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  • poll: Would you say something to a parent in public if their child was out of control/rude?
    Yes! : (20 votes)
    9 %
    It really depends on how the child is acting : (88 votes)
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    No, I wouldnt say anything. Judgement stares would be coming their way though! : (86 votes)
    38 %
    No, it is not my business. : (23 votes)
    10 %
    other. Please explain below. : (7 votes)
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    My best friend’s kid used to be a little terror, and I would always discipline her when we went out. I think my friend liked that I was the bad guy. Her daughter even called me “mean aunty ashley” for a while, and mom felt like she was off the hook.


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    Posting to stalk.

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    Everyone has their own way of parenting.  I ignore it when I’m in public. my kids are my kids. I think they act great compared to other people’s kids.  But I’m biased that way.  They have manners.  It all stems from pareting. I just mind my own business and not let it bother me.  Just raise your kids the way you want to raise them.

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    If it’s not effecting me, no, probably not. Having said that, I used to work in cosmetics and often little kids would start putting their filthy little mitts all in the testers and the parents would do nothing. I would tell them that that is not for kids and not to touch it. If people being kids to their appointment in the lab I work and and they are playing with equipment and their parents are not keeping them controlled, I will tell them to stop. When kids are screeching and out of control and the parents just stand there with their face out I def give them a bit of the eybrow. Would I walk right up and be like “Your childs behavior is abhorrent, get your sh*t together you terrible excuse for a parent”? No, I like my teeth in my face thanks. 

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    Kids today do so much shit my parents wouldn’t have stood for.

    Like I’ve cared for children who would only eat certain foods. My mom cooked one meal for dinner and it wasn’t hot dogs or chicken nuggets. If you didn’t eat what she cooked, you’d just be hungry until the next meal. 

    If I wanted a treat at the grocery store I knew better than to throw a fit for it. As soon as the crying/pouting started, it was a sure thing I was not going to get anything. They didn’t back down either. Once it was put back on the shelf, it was there. Better luck next time. 

    I think parents today forget that they had lives before these little people came into them. As soon as they’re born the world revolves around them. How can you not expect to raise narcissistic little brats when you basically tell them from day one that the world revolves around them? 

    I just got the book “Babywise” and I’m super excited to start reading it. It seems to go off that same principle. The family of my husband and I already exists and the baby will be joining the family, not the other way around. 

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    I mind my own business. My kids aren’t perfect, but I’m a good parent. Just because they are throwing a tantrum in the mall doesn’t mean I’m not parenting them. There are times when even good, well-behaved children act bad. Now, in the specific circumstances you listed, I would not let that happen (wouldn’t expect someone else to stop my kid from touching something), but if they’re crying – I usually let them cry. If I console them, then someone will think I’m a bad parent for giving in. If I discipline them there, then someone will think I’m a bad parent for getting onto my kids. If I take them and leave, then someone will think I’m taking them to the parking lot to beat them. Honestly, it is hard to “win” as a parent. I usually smile at the frazzled parent and walk on, thanking my lucky stars that it wasn’t me that time. 

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    I have only said something to kids when I’m at work and it’s a safety issue.  I worked in a restaurant and some kids were running around like wild animals.  I explained to them, in front of their parents, that there are people carrying heavy trays with hot food, and they can get badly burned if someone were to drop a tray on them.  I asked the parent to please keep them seated for their own safety.

    I work in a lab now, and when kids are extremely combative with getting blood drawn, they will sometimes talk to their parents badly or even hit them.  I look them directly in the eye and say, firmly, “No ma’am/sir!  We do not (speak like that/hit) in here.”  90% of the time I’m ignored, but they get the idea that I’m not going to take their shit.

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    I work in a hospital (admission) and I have kids that like to take all of my pens out of the place I have them stored, they attack my keypad with the electronic pen (hello, parents, stop your kid from ruining a $6k dollar item, please!), and they tear things off my desk (example sheets I have). It’s a nightmare.

    Rarely (maybe 1 in 15 parents) will I see a parent discipline their child or keep them in line. Most of the parents look at me like “Haha, they’re just being kids”. No. Just, no. If you want to pay for $6k worth of equipment or more, be my guest, but I’m certainly not getting flack for it because your child won’t behave and you’re just sitting there doing nothing. I’m always afraid to reprimand a child that I don’t know, because you never know how the parent will react to that. Sigh.

    Darling Husband and I are undecided on children, but I do know that if/when we have them, they will act better than the children I see daily.

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    The most judgemental, are the ones who aren’t raising kids.  Good parent, bad parents, some days its all about survival. 

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    @leisha606:  it depends on the situation. If the child was just being noisy I’d probably shoot some menacing glances at the parent and leave it at that. If hands were involved I’d definitely confront them about it. Some people need to learn that they have to be responsible for their children and not wait for them to get hurt before they intervene. I don’t have kids but if I did tantrums = we’re leaving!

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    … wouldn’t say anything to the parents- WOULD say something to the kid (my first spinoff induced thread! :P)

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    I work in retail and the things kids do astound me. It greatly upsets me that the parents are usually nowhere to be seen as well. One time two children were using glass bottles as swords, smashed them together, and broken glass went flying, shards landing on the kids. Once the mom came back to her kids after gallivanting around the store, she started blaming us because we sold glass bottles. Uhh… WTF.

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    I had a kid slap me in the face one day while I was working at the grocery store. Her father did nothing about it. My cousin’s 3 year old slapped her across the face when she was visiting. She did nothing about it.I just don’t understand it at all.

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    @leisha606:  Your coworker slapped a kid? Holy moly. That is never okay.

    Edit: read that wrong, oops, sorry! I’d give the parent a piece of my mind if I was slapped by a kid. 

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