Spin-off: Do you know anyone that's had covid?

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My best friend and his fiance got it. I was staying at their place while they were at a concert in Vegas, I changed my flight so we would miss each other and it’s a good thing I did, as they tested positive when they came home. Neither had to be hospitalized, my best friend had trouble breathing but they both recovered and are fine now. 

My teenage cousin went camping and contracted it, spread it to my aunt and uncle. They said it was very mild and have recovered. They are back to hanging out in groups without masks. Frustrating. 

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ugh covid! I had it so did my husband. I was 5 months pregnant with twins! My husband came home and said someone at work he was in contact with had it. He then started to feel symptoms we thought it was just in his head. He went to get tested and same day of he developed a fever and cough. He never gets sicks so at this point we knew it had to be COVID. Sure enough it was he has bad chills fever cough for about 4 days then shortness of breath kicked in super scary! After 2 days of it I finally convinced him to go the hospital. He had pneumonia was hospitalized for a month never on a ventilator but oxygen mask 24/7. I was a wreck at home took the test positive but I had zero symptoms. Scariest thing I have been through! Happy to say now healthy twins and healthy husband but has some scaring in his lungs. 

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My husband got it.  Thankfully it appears to have been a very mild case.  We were 100% shocked that the test came back positive.  On a Sunday, we went for a drive in the mountains and he commented several times that he had a pounding headache.  Didn’t think anything of it since he said he hadn’t drank enough water that day and he was probably dehydrated.  Monday he woke up with a slight headache and allergies (which he had been battling since early March…and it was lmid July by this point).  Still didn’t think anything of it.  At lunch time, he said he just felt off and not 100% “right”.  He went and got a test for the heck of it.  Luckily he got the last rapid test of the day (my town only had access to 8 per day at that point) and it came back positive.  Totally shocked, since under normal circumstances, he didn’t even feel sick enough to stay home.

Day 1-2 felt like a bad cold.  Day 3 it moved into his chest (Dr ordered an inhaler at this point).  Day 3-5 he felt the worst, but according to him, he still didn’t feel awful.  Just felt like he had a bad cold.  After day 7, he would hit a brick wall and get very tired by 2pm.  That lasted about a week.

I tested negative, but about 2 1/2 weeks into our quarantine I felt like garbage.  Shortness of breath, slight sore throat, and would get very tired pretty easily, but that’s it.  

Overall, I count us VERY lucky that it never got bad and no one else we had seen in the prior week showed any symptoms.

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Yes. Counting people I actually know and not just like my friend’s sister’s boyfriend…. I know twelve people who have had it. One was hospitalized, two felt awful, five felt like they had a cold and four had no symptoms. 

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I know 5 people who’ve had it. 3 had mild cases, 1 was hospitalized but then recovered after a few weeks, and 1 unfortunately passed away.

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Like a dozen. 

Husband is a doc in NYC. Almost half his department got taken out in March and April. One didn’t know he had it but the rest had symptoms ranging from moderate to severe. No one had to be hospitalized or has any lasting effects that I know of, thankfully. 

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Besides the patients I work with my uncle and his whole family including 3 daughters, 3 son in laws and 2 grandchildren all got it from one of son in laws work and they were all quarantined in a group because they are all neighbors. They were all quite sick but recovered. 

my moms best friend got it from going to a engagement party I know her really well too, she was like second mom growing up. She unfortunately passed away from it 

My good friend and her husband both got it early on April but they are both in health care and at that time their hospital did not have adequate PPE, both recovered. Both were quite sick. Per my friend they still don’t feel like themself and get tired and short of breath quickly even with walking 

Another friend had it and he just had dry cough, he also still reporting shortness of breath with mild working out 

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Im not sure why people are saying “no long term side affects” we don’t know the long term side affects of this virus because it has not been around for long term. Long term side affects are like chicken pox and then you get shingles in your 70s 

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Yes. Two of my husband’s best friends (who are a married couple) had it in March/April. They were both very close to needing hospitalization but recovered enough to stay home and recuperate without medical intervention. Amazingly, they managed not to transmit it to their three little ones (all under age 3). Both are in their early 30s, otherwise healthy. They said it was worse than the worst flu they’d ever had and they wouldn’t wish it on their worst enemy.

A friend of mine from grad school also had it around the same time, and was hospitalized, and now, 6-ish months later is still feeling the effects. She posts about it on Facebook and it sounds absolutely dreadful. Long-term effects on her heart, lungs, kidneys…

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My neighbor across the street died from Covid about 2 weeks ago, and my best friend from work currently has it, although she’s not hospitalized yet (and hopefully won’t ever be!).

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My brother had it. He had mild, head cold like symptoms no fever or breathing issues. Lost his sense of taste and smell for awhile. He recovered in like a week or 2. I had been around him so I got tested and was negative, his girlfriend who he lives with never got it either. It’s so strange how big of a range it has.

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I know 3 people who have had it ‘mildly’ – ie not requiring hospitalisation. They were aged 20 something, 30 something and 40 something. All describe it as complete hell. One – mid 30s – is only just recovering from the after effects 3 months later. 

My friends 93 year old gran had it – had no symptoms at all, completely fine. 

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Yes, my step-father’s uncle and he died. His funeral was just yesterday. He had no comorbidities.

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My cousin got it. She had been working from home since late February and only left to go to the market, where she imagines could be the only place she picked it up. High fever, short of breath, felt like an elephant on her chest, body aches, terrible headache, hacking cough for weeks. She has since recovered, but it took her over a month to get back to normal. She was bedridden for three weeks, needed her rescue inhaler daily, and had her mother come check on her through the window every day to make sure she was alive. Her fever lingered for a long time. She said she had never felt that sick or that terrified in her entire life. She was certain she was going to die. Later, her doctor told her she had a “mild” case of it. Mild. 

The SIL of one of my friends got it. She works as a pharmacist in a hospital. She started with post nasal drip, then a cough, then a high fever. She gave it to her parents before she realized she was sick. She ended up going to the hospital when she could not even walk across her bedroom without getting winded. Once admitted, her oxygen levels were in the low 70s and kept dropping. She was on oxygen, but it wasn’t working. They had to put her on a ventilator for weeks. She has since recovered and is home, but she is exhausted all the time, her voice is shot due to being ventilated for so long, she still gets body aches, and hasn’t been able to return to work. She posted her experience on Youtube and it was terrifying. Her dad was hospitalized for a week. Her mother was asymptomatic. 

DH’s cousins who believe it is a “hoax” contracted it. They announced this after hosting a birthday party for their son where they invited DH’s whole extended family and friends (around 40 people total) and everyone was urged to get tested. They sure as hell believe it’s a little more than a hoax now that they nearly needed to be hospitalized. 

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My dad had it back in March. He had a fever, lost of taste and smell, body aches. He has recovered but still had issues breathing. They did a scan on his lungs and they look fine. So his trouble breathing now night night have anything to do with covid, but his weight. He is overweight.

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