(Closed) Spin-off: What was your worst date experience?

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I had a date with this guy I didn’t know very well. Over the course of the first ten minutes or so, I notice him struggling to breathe and it progressively getting worse. I ask if he is alright and he repeatedly tells me “yes” until finally he breaks down and admits that he has severe asthma and forgot his inhaler at home but didn’t want to ruin our date! So I insisted we call an ambulance because you know, he couldn’t breathe. So the remainder of the date was me riding in the ambulance with him to the hospital with a mask on. I barely knew him but I just felt like if I didn’t go with him to the hospital I’d be a total jerk. So that date was pretty much a bust. I don’t think we ordered food. I’m glad he finally told me what was going on. Not sure what his game plan was going to be for not being able to breathe!

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Many years ago, a girlfriend and I were out at a club. We were drinking pretty heavily, as 22-year-olds do, and ended up dancing and hanging out with a couple guys. After hanging out with these guys for a while (and drinking more), I end up giving one of them my phone number because he is way super duper good-looking. 

The next day, I get a text from an unknown number saying it’s the guy from the club the night before, and would I like to grab dinner sometime that week? I’m like, hell yeah, that guy was very attractive so I’m happy to let him buy me dinner. We make arrangements, and I show up for my date … and discover that it isn’t the good-looking guy at all; it’s his chubby weird short friend. I was horrified! But I didn’t know how this had happened — did I give my phone number to the wrong guy in my drunken state? Did the attractive guy give my # to his friend and tell him “you can have her”? Not knowing exactly who was at fault here, I didn’t want to make a scene. So I sat through an awkward dinner date with someone I could not have been less attracted to, insisted on splitting the check, and then went home immediately. Ugh.

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I went on a date with a really nice, cute guy. He took me to a steakhouse, and I ended up ordering fettucini alfredo. He ordered a salad. That’s it. The rest of the date was fine, but I’ve never forgotten how awkward I felt chowing down on this massive portion of creamy pasta as he delicately ate his salad. 

I went on a date to a club with a different fellow, and he wore a fedora – no big deal. As we stepped outside to talk and have some fresh air he starts doing this crazy dance moves with his hat. He looked like a sad Justin Timberlake or something. Then he goes on to tell me that he often strikes up “dance-offs” with random guys when he goes out. Heh?! 

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My worst date was with a guy was was very young.. I didn’t realize how young he was because we met at work and I didn’t think to ask.. Well, the first time we went out his parents dropped him off at my house which I thought was weird but shrugged it off.. I only realized when I ordered a cocktail at dinner and he informed me he wasn’t legal drinking age.

I was about 21 and he was 18, which doesn’t sound like a big age difference but I was in university and he was still in HIGH SCHOOL. He was fun so we hung out for longer than we should’ve.. the final straw was when we were hanging out with a friend of mine and she made a random sexual joke, he didn’t get it and we had to explain. Looking back it was all just so awkward.

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whoa_its_ash:  “Then he goes on to tell me that he often strikes up “dance-offs” with random guys when he goes out.”

Bahahaha! And to think you let that one slip right through your fingers! 😉


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I’ve had a few- but the one that sticks out in my mind I just wish I could take back those few hours of my life!

I went on a blind date- first one ever- and I was already mortified enough about it as it was.

We meet at a location that was sort of in the middle of our homes. And then he picks me up in his brand spankin’ new Lexus (which he repeated over and over again- I was afraid I would leave mudstains or something on his carpet!)

We go to a fancy restaurant- Japanese- where they make the food in front of you. Amazing what those cooks can do! And we ended up sharing a table with a family of four. Mom, Dad and two kids- adorable children. That’s where *everything* went downhill and I never wanted to get out so fast out of a situation before in my life!

The family was… not Caucasian. And that’s what set this guy off. He literally started talking about ‘dirty, stinking, filthy’, basically anything foul that you could think of! I was horrified that he would say those things anyway- but the FAMILY COULD HEAR HIM! He got up from his chair and told me we had to switch spots- so that I would sit next to the family and he would be on the end.

