(Closed) Spin-Off: Resignation Letters– What you WISH you could say!

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Honey bee
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Oh, my company…

Their management was nonexistant. None of the managers were ever at work and when they were, they always laid their jobs on someone else, someone less qualified to handle the tasks that needed to be done, but the employees always caught the flack for it. They also never changed schedules. Schedule change forms sat unread in a desk drawer for weeks at a time. The open door policy was also a joke, because no one was ever there or in their office long enough for someone to come in. 

So basically I wished I could have thanked them for nothing and I proabably would have mentioned that my 5 year old neice is better at handling management than the people they hired. I’d also liked to have told them that they would run more eficiently if they would fire incompetent workers instead of letting them stay on just because they ratted out anyone who messed up. 

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Sugar bee
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Mine would just be “F you guys, I quit.” 

Leave them wondering.  We do exit interviews here, and I always professionally communicate my reasons for leaving or being unhappy in a job.  But if I could, I’d just walk in, do a “You’re cool, F you, F you, I hope you die, F you, you’re cool, I quit.”  And then walk out. 

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Bee Keeper
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I wrote a very nice resignation letter when I left my previous hospital position.  I was good friends with my direct supervisor, so on the letter I turned into him I wrote at the bottom:

‘PS. Lick my big donkey balls.’

He told me that he turned his copy into the BIG BOSS and I nearly died!  Thank goodness he was just kidding with me. 

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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Thanks for scheduling me to work by myself for two hours on the busiest day of the year other than Black Friday and then having the audacity to yell at me when merchandise was stolen.  At least I got my sweet revenge by quitting a few weeks later on Black Friday morning.  Innocent

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Honey Beekeeper
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Thanks for crushing my soul.

That would be the entire letter. πŸ™

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Bumble bee
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@almostmrsj:  LOFL!

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Bumble bee
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Dear Former Employer,

You made my life hell for almost an entire year. Despite being one of the most intelligent, capable, and caring “teachers” you employed, you treated me as if I was disposable, with no respect, and put me in dangerous situations due to lack of proper staffing and lack of required supplies.

I quit not only to save my sanity, but because I was legitimately afraid of being blamed for something that I had no control over.

Your management was piss-poor – the worst I have ever encountered, and I have held many part- and full-time jobs since I entered the workforce. You took good people who just wanted to do their jobs, and turned them into backstabbing enemies who had to look out for themselves above all else or risk losing their jobs in a terrible economy.

You punished me by cutting my hours because I would not work off the clock, and while I can’t prove it, I know that you were retaliating against me for standing up for my own dignitiy and refusing to work for free.

I hope that one day, someone has the time, energy, and money to get a lawyer and document all of your offenses against your employees, and that you are shut down.

Until then, I am warning everyone I can about your services. 


Hopes you go out of business

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Worker bee
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In my mind mines read like this:

Dear Micromanager 

I just accepted the job…f**k you I’m out!!! Oh by the way I’m taking a 2 week vacation πŸ™‚ DUCES!!!!

Thanks ladies I needed to get that out my system.

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Bumble bee
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OK, so this is actually a recurring stressful daydream for me – how I left my old job.  I’m actually getting anxiety attacks thinking about how I will be applying for new jobs and how to explain this one! (Plus, the job before that has a no recommendations policy, period – sucks).

Anyways, the job was great until my manager got back from maternity leave.  Then all of the sudden I could do no right.  She told me my Fiance was a loser, that I was too fat, that I was lazy.  I developed a SEVERE case of depression and anxiety working under her.  I would go home every night and get drunk.  I was doing my job, but not fast enough for her, or good enough for her.  Even when a mistake was found on one of my worksheets, that was proven to be another employees mistake (happened in a spreadsheet I linked to) I got in trouble.  I even got written up one day for following directions exactly, because someone higher up didn’t like it.  I was put into a 90 day HR performance plan because of my behavior.

Finally, I knew I had to quit.  One week before vesting, I knew I couldn’t take it any longer.  I showed up at 10am, in jeans to an insurance company headquarters office, and just went to my desk.  Manager came out and asked “WTH are you doing?  WTH is going on?”  I started to tell her that I was quitting, I couldn’t stand her BS anymore, I couldn’t stand going home and getting drunk every night to avoid the feelings I had of killing myself every time I left work.  Her mgr came out and told me to shut up, I wasn’t to say another word or the police would be called for aggrevated harrassment.  I was escorted to HR, where I had to hear a litany over how I screwed myself, and was told I didn’t need to give a reason for quitting (NY is at will) nor did they want to hear it.  As far as they were concerned I was wrong.  I was then escorted back to my desk by the HR director, who oversaw me cleaning my desk out, and then escorted out of the building.

I SO SO SO wanted to tell those managers what I really thought of them.  Part of my anxiety attacks are thinking of telling them what they could really do with their job.  And truthfully, my feeling is that I wouldn’t care what happened after – I just wanted the justice of telling them how I felt!  I’m starting counseling soon to deal with the anxiety, hopefully.  I know it’s not healthy at all.  It actually keeps me up at night.

In the end though, I found out that after I left, four other employees left too, all because of backfire.  So there – HA!

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Buzzing bee
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@DaneLady:  LOL. That’s awesome!

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Bumble bee

“Dear food chain company that sucks,

Thanks for letting the supervisor be a total b-word and yell at her employees (loud enough to where it made the customers uncomfortable), and thanks for letting a man sexually harrass me and not do anything about it when notified, therefore causing me to HAVE to quit. You all suck! Oh, and by the way, if I ever see another syrup container, I’ll lose my mind.

Signed, high school full-time job me.”


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