.  And I will I think but I try to make a point to love on both.  It will be interesting to see if I have a favorite when we get our next Picked Out Together Dog.  Same with the horses.  I don’t really click with J’s horse but my horse and I do really well together and vice versa.  J preferred his dog over mine but he did a better job of loving both, especially since mine was the destructive, neurotic one.  🙂 

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    Yep.  But its okay since my husband favors one dog and I favor the other so they both get equal favortism.

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    I have two female rescue Pits and they have personalities like night and day. Bella is my oldest and I’ve had her longer. I rescued her from a chain in a backyard-yes I technically stole her but she was being abused and used for bad things. Leah I rescued from when I volunteered at the Humane Society. She had it MUCH worse. She came in barely alive, starving, her insides had been bitten open and her intestines were literally abcessing. Leah is so incredibly thankful for her new life. She is grateful and calm and so sweet. Bella is the spoiled brat, she didn’t have it nearly as bad as Leah and she acts like the spoiled rotten kid. She has an attitude and is very independent. I don’t necessarily love one more than the other, I just connect more with Leah.

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    I favour the dog more. He’s my baby.. and the Fiance doesnt like dogs so I have to make up the love!

    The kittens are second in line together following far behind is the rabbit (FI’s pet before we lived together)

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    I’ve had my cat George since shortly after a bad breakup (about 3 years) and he is seriously the best cat in the world.  He’s snuggly and likes to “talk” and kneads his paws in the air when he’s happy.  He also greets you at the door and lays down to have his belly rubbed (like a dog, I know)!  I thought he was lonely because he seemed so needy sometimes, so I got another cat to keep him company, but I knew I could never love her as much….  She’s a sweet cat, but she’s just not George.  And, he could take her or leave her.  Guess he just loves Darling Husband and me!

    George is black and white and Sophie is the tortie.  I don’t know why he lets her lay on him! LOL

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    Definitely not. This is kind of a big deal to me. Like I feel bad if one of them’s in my lap and the other feels left out, I always have to make room for both. If I’m petting one and can’t reach the other one, I ask my husband to walk over there and pet him/her. As you can tell I’m a bit obsessive compulsive about my cats. It would hurt me if one was loved less, even if they didn’t know it.

    I have one boy cat and one girl cat, completely different in appearance and personality and I picked them that way. This may sound bad, but I got the boy first and I returned two other cats before I got the girl because I didn’t feel I could love them as much. (One went back to the breeder after one week, the other went to a friend who fell in love with him at first sight so they both ended up ok). When we found the girl cat it just felt right, I knew I would love them both equally and unequivocally.

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    Sort of…

    I got my one dog (we’ll call her T) when she was a puppy…that was 8 years ago!!  Fiance and I adopted a dog from his friend (we’ll call him R) about 2 years ago to be “his dog.”  Although I love them both very much, T is definitely “my baby” and I have a special attachment to her because we’ve been through so much together.  R is definitely a nicer and more loveable dog though 😉

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