Eventually at some point he got up to use the restroom (way too many beers in my opinion) and I apologized to the family about his comments. It was the first time meeting the guy! The mother looked quite concerned and asked about driving arrangements. I told her he was my ride back to my car and that this was a first date… blah blah blah. She then offered to give me a ride! She was worried about him driving and she didn’t want ‘a sweet little thing’ driving with a drunk.

So we paid our bill- I made SURE I paid for my own. I didn’t want him to think that I ‘owed’ him anything for dinner. Made up an excuse a friend was in labour just down the street at the hospital and she needed me there (yeah- big lie there… don’t know if he really bought it or not- don’t really care!). And took the ride with the family back to my car! Been friends with the mother ever since! LOL!

Upside- met a marvellous woman and her family. Extra bonus- dude called the next day for another date. My car was safely in the garage so I had no issues telling him what an asshole he was.

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MrsNewDay:  I have SO many from online dating…

1. My very first match.com date was AWFUL. It was so bad he pulled up a youtube video of dolphins in Mexico and made me watch it. And he used the bathroom about 4 times. And for a LONG amount of time – not a quick pee, lol. I guess that’s what you get for eating Indian food on the first date…

2. I was pretty sure one guy was a serial killer. 

3. One guy told me instead of taking his dog to the vet when he was old and ready to be put down, he just shot him in the head instead. 

4. I dated this guy two times and really liked him. For our third date, he invited me to his house and I wasn’t feeling that. He immediately blocked my number after I said I wasnt comfortable with that. What’s funny is that he told me on our first date that he likes to block girls that he no longer is interested in….

5. One guy showed up with totally messy hair and wrinkled clothing. Usually I can deal with a bad date, but my first reaction was “TURN AROUND!!! RUN!!! GO THE OTHER WAY!!!”. Unfortunately, I am far too nice to do that. So we had our date. He told me he was a vegetarian because of health reasons. Then he proceeded to eat french fries. And he didn’t drink (we were at a brewery, um..what?) and that he loved cranberry juice. And he didnt own a TV and lived in some old lady’s farm house. Three days after our date, he texted me and asked if he could come over to watch some TV with me. 

I feel like I could go on forever, lol. Luckily a friend set up my Fiance and I so I didn’t have to deal with that craziness anymore….

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Ugh! this one is easy….

I worked at starbucks from the time I was 16-20. It was right on michigan avenue in downtown chicago so I met a lot of interesting people. there was ar egular who always was very flirty and one day he asked me out. He was this really great looking italian guy. So of course I said yes. He was a tad older than me (I was 18) but I didn’t care. He was 26. Thinking back that was weird of him to ask an 18 year old out lol but anyway… He ended up taking me to maggianos downtown and the date was going really well. After the date he wanted to take me for a cruise around the city in his shiny beeeeemer so I agreed since it sounded like fun on such a nice night. He also said he would take me home so I didn’t have to catch a cab or train. Well on the ride home he turns off on a random side street and says to close my eyes cuz he has a surprise for me. So im thinking, flowers, chocolates? a gift of some kind to be sweet? idk. So he says “open them!” and I open my eyes to see his penis out and he was like stroking it and asking me if i wanted to touch it. I literally jumped out of the car and ran. He left me a message on my answering machine at home apologizing and asking if i would still go on a second date with him……ummm no sir I will not! that’s a negative!!! I don’t think I have ever felt more creeped out or grossed out in my life.

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stardustintheeyes:  AMAZING!! That is actually hilarious. Just whips it out like its gods gift to the world.. I hope that move has worked for him at least once. Its damn bold.. and damn creepy.

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Met a guy online (a not so serious onlien dating site as I realized later) and after a week of chatting agreed to meet. Day of he tells me he messed up his car the night before, engine is blown so its in the shop should be done in time. Then calls back, wont be done in time so I offer to pick him up (I know I know, not smart!!). Anyway, I pick him up, he asks if I’m hungry, then suggests we go to Tim Hortons. I  didn’t need a fancy steak dinner, I’m all for keeping a first date casual but Tim Hortons is a little lame. Anyway, we pull up and he says: Oh just hit the drive through.

