Spin off: What's the NICEST thing someone has said to you?

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Not the nicest thing I’ve ever heard, but unexpected and makes me smile.

I went to the shops one day in daggy tracksuit pants, no makeup and generally looking a bit dodgy. These two women in their 40s or 50s stopped me and said “Girl, you are rocking that tracksuit. We looked at you and said to each other ‘that girl got a booty on her!”.

I have been insecure about my curvy thighs and butt since I was 19 so getting a compliment from somebody other than Fiance really made my day/week/month 🙂

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Obviously Fiance says very nice things to me a lot and my parents etc.

But here’s a couple that stick out:

This random old asian lady at my gym exclaimed to everyone in the sauna how beautiful I am and proceed to point out all of my features one by one. I think I look pretty normal but not her.

At our engagement party FI’s dad said in his speech that I’m the daughter they never had (FI has all brothers) and that he couldn’t have chosen better. 🙂

I’ve been told by various people that I’m going to be an amazing mom or that I should be a kindergarten teacher 🙂 I think I come across really caring?

Nice thread btw.


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stephyhansen :  FI’s family is very loving and supportive. I honestly couldnt wish for nicer inlaws. 🙂

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stephyhansen :  I wouldn’t call mine nice but more cute/funny and still makes me smile.

I was at Disneyland and waiting for the mine car rollercoaster thingy (can’t remember the name) and got to the front of the line part where they line you up in the barriers before getting on the ride. There was a little girl (about 7) and her mum in front of us and the little girl kept turning around to stare at me. I was automatically thinking she had never seen an aboriginal before and was processing what I was in her little head when she grab her mum and said “Look mum, a real pirate”.

She was of course refering to my headscarf that was covering my bald head post chemo. Normally I do a more elaborate tie but with having to keep removing it on fast rides I had tied it pirate style on my head. I of course put on my best pirate voice, laughed and asked her how her day was going. Her poor mum looked mortified and apologised but I said it was perfectly fine and adorably cute.

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A total stranger at work recently sent me a note at work telling me that I inspired her. That meant so much to me because work has been tough recently. Sometimes when you don’t think anyone is noticing, they are and it matters that you’re trying your best:-) 


Cheekie0077 :  that is so sweet! You really showed that meanie from the other thread by being such a great teacher:-) 

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I’ve had some nice things said about my work, in a technical, male dominated field; which I appreciate because I think it reflects well on me. One in particular, we were having problems (not our fault – the specifications were unclear) and the customer made a comment along the lines of, “Was it a good idea to have a young woman working on this?”. My boss emailed back said that I was extremely experienced and capable and I had his full confidence. It’s good to have your boss back you against sexism, especially when it would have been easy to “throw me under the bus” to appease the customer. (Once we got the correct specs, it all came good).

I help out at church and from time to time a kid says how much they enjoy the class. That warms my heart every time.

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Blushing bee

A college professor once told me my writing was “stunning.”  That’s probably the best academic/professional compliment I’ve ever gotten. 

My looks-related one is really specific, but a bunch of people have commented on my “cute little” nose – it is turned up at the end, I guess you’d call it a ski-jump nose.  When I was a kid I hated it and spent hours at the mirror holding the tip down so it was straight – my husband was so shocked when I told him that one time when he commented on my nose. 

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I teach as a Naturalist and am really passionate about the geology of my region, I find it fascinating. Every once in a while someone will ask me where I got my degree. I don’t have a degree, I just read a lot and find it really interesting. It’s always really flattering when people think I know so much about it I must have a degree!

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I love this! As others have done, I’ll not consider SO’s comments. I think the nicest comments have always been the ones that I actually get a lot, because of my job. I graduate in 2 weeks, but currently I work a serving job along with a part time position in my field. At the serving job, I always try to be upbeat and happy (because, well, I like tips as much as everyone else!) but I get SO happy when someone compliments my personality. People will tell me I’m very friendly and sunny, and that I lift their spirits after a rough day. The best compliment I’ve ever received was actually a couple weeks ago. I had a couple of middle age men at my table and we were all having a grand time. Towards the end, they all said that I had ‘an amazing personality, and to never change’.



I LOVE compliments about my personality. Looks fade, but for someone to tell me they think I have an amazing personality? It makes me so happy. I’ve gotten it a lot in interviews for my field of work, too. It’s a quality about myself I hope never really changes:) 

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My FI’s Aunty sent me a heartwarming msg on facebook a couple of months ago… She said she knows I am a kind person with a beautiful soul and wished FI’s grandma was still around to have met me because she knows she would have loved and accepted me into their family with open arms.

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j_jaye :  

Love your story !  Hope chemo going/went well.

Mine was when I was teaching sociology to first year Uni students, a mature aged  student said to me after class. ” Omigod  this is the Real Thing, , and you are the best person ever to be teaching it,  you  make make anyone’s clumsy half assed question or answer into something intelligent ”   

I have never , ever forgotten it or her . I walked  on air afterwards .

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