(Closed) Spin Off: How often do you get tested for STDs?

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  • poll: How often do you get tested?

    Never been tested but not sexually active

    Never been tested and sexually active (doen't matter how many partners)

    Tested once because my doctor made me

    Tested once a year

    Tested more than once a year


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    I get tested yearly. I’m due in 2 weeks in fact. I may not get it in 2 weeks (waiting for new insurance card). But I’ll get it before I go see my Mister in December. For the record, he gets tested yearly as well. It’s about being safe. You never know what a past monogamous partner might have snuck into you that doesn’t show symptoms yet.

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    I voted other since I’ve been tested once but not because my doctor made me.  Fiance and I both got tested early in our relationship. 

    I will probably get tested again – but not that often.  It’s already been about 4 years since the last time. 

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    @ashleyyyg: That is not reliable. In some cases it can take months for HSV and HIV tests to show up positive. Often HPV is not detected until there’s an abnormal pap. Please take a more active approach to your health. It’s not “wrong” nor is it “bad” to get tested for STIs. It’s responsible.

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    I got tested once after i broke up with my first “serious” boyfriend, mainly cos i found out he was a cheat and he never used protection with anyone ๐Ÿ™ I was on the pill and too naive to think to ask him to get tested before we stopped using condoms a while into our relationship (not that that would of helped as he was cheating for the last 3 months we were together :(). As the only other person I have been with since is my now Fiance – he was ok with being tested before we went condomless. I guess i was lucky to not get anything from the cheater except the confidence to ask Fiance to get a test first.

    Is it just a norm in US to get tested with your pap smear? I had to actually go to my Dr and ask for a referral to be tested, also explaining why i wanted the test… it was covered by medicare but it isnt, as far as i know, a norm here in Australia… a few of my girlfriends have had tests too (one due to a dodgy bf and another just cos she knew i was getting one and thought it was a good idea) but we all had to follow the same process, if it was just another test given along with the pap smear that would be so much easier and safer in the long run!!

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    I used to work for a womans health clinic, and have volunteered since I was a teenager. They will advise a PAP and STI test and require a preg test (if getting BC) at any age going to their clinic. Its sad, but alot of teenagers and even adults LIE! I have no idea why, maybe they think they will get in trouble, but you will be in more trouble if the Dr left you to not get tested.

    ashleyyyg– First of all, why would you trust an ex’s girlfirend or a ex of your FI??? Like I said, ppl lie. Ppl can be embarrassed, or just plain dont want to tell the truth. Its an extreamly personal thing, I am dont think either way I would discuss it with my ex or current SOs ex. Also, you can carry for so long without knowing, or showing signs, but can spread it. 

    I get tested still, I have been with my DH for 6 years, but like ppl have said, its a simple blood and swab test, and in the rare case after THIS long something pops up I am prepared, and also I have to have routine other medical blood tests so all they have to do is hook up one more vial. lol. DH gets tested more like every 2 years….. he doesnt have that “fun” yearly exam  like I do to remind me.

    ShellVee– In alot of places around her you can walk in and get a blood test, and they test for HPV during your PAP extam routinely. I dont know about Australia, but I know I have heard some views about routine testing and HPV vacc will promote promiscuity…. ๐Ÿ™

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    Yeah HPV is tested during the Pap but as far as I am aware the others aren’t! I am due for an exam thou *ugh* I know it is good for my health but ugh ugh ugh and I’ll see if anything has changed in the last couple of years in testing ๐Ÿ™‚ Bee is definitely making me think a lot more about how different countries do things in relation to our health.


    And the testing promotes promiscuity??? WTF?? To be honest the ones I know have been tested are strictly long term relationship types, in my experience the promiscuous ones AREN’T getting tested!!

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    Annually generally up until I was in a long term monogamous relationship and my obgyn said the tests were no longer necessary– I no longer have an obgyn(mine retired and never gave me a referral when requestedYell)  so now whenever I go for my yearly I get a different gyn, who orders the whole nine-yards on tests despite reading my chart and being informed that I’ve had the same partner for over 7 years. ya know cos I really love doing blood draws for HIV screening. *eye roll*

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    My hubby and I were each other’s firsts so I never had gotten tested. I’m pregnant now, and at your initial appointment they do bloodwork that includes a couple different STD tests. So I guess I’ll get them everytime I get pregnant?

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    I got tested once after I was cheated on and then they tested me when I got pregnant.

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    I get tested every single year, its a part of my annual exam. Why not?

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    me and bf are monogamous and always have been, we were both virgins before having sex with each other yet my doctor keeps testing me even though we’ve been together for almost 4 years. I voted tested once because my doctor made me but it’s more like tested multiple times because my doctor is an idiot.

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    My anon account ๐Ÿ™‚


    I’ve only been with my fiancé, he’d had sexual partners before me. I haven’t been tested, but was there with him when he was, both testing and results. I trust my fiancé 100%, but will likely be getting tests at my annual gyno visits because I prefer to be safe.

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    Once a year since I was 18, up until 3 years after I met my husband.  So, right before we were married 3 years ago was my last test.  My dr. insisted I still test for 3 years of being w/a partner even if we were monogamous.  I 100% agree.

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    When single, I had a lot of partners, and though I used condoms religiously, I got tested every 6 months without fail.

    When in a relationship, I get tested before we stop using condoms (usually around the 3 month mark), again 3 months after we ditch them, and again 3 months after that. I then get tested 6 months later, and then just have them annually. That said, I’m well overdue; not had one in about 3 years :-s

    For me, it’s all about taking responsibility for your own health. I’m actually very shocked by the poll results and the number of people who have never been tested; no wonder STD rates have risen so dramatically over the last decade or so. I particularly don’t get it in countries like the UK, where STD screening is actually free; I feel very lucky that we have all these services, for free, and so make use of them.

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