(Closed) Spin off – what are your OCD habits!

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I can’t sit down if the kitchen isn’t clean.  Like to the point of feeling anxious.  Right now I was waiting for a pan to cool before putting it in the dishwasher so I just ran it under cold water so I could relax, LOL.  It’s so weird!


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I ALWAYS have to check to see if the door is locked and chained before I go to bed; even if I know that it was.  It drives Fiance up a wall because he thinks I don’t trust that he said he did it.

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When Fiance loads the dishwasher, I go in after and turn all the plates and silverwareto the way I like them.

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You know those tags that stick out at the grocery store? The ones that say things like new lower price or something like that well I can’t walk down the aisle until I’ve touch all of them on one side.

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I actually have OCD, so I have quite a few. I think my most annoying one is that I have to do a lot of things in multiples of five. For instance, when I rinse my face at night after washing it, I have to splash water on it 15-25 times depending on if I “mess up” or not. I’m a kook.

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This might sound weird, but when I look at words I put the letters in alphabetical order in my head. I have gotten so good at this I could do it in less then a second. lol. I do it most while I’m driving or just sitting. Not when I’m reading a book or typing or anything. I also put numbers in order. I mostly do this with telephone numbers, license plates ect..it gets on my nerves sometimes. haha

I also have to pee right before I go to bed, even if I don’t have to go. I’ll just sit in bed trying to fall asleep knowing I didn’t go to the bathroom and I can’t fall asleep til I go. Lol. There is like a strange sensation in me that just makes me get up and go to the bathroom lol

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@ticatica:  I am the same way! Multiples of five, especially with the TV volume.

I count stairs as I walk up them, but not down them.

If I turn around in a circle, I have to turn around the other way the same number of times to “balance myself out.” Even from something like going down a circular staircase.

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@MsPiggy:  LOL! I do the same thing. I can go pee, get in bed, watch tv for 7 minutes, turn it off and HAVE to go again. No matter what…I usually can’t ever go, but I get anxiety when I don’t get up and use the restroom literally right before I shut my eyes! You’re not alone!!

If I am sitting and there is a table between me and someone else, I can’t have thing on the table that obstruct any view. I have to move them off to the side.

Also, and I get this from my dad…when I am shopping, I randomly have to reach out and touch soft things that I walk past lol

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To people who actually have OCD, this is kind of offensive. People always seem to think that their little quirks are “totally OCD,” but that’s really make light of a serious problem. People with OCD have obsessions/compulsions that interfere with their lives. People who like to do things in order or like things clean do not have OCD.

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@ssttpp: In the past I have agreed with this statement but recently, I’ve been in the if you can’t beat ’em join ’em camp. Unfortunatly, this phrase has just become part of the vernacular and as much as it can be annoying no amount of awareness is going to make it go away. People who do not have OCD don’t usually understand the extent of our problem, and I wouldn’t want them to.

Should people be aware of it’s offensiveness to some people? Yes, but I think sometimes it is hard to avoid every phrase that might offend someone.

Sorry to threadjack 🙂

ETA: Also, many people use OCD and OCPD interchangeably. OCD means that it interferes with daily life. Period. OCPD is the name for people with the tendencies, but without the whole “life sucks” thing 🙂 For a lot of people they are describing their OCPD habits. That can be a confusing seperation for some people; so I don’t blame them for calling their cleanliness etc OCD.

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@ssttpp:  Actually, these things ARE signs of OCD or OCD tendencies. It’s a spectrum; not everyone who has OCD has impulses that interfere with their lives.

TV volume has to be in multiples of 5. I can tell if it’s not and it really bothers me.

I can’t just eat sandwiches; I have to tear off pieces and eat those.

If I pour too much cereal into a bowl, I have to put pieces back in multiples of 3. I tried to not do this once and ended up running back into the kitchen to add two more pieces to make 3.

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