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    TheLadyA :  My Fiance and I went to fortune teller for fun a couple of weeks ago at a farmers market. She read me first by myself and then him by himself. While the stuff she told me was positive and interesting, the stuff she told him was insane. She said I had been previously married and didn’t tell him (I haven’t!), she told him he was born at 2 am (he was born at 10 am and she argued with him when he told her that), she said he loved wood (wtf). After hearing his reading, I’m pretty sure she had no idea what she was talking about! It was entertaining though and I do believe some people possess higher levels of inisight than normal.

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    When I was about 12 years old, we had a yard sale. One of our neighbors showed up, whom we had never met before. She was a very nice older woman. I was standing around with my mom and she walked up and started explaining that she was a “psychic.” She started going off about me to my mom saying all sorts of the things. She told my mom, “Do not let her get married young.” She told me, “You are going to get swept off your feet, but do not allow your heart to speak louder than your head. There will be more heartache than happiness. You will see.” I thought that lady was out of her mind, I was 12!

    Well, needless to say, I fell in love at 18. 8 months later we eloped (I had just turned 19). My entire family was against it. It was primaraly long distance (he was military), I barely knew him, but I got carried away. He turned out to be an abusive cheater with a drinking problem. I stuck it out for 4 years and it only got worse (A LOT more heartache than happiness). Our divorce was final when I was 23. My mom actually brought up what that woman had said after I got divorced, I had completely forgotten about it. 

    Coincidence, who knows? She was just a random person who showed up at a yard sale predicting my future. She didn’t ask for money or offer any services, just said what she thought and went on her way. To this day, I have no idea who she was. Just odd. That is my one and only experience with a psychic. 

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    I went to a psychic once as s total skeptic. She was a creepy old lady who did readings out of her trailer, not one of the gimmicky huts u see in town. She had cats everywhere and her place was a dump. She correctly described my at the time boyfriend, his appearance, and down to the color and model of car he drove. She recommended I not ride with him as she saw how dangerous it was. I rolled my eyes, but years later he was injured in a high speed crash (his fault). She described my brother and his wxact addiction, my dad and his business being downsized, my future husband (she didn’t predict I would marry anybody in particular but she correctly described him, what music he liked and that he would sweep me off my feet). 

    She also told me to be extra careful on a certain date (gave me the date of course, it was about 8 months in the future) that I would have an accident. I shrugged it all off, her describing my family, my bf, my future, as her being lucky at guessing.

    Until one night, after a really good date, I made out with a guy in a brightly lit up parking lot as I was leaving to go home. All giddy and excited, I got in my car and forgot to turn on my headlights. Turning out of the lot, a car nearly slammed into me, not seeing me turning out with no lights. I swerved into the ditch. The next day as I was telling my friend about it, it hit me like a ton of bricks that that near wreck happened on the exact date the psychic predicted, at 12:15 AM.

    Since then, I’ve been scared shitless of (real) psychics and wherever the hell they get their power from (prob the devil!) And after I met my now husband I realized she was freaking right about his description too. I still think some of her reading was lucky guesses and that most psychics r frauds but for the most part with her, i somehow found a real one. 

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    kimmo416:  lol amazing

    MrsClumsy:  wow that’s wild!!

    TheLadyA :  my friend’s mom is greek and does readings out of her home.  his grandmother did readings before his mom and a long line of people in his family before her.  my friend says that he can sometimes feel it too and we actually totally believe him.  he has made predictions about relationships, gambling, nhl and nfl games, etc it’s pretty crazy!

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    i definitely believe in psychics especially since i have psychic abilities myself. aside from my mom and husband, no one really knows. i don’t really want people asking me for readings or calling me a liar. it’s not something i really know how to work and i can’t turn it on/off. most of the time i don’t know if the pictures i see in my head or the feelings i get are something or nothing or i just don’t know how to interpret them.

    right after my husband and i got together i kept getting these pictures in my head of him and his family at a funeral. i didn’t know whose funeral it was or anything. about a week later, his cousin committed suicide.

    another time, we were visiting another cousin of my husband’s and when i went to say hello to him, i saw him in a motorcycle accident. that same afternoon he was in a horrible accident.

    i would like to get a better handle on my abilities so i can help people if i can, i just don’t really know where to start.

