(Closed) Spin Off – Do you have any strange eating habits / routines ?

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Sugar Beekeeper
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I used to eat my meat first and would never mix the food, so wouldn’t have a bit of meat with some potato on a fork, I just didn’t see the point when I was a kid. But I do it now, it’s like a whole new world of flavour and textures lol. I also, even now, use a banana as a spoon when I eat yoghurt, until the banana has been eaten.

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Helper bee
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@This Time Round:  I mold my mashed potatos or rice into a square shape and then eat strips off each side until I whittle the square down to nothing.

I started this as a kid, and just never stopped. Typing this out made me realize how weird I am. 


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Busy bee

I rip all of my food into pieces before eating it. Like if I have a sandwich, I will pull of a bite sized piece and eat it that way. I don’t like biting into food. 

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Blushing bee

my food cant touch…at all. i dont remember when i started separating my food but i still do it and everyone thinks im nuts! lol (sorry about punctuation, im on my phone and am being horribly lazy lol)

oh and i always eat my food in a certain order. veggies first, then potatoes/rice, then meat last.

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Helper bee
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@This Time Round:  I don’t like it when the different foods on my plate touch each other. When I eat at home, somehow I’ve mastered the art of making sure the amount of rice I have is exactly portioned to the amount of meat I have. 

Also, when I have turkey or other Thanksgiving foods, I’ll have a separate bowl for my gravy, and people think I’m having soup because the bowl is so big…I also finish all the contents of said bowl lol

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Bumble bee

My food doesn’t touch. Also I eat all of one thing before I move onto something else. I don’t really have an order unless there is a salad, salad is always eaten and finished first.

I’m also very particular about falvours and food that are served together. I like crasins I like stuffing, they aren’t allowed to comingle! Same with ham and pineapple.

I have issues with food temperature. Hot food should be hot, cold food should be cold, unless special circumstances arise. I hate when someone puts opposite temperature foods on the same plate.

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Bumble bee
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I can’t have my food touching on the plate. If, for some unfortunate reason, food touches another food item, I cut away the offending pieces until nothing is touching anymore. FH wanted to know why we needed such huge dinner plates – well, that’s why. I need enough room so all my food can be separate! FH mixes all his food together and that grosses me out, haha. This is something that has stemmed from childhood – I was a really picky eater back then.

I also only eat one thing at a time, but things don’t have to be eaten in a certain order though.

And I do not eat the following: carrots, cauliflower, cooked broccoli, turnip, squash/gourds, parsnip, pineapple, coconut, and a load of other things.

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Sugar Beekeeper
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When I eat toast, I eat all the crusts first before getting into the better middle.

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Blushing bee
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I cut everything into bite sized pieces. I think it stemmed from wanting to eat on the couch, watching tv, and I’d have nowhere to put my knife in between cutting food. So I’d cut it all up first, then take my plate and fork into the lounge room.

I do it all the time now though.  Everyone else will start eating, and i can’t until everything is cut up!


Also, if someone offers me a handful from a bag of chips, i have to look into the bag and select my chips. I hate just sticking my hand in. Don’t know where this comes from. Drives my Fiance nuts!

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Bee Keeper

I won’t eat a sandwich unless the bread is fresh and made that day. If I want to make a sandwich at work I will walk to the grocery store bakery and buy a bun to make the sandwich but only one lol I will eat bread that is a day or older only if it is toasted other then that I wont touch it. I will also only eat chicken if it is made that day. I will not eat any leftover chicken because for somereason it bugs my stomache alot ( I have stmoache issues to begin with) I will also not use milk from anyone elses house but ny own..i have been like this since I was a kid dont ask me why but milk tastes different from someone elses fridge

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Helper bee

@This Time Round:  When I was young and we went to mexican resteraunts where they serve chips.. my dad would always let us have only one chip so we wouldnt spoil our dinner. So we would break the chip into smaller pieces to give the illusion of multiple chips. To this day, I still break my chips into smaller pieces. Everyone notices and comments on it. It’s just natural. I dont even think. I only do this with tortilla chips at mexican resteraunts.

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Sugar Beekeeper
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I rip my sandwiches into bit sized pieces instead of biting it.  Rip a piece off, eat, rip another piece…

I eat turkey dinner with a bit of everything on the fork (which seems to be weird acording to all you food not touching people)

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Bumble Beekeeper
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I’m not sure how weird this is but DH always makes fun of me. I eat by food group. So if I have a slab of steak, a pile of vegetables, and a roll I will eat it one by one depending on what I like the most. So for that plate specifically I will finish off the vegetables, than I will eat the roll, and then I will eat the steak. I finish each completely before I touch the next food type.

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