I oblige and end up payign for our bagels and coffee as he ‘didn’t have any change’. So we pull out and he says jsut go back to my house we’ll hang in the car. So for the 12 min drive back and 15mins it took to drink our coffee he talked on and on about his car, his muscles and his car.  I couldn’t wait to get home.

Finish our coffees, he asks if I’m coming in and I literally laughed. Seriously?? So I say ummm no, no thank you. He gets offended, slams my car door and kisses his teeth at me as he walks up his driveway. Driving home I’m laughing about ti with my gf, becaue what else can you do? The next morning I get a msg: Hey sexy when are we going to crank?

Nearly fell off my chair! Replied back we weren’t ever going to, thanks but no thanks. He replies with some derogatory comments about sensitive men and how if I want someone to treat me like a princess I should go date a queen.  

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Oh! ANother! Met online as well, talked for a few weeks and then finaly met for drinks. He walked in and I would never have picked him out of a crowd, looked nothing like his picture but he came right for me. Had drinks, he was nice and all but I just didn’t feel a connection. He leaned in for a kiss, I gave him the cheek. Next day he called, I blew him off. Blew him off again the next week and then he started the calls. 3 times a day, 6 times, 3 or 4 times an hour. Leaving voicemails: I’ll take you to Bali, Lets go to London for the weekend. Don’t avoid me, I can make you happy. You’re the one! I told my mum about you and I think this is real.

Had to change his name in my phone to DO NOT ANSWER!

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Hahah this thread is great. It takes me back to my awful years of a thousand first dates and no second dates. I will give my top five:


5. I met this one guy who showed up for coffee with myself and my best friend. He seemed like a bit of a douche but I’m pretty laid back, but after 20 minutes he got into a very long, heated debate with my best friend about America (she’s American) and the ENTIRE time was spent with me sitting there silently and those two half yelling at each other. He also had very VERY obvious hair plugs. They had been done in neat little rows like a pine tree forest so all I could do was stare at them. After the ‘date’ he texed me to let me know he would totally have had sex with me if it weren’t for my stupid friend. And that he liked my tits. 

4.  I went on 2 dates with this guy and he seemed okay, but after 6 days he told me he was in love with me, and when I tried to gently let him down, he was fine with being friends. I went out with my friends (including him) for my birthday to a club and I was dancing with a random guy. This other guy got very upset and left, and then called me a few hours later to let me know he had checked himself into a mental institution because he couldn’t get over me. They gave him a valium and sent him home a couple of hours later. 

3. Another guy with the ‘I love you’ after a week. So I did the same thing. I said ‘I just want to give it a bit of time so we can be on the same page together. It’s been a week, I am not there yet. Give it time.” So that night he went and slept with his ex because he thought I meant I don’t want to be with him. We sorted it out but then a few weeks later I broke up with him (because he was a total wanker) and the next night he slept with a hooker to ‘check it off his bucket list’. Then he asked out my neighbour. He would also tell me it was okay for him to ogle all of my friends and ‘wonder what it is like to f*** them’. 

2. I had a coffee date with a dating site guy. He failed to tell me that a week before the date, he was in a motorcycle accident and so the entire date was me staring like O.O at the gravel/road rash scab covering 3/4 of his face and all down the back of his forearms. He was also missing 4 of his six front top teeth. Neither of them were the big front teeth. It was not a pretty sight. 

1. I met this one on a random dating site and we had chatted for a few weeks beforehand. When we met, he said ‘Oh.. you said you were fat. I mean, you’re not *that* fat.’ Thanks.  Then later on we were hanging out on my front balcony as he dropped me home (I couldn’t get rid of him) and I went inside the house for something, came back out to the balcony and he just let out a fart. He smelled it and said ‘Woooahh I know that smell! I know what that means!’ and then asked if he could use my bathroom and was in there for a good 15 minutes. Yup. Winner right there. 

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