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    MrsClumsy:  I’m absolutely a skeptic when it comes to people who do readings or whatever as a business… I think they’re frauds. However, things like the woman at your garage sale feel more believable to me, for some reason.

    I voted unsure, because there is a lot we don’t know about the brain and the universe, and I believe that some people may (or could) have an “extra sense,” so to speak. I just don’t think most of those that advertise it actually do!

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    My best friend used to do tarot card readings. I didn’t believe in any of it until I met her. It can really be surprisingly accurate.

    I went to a palm reader three years ago and was totally blown away by the things she told me. All she asked for was my first name and then she went on to tell me everything about my life and my future…She told me about my unemployment, about the job industries i was looking into, how i was thinking about moving back to CA from philly, how i should forget about the guy i was seeing b/c he was toxic and that the right person is coming and I have to wait until i meet him before I can leave, that i would only be married once and we would have children and we would both share ambitions for a grand life. She told me about my childhood and how that shapes my decisions now….it was all really intense. And she was accurate. I met my SO in philly. We moved to CA together in February and we both are very ambitious for a grand life–he is a film director, I am developing a self help book)

    There are a lot of crooks out there but I believe that there are people who are gifted with a special insight

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    LadyBear:  I am also a skeptic and marked unsure. That is the only experience I have had, it was so random. I would never pay for a psychic, but I do believe that it is possible to have really good intuition and there are tons of classes on reading people, body language, etc. Tarot, palms, and the crystal ball stuff, nope, don’t believe in it. 

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    Last week I scared myself out of sleeping for 2 days reading everyone’s story on ghosts last week.  I hope I don’t scare myself this weekend.  I will start by saying I wish I was a skeptic and non believer because life would be so much calmer.  I have abilities.  Some abilities are mastered, some I have experience in but do not take further, and some abilities that scare the poop out of me. 

    I come from a long line of card readers – notice I didin’t say Tarot Cards.  My grandma was awesome and totally rocked.  She taught me very little since I just knew what to do.  My grandma’s sister is the one that started me with cards.  She taught me how to read cards with her set of cards.  She used basic Mexican playig cards.  I got to be pretty good at it and one of my dear friends shared this interest with me however, it was just a game to us.  My great-aunt did not have 1/10 of the abilities my grandma did.  My grandma didn’t read cards really.  Her abilities were much greater than that.  My mom read cards and now she is just into New Age Metaphysical type of stuff.  Funny when I look back I know my mom used to make extra money reading cards.  There was a very short time I did the same.  A friend of a friend had a gay bar and I went in one day with my friend and it came out that I would read cards.  He offered me a table a few times and I “charged” $10 a reading.  I could make $200-300 a night.  It was quick and easy cash. 

    I use my cards as a tool to get me where I “need” to be in order to read.  I actually see images when I use my cards.  Similar to a movie.  Most of the time I just see snap shots.  Other times I see full blown espisodes.  I could also say that my cards talk to me and to others.  Sometimes I have wanted a reading so I have had my friends read me with my cards.  I have never had anyone get scared but I have had them want me to explain how they did that.    


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    I know this thread is a few months old but I wanted to share my experiences. Although I’ve never had a reading or anything I have had visions myself. 

    One night in September 2004 I had a vision that my brother was going to be involved in a car crash and die. it was very vivid in ways that I could see the damage to the car, I could feel his shock and pain I could see the blood I’m his ear I could see the location and time I knew who he was with I knew every detail as clear as day. 

    24hours after my vision I had a phone call saying my brother had died in a fatal car crash. I spoke to the person he was with and I described every detail to him and he confirmed that that was what happened. 

    This has happened on several occasions and it still freaks me out. 

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