(Closed) Spin Off Non-Americans-Who would you vote for Romney/Obama and why?

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This is hard for me. I recently emailed an American friend just to understand what the heck is going on Stateside lol.

Generally I do not identify as a socialist *or not a British socialist anyhow.  I am a Tory (conservative) through and through.

However, I would vote for Obama.  Purely because of healthcare.  As I said to my friend: regardless of income, no human being deserves to die simply because they cannot afford healthcare.

Also, what happened to Romneycare?  Just saying. *Could I trust a leader who did a 180?

Incidently, according to party policy, Democrats, although considered socialists, identify closer politically to the Tory (conservative) party in the UK.  Republicans identify more with the far right.  The socialist party in the UK, Labour, is too left wing to be considered in American politics.  Brits are just socialist in general I guess.  Also wanted to add the Labour party was much more left wing pre 1997 when they were rebranded New Labour, now there are much smaller differences between UK parties.

I am sure I have much more I could say if I knew the policy of each party better.  I would love to be enlightened.

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I’m a brit expat now living in NZ.

I’d vote Obama because I know more about him, and he seems more genuine than Romney.

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I’m not super educated on American politics, but am a Canadian Conservative.  US Democratic probably falls more in line with our version of Conservative, while their Republican seems much further right.  Annnnnnd the snippets of Romney they put on the news up here makes him seem like kind of an idiot.

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I’m a Conservative, although not particularly fond of Harper, the AB Conservative party is probably the best party for representing my views.  I would vote for Obama, as he seems closest to that.  Romney is too right wing for me.

I’m not a big political nut, but on the issues I have heard about, Obama is the best candidate.  I am for gay marriage, although that wouldn’t be my priority for issues.  The medical system would be a concern for me.  I don’t like Obamacare, but it’s better than what’s in place now.  I don’t have a good understanding of the American tax system, but Obama’s ideas speak more to me than Romney’s.

Immigration reform makes sense to me, while penalize people brought over as kids who are being productive?

There are also my personal biases too.  I lived in an area with many Mormons, and growing up I saw how they were very good about doing things to help each other out, but not so much when it came to people outside of the church.  I could see Romney making decisions that would help out the church.  It isn’t something that I would base my vote on, but it does add to my decision.  If American politicians separated religion and politics more, it would be less of an issue, but they appear to use their religion as a positive trait in a candidate.

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Also, I am a little fed up with the Republican’s idea of what good PR is.  I don’t care if the president is someone I could sit down and drink a beer with (but Romney doesn’t drink, does he?) and shoot the breeze.  I want someone who is educated and intelligent.  At least Romney seems better than Bush that way.  I actually wished that we more frequently had real experts in Ministry positions.

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Im moving to the US, as Fiance is from there, and praying Obama wins.

Firstly, I cannot stand the attitude with regard to healthcare that it’s somehow ok to deny people healthcare becuse they are on a low income or have preexisting conditions.  I don’t think either should be a capital offense, but when you take away someones access to healthcare, that’s what you make it.

Obama has done heaps to boost the image of the US, and start to smooth some tensions. The damage bush did to the reputation of America internationally isn’t something to be taken lightly, nor gone back to under Romney. Unfortunately, this sort of thing doesnt only hurt Americans. 

I’m an educator, and passionate about education policy. Obamas isn’t terribly good, but far, far better than Romney’s.

When I’m living in the US, and have my work permit, Fiance and I are hoping to start a small business. We aren’t asking for handouts, but we will be starting from the bottom. We want policy that makes it easier for us to succeed as lower income earners, and work our way up, not policies that put roadblocks in our way so the rich get richer.

I don’t believe contempt toward the poor and low income earners is acceptable. I believe in a strong safety net. Romney’s policies don’t help with this.

Im not American. I may be one day, that’s something we will decide later. But my husband and children will be (children duel citizenship). I want them to have opportunities available, and I don’t want my children raised in a country where anyone less fortunate is held in contempt. Therefore I would prefer a country run by Obama.

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I would vote Obama.

-Helathcare.  I am genuinely horrified that in a country as dynamic and modern as the US that many of her citizens are denied healthcare.  The NHS isn’t perfect in the UK, but you know that when you need emergency treatement you get it, and are not faced with such extortionate bills at the end.

– The world is going through an Economic Crisis at the moment, and it is unrealistic to expect the US not to suffer as well.  The arguments here from Romney are weak, and he will not be able to fix it like he says.  I feel it’s better to keep Obama in place for the simple reason, by the time Romney gets to see what the real craic is and gets his plans in place, this is time wasted.  Getting out of the crisis is not an overnight deal – it will take years, and it’s unrealistic for anyone to expect otherwise.

– Romney’s gaffes make me think he took lessons from George W Bush in public speaking.  I just don’t like the guy.

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@Cariad:  Agree with your second point completely (and the others, just wanted to give point two special mention)

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Buzzing Beekeeper

If I had to choose it would be Obama (purely on healthcare and being more woman friendly) but in all honesty I don’t think either is a great candidate.

The one thing I personally dislike about American politics is how linked into religion it is and only one religion at that.

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Another Canadian and another vote for Obama.

I am a Canadian Liberal which would fall left of Obama on the political spectrum (our conservatives line more closely with the american democrats).

But the healthcare thing blows my mind. America supposed to be one of the best nations in the world but yet they let their sick be burdened by ridiculous healthcare costs.

Church should be separated from state and thus gay marriage should be legal. Religion should be taught in the home, not in schools, and should not weigh-in on any political decision.

I watched the entire debate and I was shocked to hear that people thought Romney “won” the debate. Really??? Yes, he was more polished, yes he was more scripted…. but do you really want a used car salesman (scripted and polished but not saying anything true… or really anything at all) for a president? What did he truly say about his platform? Other than defending himself and say that Obama was lying? Nothing… I watched the entire debate and could not tell you what he is going to attempt to do as president other than get rid of Obamacare which is completely hipocritical as he implemented the same plan in Massechutesettes.

Obama wasn’t much better but he did speak to what he was going to do. No he wasn’t polished and scripted but he seemed geninuine and seemed to care about the future of his country.

I am moving to the US this December and I am scared if Romney gets in.

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This should have been a poll!

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I’m Canadian (moving to the US next year) and would vote for Obama.

I’m much more left-wing than Obama (in Canadian politics, I’m a member of the New Democrat Party and a socialist party for provincial politics) but between the two of them, I would be far more comfortable with Obama. I don’t think he’s done enough in many respects, but I appreciate things like the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, Affordable Care Act, etc. I also just think he’s much more personable, overall.

To be honest, I will be a bit concerned about my plans to move to the US next year should Romney win.

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Bumble bee
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And another Canadian and another Obama vote.

My biggest issue, like other PPs, is health care.  A country cannot be great without universal health care available to every citizen.  

Women’s rights/separation of church and state/equal rights run a close second in importance behind health care.  Wiile these are all separate (and huge) issues of their own, for me they also dove tail into one another…..if any group (women, visabie minorities, gay people etc) are treated as “less than” then we’re all at risk of being treated that way.  So, abortion rights and gay marriage are both “get religion out of government” and “equal rights” issues that play a big role in how I’d cast my vote.

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I’m American, so I think this thread is fascinating. I think it is crazy that America as a whole is so far right. I feel like there is a problem when a two party system’s liberal wing is in line with other countries’ conservative side. The center is so obviously shifted. It makes me laugh when Obama is called a socialist. 

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