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@janetsnakehole:  I live really close to Delaware but didn’t think to go to the DB in Delaware till after I’d visited the DB in Philly. I LOVED my consultant. She was so patient and honest about everything. I’m paying for all my BMs’ dresses and buying from Delaware (tax-free!) would really help. Do you think i can purchase those gowns in Delaware so I can save on taxes while my consultant in the Philly branch can still get her commission? Sorry – I probably sound really stupid.

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My best friend got her dress through DB a year ago. She requested not to be contacted by any outside parties (AND she checked the box saying “Do not contact me”! I watched her do it!), yet she was harassed for months afterward – email, phone call, snail mail… everything.

So when I got engaged, she warned me against going to DB. We went to a different boutique but they required appointments, sp we went to a second boutique who also required appointments, and then ended up at DB since they were the only ones who didn’t require appointments.

DB would NOT let me try on anything without filling out the information sheet. I GRILLED the lady before I took the clipboard from her – “You’re not going to sell my information right? I won’t have ANYONE ELSE contact me about ANYTHING? So I won’t get ANY phone calls or emails or letters from random vendors I don’t care about? How can I be 100% sure you WON’T give my information to anyone else???”

And she told me all I needed to do was check the “Do Not Contact” box, and my information would ONLY be used to get in touch with me regarding alterations appointments.

So I asked AGAIN, “ARE YOU ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE that if I check this box, NO ONE ELSE will contact me?” and she promised me no one would contact me.


I reluctantly handed over the clipboard, asking one last time “You’re SURE no one will call me?”

Not even a week later, I had received 11 phone calls, 5 pieces of mail, and more than 20 emails from random vendors.

And I KNOW 100% it was from David’s Bridal – I had only been engaged 2 weeks, and had not shared ANY personal information with anyone else at all regarding my upcoming wedding.

DB completely lost my business for that. I refuse to believe it was just a simple mistake by an absent-minded clerk who didn’t read the ENORMOUS CHECK MARK, after I made suchhhh a huge stink about it, And after the SAME thing happened to my best friend!

So, my question… WHY do they do that?? What kind of horrible corporate policy enables them to LIE to potential customers’ faces that their information is protected? And why even HAVE that stupid “do not contact me” box if it’s just a horrible joke???

It was awful trying to call them and fight them to remove me from any and all mailing lists, phone lists, email lists, etc…. Not the way I hoped to start my wedding planning journey.

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@lovelove1028:  I think it’s beacause they suck! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I took my BM’s there to shop for their dresses, and checked the “no not contact” box. Yeah, my wedding is over and I STILL get calls.

I’m just curious to know why DB never seems to have their sh*t together?

My Maid/Matron of Honor had her dress shipped to her, yet somehow they would call me weekly to tell me her dress was in. I kept telling them, no it’s at her house she had it shipped. Eventually a 2nd dress showed up in her mail. Yes, they shipped her an identical dress. She now has 2 of the exact same dresses hanging in her closet, and was only charged for 1. 

The number of stupid stories I have from a simple order of Bridesmaid or Best Man dresses is just astounding.

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@janetsnakehole:  Do you know how long the bridesmaid dress colors are available for? Initially, I was dead stuck on teal, so I avoided going to DB because there was not a single color close to the shade of teal I liked, but my mom convinced to drop in and have a look and I fell in love with the Sangria. Complete 180-degree change! But I was googling Sangria and noticed there were bridesmaids who wore the color even in early 2011. I don’t plan on ordering the Bridesmaid or Best Man dresses till maybe January but now I’m worried that by that time, they would have discontinued the color. Also, do you know how long dress styles are available for before they discontinue them? Thanks so much! ๐Ÿ™‚

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At what height do they consider petite sizes?  I’m 5’3″ and my consultant didn’t order a petite…..I’m kinda nervous that it should have been ordered in a petite.  I guess I will find out tomorrow when I pickup my dress!

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I don’t know if this has been answered already, but…


I bought my dress from the DB in Greenfield, WI and had an amazing experience with my consultant. I booked a Bridesmaids appointment with the same consultant, and I was just wondering what I should be expecting for a Bridesmaid or Best Man appt and what I should do to prepare for that? I won’t have all of my girls with me, but there *will* be 4 (out of 6) of them and me. Will the consultant pull dresses or only what I ask her to pull?

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Hi Janetsnakehole! ๐Ÿ™‚ Not sure if you are still answering questions (thank you, by the way – very informative!) I’m wondering if you could help me…

The dress I love is the WVW tulle skirt ball gown with asymetrically draped bodice:

I do love it, but I’m going to have a top built up by an independent seamstress, which I know will change the look a lot. I’m also petite & I don’t see a petite option offered online, so I’m assuming it doesn’t come in petite & will also need to be shortened. I’m almost 100% sure but am going tomorrow to try it on again one more time before I buy.

My question is regarding how to buy. When I put it in my cart today, estimated delivery is 11/9-11/14 (7-12 days from today). But earlier you said that some dresses, especially Vera Wang White dresses can take the full 18 weeks. My wedding is 22 weeks away, and with more-than-usual alterations I’m sure I’ll need extra time. So I’m not sure whether I need to buy it today and start praying or whether I can wait a bit. Does it come faster if you order online or if you order in store?
I would want to wait because I’m thinking that, with Thanksgiving coming up, they may lower the price for Black Friday / Cyber Saturday sales, etc. I’m not sure if I should buy today or gamble and wait until then. I know the dress has been out for at least a year & I don’t want to lose it.

I also tried on & loved this veil ($250)
I know your advice is that you can generally do better elsewhere, but this veil has lace, and I’d want it to match the top I’m having added. You said that DB doesn’t sell the lace separately, so I’m not sure if I’d do better to get this veil & try to match the top to it, or get a similar plain veil & use the lace I use for the top. The lace on this top matches
but the top only comes with that dress!

By now I do realize that I sound completely crazy… If you have any advice that would help this crazy lady I’d be so grateful! ๐Ÿ™‚

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