(Closed) Spin Off – Do you feel like you really need to accommodate picky eaters?

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  • poll: Do you feel as a host that you should accommodate 'picky' eaters?

    Absolutely not - adults should be able to eat what they are give

    Of course - it's part of being a good host

    I'm a self-professed picky eater and would be upset if my host didn't accommodate this

    I'm a self-professed picky eater but I understand this isn't the same as an intolerance/allergy

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    Well food allergy and vegan/ vegetarians oh yes definitely.

    However, I’m in the camp of ” if they don’t eat they don’t eat.”  

    ETA: if someone was having dinner at their house it would be incredibly rude to say ” oh your chicken smells so good. Too bad I don’t like chicken. Got anything elce?”  what makes a wedding any different? I mean my fi’s family had a bday party for his baby cousin. She wanted pizza. I HATE pizza.  I don’t like chesese, the gresese makes me I’ll, and rs a texture thing. Guess what ? I ate a price of pizza. I didn’t have to like it, but no one elce needed to know that.

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    I say dont bother trying to accommodate every person. If you did, you would have at least 10 choices of meats, 10 choices of veggies, etc. Plan your meals and dont worry. 🙂

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    I’m a picky eater, and I don’t really expect people to accommdate me at their wedding.  I always bring a “bag lunch” to events when I don’t know what the meal might be. 

    Buuuut… I’m also lactose intolerant and highly allergic to seafood, so I’ll sometimes ask the bride/contact the venue to find out what might be served and make minor modifications under the guise of necessary accommodations.

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    No, you are not the only one to feel this way. Whilst I do believe that a good host should try to provide a variety of different foods to accomodate different tastes, I don’t believe in kowtowing to potential picky eaters.

    I’ve always felt that, as a guest, if the host is kind enough to provide me with food and drinks, I should eat (as long as one is not allergic to it) what I am served. If I don’t like it, I’d push it to the side or eat around it but I would not make a big deal of it or draw attention to the fact. Plus I was born and raised in a third world country – with people starving about a few blocks away, I knew to be grateful to have food Tongue Out

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    I am a very picky eater, and I will not be accomidating picky eaters. I would only accomodate people with allergies/medical needs, not vegans or religious observances either. Those are choices that adults are making, and because of their choice they can eat beforehand if the need to. I don’t think they should be lumped together with food allergies because they’re very different. Picky eating is less of a choice if the food just physically disgusts you (like many do for me) but there’s just no way to accomodate everyone’s food preferences, and if you are an adult picky eater you should learn to be polite and quietly pick at your food like I do. I would never ask the host to get me something different, I try my hardest not to let them know I don’t like the food.

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    My FSIL’s husband is a picky eater, and I have absolutely no sympathy. He is teaching his sons that they shouldn’t like vegetables, and turning his absolutely normal children into unhealthy kids (I am not making this up, his pediatrician recently told them that his 8 year old son is overweight and needs to have a better diet since he gets plenty of exercise). They eat fast food every night because the father won’t eat anything that isn’t cheeseburgers and french fries. Not okay in my opinion. Just push your food around on your plate if you don’t like it, but I think as a parent you have the obligation to at least serve yourself green beans. Sorry this is a pet peeve. 

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    We are foregoing a seated dinner and doing a heavy passed o’doeuvres dinner instead.  We rented out a restaurant and they will serve gourmet small bites – this way it accommodates all.  Plus, we love all different types of foods and didn’t want to do the typical chicken, steak, or pasta.  I haven’t quite figured out how the reception will flow without sitting down, but we are so excited!  I think it will encourage more mingling and will be a good lead in for our 7-piece jazz band.  Anyone else ever do this?

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    Nope, I do not worry one bit!  For a smaller dinner party, sure.  But for a wedding with 100 people (in my case)?  Heck no!  I hate tomatoes, but I’d never expect a bride to work around me.  If have three entree options is not enough, they can find something afterwards. 

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    I would pick somewhere in the middle? I’m a picky eater, and I don’t expect people to accomodate me. On the other hand, when we picked our food, we tried to choose things that a lot of people would like. I wouldn’t do sushi or anything like that, for example, because most people in our families don’t like it.

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    One of my bridesmaids is vegan, so yes we took that into consideration. We actually checked with her to see what she’d be able to eat. 

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    Being a picky eater myself…I grew up where I had to eat what was on my plate or nothing at all but I did have to try everything.  I have food dislikes just like pretty much everyone probably does but I happen to have more dislikes.  I get that there is a difference when it comes to allergies however what is the difference between being accomodating for a vegetarian and a picky eater?  No offense to vegetarians but isn’t it their choice to eat that way?  I don’t completely choose not to like stuff.  For me it’s not all about taste, its about texture as well.  I certainly can understand being accomodating to vegetarians and maybe it’s because I’m picky but why shouldn’t I be accomodated a little maybe with some plainer or general food?  And if your going to invite someone because you want them to be there and enjoy themselves, doesn’t that include having food choices so that you know they will eat?  Otherwise I feel it’s not very caring of all your guests. 

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    I am a SUPER picky eater. Like, I have food rules that cut out huge portions of what normal people eat (like for example, I don’t eat any seafood or pork or red meat…. but I also don’t eat hardly any cooked vegetables). Also, I hate almost all sauces. And most of my food issues are not “hmmm I don’t prefer this but I can muddle through.” They are “if I try to put that bite of pork loin in my mouth I will gag and possibly puke on the table and/or my husband.” And it SUCKS because I honestly don’t want to be this way. It bums me out that other people enjoy fancy meals and I don’t at all because chances are, if you paid more than $10 for my plate I am probably not going to like it. 

    All that being said, my issues are my own. I do not expect accommodations at all. I mean… I might consider it slightly rude of someone ONLY had seafood for example– because a lot of people don’t like that. But I’ve been to many weddings that were surf and turf and well… I don’t eat either. I generally cope by ordering the veggie meal if it is offered (50/50 i’ll eat that depending on how simple it is), or if not sometimes I’ll just ask the server when I get there if it is possible to have 2 starter salads rather than an entree (and if not no big deal). Also I can generally gauge based on what I know of the couple/wedding if I’ll like the food. If we are going to a black tie-ish event I know I’m going to hate the food and I eat a late lunch, throw a granola bar in my purse, and plan to snack when I get home. That’s just life.

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    @kittyface:  Other than special dietary needs, I will be taking a picky eater into consideration….because it is my Fiance. He is super picky. Since we are doing food stations, it makes it a little easier though. He can eat the meats and sides (without any condiments/sauces) and that should please him. But overall, we have a fairly casual american/mexican theme because of how picky he is.

    I eat everything and love lots of ethnic foods, but he likes basic (flavorless, in my opinion) options.  So we compromised by having things served in a simple way, with lots of optional toppings. 🙂

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    Im a vegetarian and would like to be accommodated but I also have IBS so even veg meals could be triggering. However, I’ll eat what I can and be appreciative (even if I grumble inside). I try to accommodate others if I know they are also veg or have an issue. Otherwise, no.

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