(Closed) Spin Off: Old Wives' Tales/Family Superstitions

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Sugar bee

I did girl scouts growing up and we went on a lot of camping trips.  Whenever we had a campfire, our troop leader would say that “smoke follows beauty” and that whoever the smoke of the fire drifted towards was the most beautiful of the group.  But anyone who has sat in front of a campfire for an evening knows that everyone in the circle is going to get hit with smoke in the face at some point 😛

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Honey bee
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My great grandma always told us that if the cows were lying down, it meant it was going to rain.

I was also taught to hold my breath going past cemetaries so that evil spirits couldn’t get into me. (That one may have been my mother seeking a few moments of quiet, though!)

bleusteel:  Yep, I learned that one!

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Buzzing bee
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I have sooo many from my Ukrainian family.

Burning ears – someone is talking about you

Bad luck to open umbrella inside your house

Broken mirror indicates a death in the family

Eating/drinking ice cold things will get you sick

Whistling in the house is bad luck

If you’re a young unmarried girl, you should not sit at the corner of the table as it means you’ll be a spinster.

I’m sure there’s many more that I’m forgetting.

None of these make ANY sense but were incredibly hard to shake after hearing them all my life – I still freak out every time my husband whistles indoors! 🙂


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Helper bee
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I have never heard that one about marrying a drunk if you get water on your shirt doing dishes.  I do have to say that I ALWAYS have a shirt covered in water when I do dishes and my exH is a drunk!  LOL…. My Fiance barely drinks at all, like can’t finish half a beer most of the time so hopefully I am done with that one!  


I have never heard the whistling one either.


One I also follow is don’t put your purse on the ground or it will always be empty.

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Blushing bee

LadyBear:  My grandpa told me about the cow one too! 

Break a mirror, seven years bad luck. 

Spill salt, have to throw it over your shoulder or you’ll recieve bad luck.

The unknown shivers you get sometimes is someone walking over your grave. 

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Bumble Beekeeper
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I’ve always heard the ringing ears/someone talking about you, and the itchy palm/money thing.

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Helper bee

My mother told me if you offer a glass of water to a guest and he doesn’t drink at all, you still shouldn’t drink from it later, because you have “named” it. I guess she meant you get his bad lack or something? But what if he has some good luck going on?I don’t know.

Also when my SO gave me perfume for a gift, my uncle said I should give him a coin, or else we would fight.

I’m from Greece.

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Sugar bee
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I’ve heard quite a few of these.

If you can hold your breath while driving through a tunnel, you’ll have good luck. 

If you see those little birds in groups pecking at the ground, it’s going to snow.  No idea what these birds are actually called, we always called them snowbirds. 

If you dream about someone dying, then someone you know is pregnant.

My grandma always said that when you use salt, always throw a pinch over your shoulder so it’ll land in the devil’s eye.  

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Honey bee
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FutureDrAtkins:  About the opal – I actually heard that the stone carries the luck of its previous owner. So if you get a pre-owned opal and the previous owner had bad luck, then it’s bad luck to have the opal (and vice versa for good luck).

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Bee Keeper
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Baby showers and preparing the nursery before the baby is born. Big no-no in my family. I don’t even attend other people’s baby showers. The celebration begins once a healthy baby has arrived.

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Helper bee
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Never give a purse or wallet as a gift without money in it! I’m not sure what happens if you do though

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