(Closed) Spin Off: Have you ever had premonition dreams??

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@FutureDrAtkins:  Yes, I have premonition dreams sometimes, too.  You have a gift!

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I feel like I do, but I definitely don’t have the sharpness of the memories like you do. For me, it’s usually not significant events but just weird situations that when they occur, I feel like I already know how it goes. I have chalked it up to the feeling of déjà vu. 

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@FutureDrAtkins:  Yes I do… every woman in my family does. 

Mine are always bad…. almost always a death or suicide attempt. They are always very specific and feel totally different than other dreams. 

My mom is WAY better at it than I am and people have actually said they see my mom (miles away from where my mom is) when they wake up, standing by their beds… so she thinks she “sleep travels” too. 

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@FutureDrAtkins:  when I was in college, I had a dream my dad woke up in the middle of the night, and turNed his bedside lamp on. In the dream, He was texting and calling me saying “please come get me, I have to go to the hospital.” I woke up in the middle of the night, not thinking anything of it and went to bed. I called him the next morning to tell him my dream and he about lost it, he WAS up in the middle of the night not feeling well (he has some health issues) and he said he got out his phone to call me to take him to the hospital. WEIRD!

just recently I was at dinner with my fiance’s family and out of nowhere I get this thought in my head to call my brother because my dad was in the ER. WELL lol of course the next day my dad told me he went to the ER The pervious day…. It’s so weird. Him and I are very close. It’s like I have this crazy connection to him. 

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Yes, I have had dreams, and then the thing I dreamed will literally happen that day in a slightly altered way. Super freaky.

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Last night I had a dream that Robert Deniro and Joe Pesci were at my house and an ice cream truck was close and they were so excited to get ice cream.


I WANT this to happen so bad.

But chances are it was more to do with watching Casino and having a sweet tooth.

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  • Wedding: October 2014

Last night I had a dream that it was the week before our wedding and my FI died.  Don’t know how, but just know I was hysterical and couldn’t stop crying and he was gone.  I woke up, reassured myself it had been a dream.  Went back to sleep.  Next dream is this time we’re back in my old childhood house (95% of my dreams take place in that house) and this time someone has told me that my mom has died… and again it’s just before my wedding.  And this time I’m the only one who’s upset… and again crying so so much. 


I really hope these dreams don’t come true!!  I’ve never had a dream come true though, I’m not too worried.  Some of your stories are pretty cool though, bees!

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I had a dream that I was walking through an old school of mine and I walked into the gym, but it was pitch black and I couldnt see anything. I kept hearing someone say my name though. Suddenly I saw a body through the blackness and I recognised who it was. It was an old friend of mine that had been sick for a long time, but I hadnt seen her since we moved about 8 months before.

The next morning I found out she had died.


Around the same time I had a dream about another old friend that I hadnt seen since we moved. The next day I got a call from her. Turns out her dad was dating my aunt and she went to my aunts house for the first time and happened to see a picture of me.

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these are interesting stories.

i have had a few dreams that have come true but usually nothing involving death.

shortly after my divorce, i had a dream of my ex.  i dreamt he was dating a girl that i used to work with.  i think normally i would be taken back a bit by this news but i was not shocked or upset.  i was remarkably calm.  it wasn’t even awkward.  i was really happy for him.  i liked this girl.  a few days later he came by and told me that he was dating a “e”.  a girl that i used to work with.  it’s like my dream was breaking the news to me gently ahead of time.

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Sugar Beekeeper

Yes I have. I also every once a while think about someone, seeing someone etc and then lo and behold I do.

For example a few years ago while getting ready to go to church I suddenly thought of an old high school friend I hadn’t seen or spoken to in almost ten yeaers. Just out of the blue while getting ready I suddently thought to myself, you are going to see C today. At church I walked up to my family and there was C looking back at me. 

I also had a dream before going to Scotland for a year that I was going to meet some special guy, don’t know where that came from. During an overnight stay with friends we were all in a room and in walked this random guy. When I looked up I literally heard a voice in my head saying “that is him, that is the guy you are supposed to meet.” I was immediately overwhelmed with a sense of familiarity that this was the guy that had been in my dream many, many months before hand.

So yeah stuff like this happens all the time. I am just waiting for lotto numbers to appear.

Side note, funny thing I also happen to write music/songs in my sleep…sadly I cannot always remember the details when i was up.

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@FutureDrAtkins:  In september of 2008 i had a dream that i had a baby boy with fluffy black hair, and dark eyes. I still remember the dream clearly. it was so real i could almost touch him. During the dream, i never heard what the baby’s name was, but i woke up feeling like i would know when i heard it. So i drew a picture of the baby in my dreams, and spent the rest of the day looking through baby name lists. 

three months later i got pregnant, completely unplanned. and i just KNEW it was the baby from my dreams. 4 months later it was confirmed he was a boy. 

i had a little boy with black hair and dark eyes. the resemblance between the picture and my son when we was born is uncanny.

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@MrsPhilly:  dreams can mean more than you think. its probably reflecting more on your situation. for instance, with your mom, it could be more about the changes coming in your life. You’re becoming a wife and “leaving” your  “old life” behind.

dreaming about your childhood home is dealing with building a life/family.

dreaming about a loved one’s death usually means they have a quality that you admire, but lack.



nothing too bad in there

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@futuremrswood25:  ahhhh that’s good.  I think i heard somewhere that it’s pretty common to dream about your childhood home as it’s where you’ve spent the most time in your life, or your formative years or something like that.  I swear, any dream where I’m “at home” in the dream, is at that old house.  so weird.

I have this weird fear too of something happening to FI, especially before we get married… like something must happen to ruin this bc it’s too good to be true.  I tell him every morning to drive safe bc I worry about his long drive. 

Maybe that sparked the dream too.  I had this weird bad feeling before I went to bed last night, and after he left (at 5:30 am!) I turned on my lights and the TV so I could fall back asleep bc I had this weird, unexplanable fear…. this was before the dreams.  maybe that influenced their content lol

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