Spin off: What's the NICEST thing someone has said to you?

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Not the nicest but recent and adorable. I was exchanging stories with co-workers, mainly funny times from when I worked on Sesame Street, specifically Big Bird. She went to her 4 year old nephew “Auntie Julia worked on Sesame Street and is friends with Big Bird!”. His little eyes were all lit up big old saucers “The REAL Big Bird?!!!!” Cute that some kid thinks I am the coolest. 

But the nicest, and cheesiest- everytime my doggies jump for joy when I get home and when husband calls me his beautiful baby. All that love is the sweetest compliment everyday.

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My husband is not a “romantic” guy but he often says things that are very romantic in a matter of fact way- which makes me appreciate them more because he’s just saying what’s true for him.

A few years ago, we were watching a movie where a young couple were deeply in love, things happened and they broke up and then later ended up back together. The story was basically that they were (and had remained) one another’s first loves even years later. I said “Oh, this is like if you and Ex (that he was with in high school) got back together.” And he responded, without skipping a beat and very matter of factly “No. It’s more like if you and I broke up and then got together again years from now.” He wasn’t intending to be sweet or romantic and he got very shy when I started kissing on him after that one. ๐Ÿ˜™

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In primary school we did an ”anonymous notes” game where people were asked to write some nice messages to anyone in the class. Then we put all the anonymous notes in a box with the recipients name on them and the teacher distributed them. I got the most notes out of anyone and they all said really lovely things, like ”your smile makes my day” and ”you’re such a sweet kind person”.  three pepole wrote ”You’re my best friend”. I wasn’t expecting anything like that and it was so deeply touching to realize I was so popular in that particular class.

The other lovely thing was from my husband – he’s not a verbal guy at all, very rarely spontaneously says ”I love you” (maybe about once a year?)… He shows me he loves me constantly though and if I ask him for affirmation he gives it willingly. After I’d given birth and was absolutely exhausted, saggy skin everywhere, sitting in bed feeling like a zombie, my husband looked at me and told me I was beautiful… lovely to hear, especially spontaneously and from him.

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stephyhansen :  A customer I know through work is a local florist and when my Mum popped in for some flowers (he knows she is my Mum as she is also his neighbour) he said to her “Your daughter is fantastic. She is stunningly beautiful, fiercely intelligent and absolutely hilarious!” My Mum of course repeated this in such a way that made it sound like it was impossible anyone would think that about me – like it was all very laughable  -but the fact he said that about me makes me smile. Everyone needs a gay florist in their life!

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After telling my Senior Seminar professor different things that had happened in my life as far as emotional abuse, he looked at me and said I was one of the most resilient people he had ever met and one of his best students, and told me I was going to do great things. My senior seminar presentation was about emotional abuse and how the effects of it can be passed down and he didn’t know why I wanted to do that topic so much when everyone else was choosing easy topics. That’s something that will stick with me for the rest of my life. 

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BalletParker :  thank you sweetie! That paper she wrote made it all worth it. And I’m sure it felt the same way when you read the note from your coworker. I hope it reminds you that what you do is great, important and noticed. ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ‘

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I have been told several things that really make me smile and proud.
“You have done so well with yourself at such a young age”

“You’re so happy and positive all the time that you could make people excited about a monday.”

“You could make a conversation with a brickwall. Everyone you meet loves you.”

“When my son grows up, I hope he meets a girl just like you.”

“You are honestly the best pet parent I have ever seen”

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My inlaws tell me on a regular basis that I’m the best thing that’s ever happened to my Darling Husband. Pretty awesome to have inlaws saying that ๐Ÿ™‚

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I kind of hate that this first thing that came to mind is about my appearance and not something super cool like my personality, artistic ability, education, voice, etc.

However; this one time, my car needed some repairwork done at a local bodyshop. I dropped it off, and a day or so later my ex-husband went to go pick up my car. When he got to the bodyshop, the receptionist at the front desk told him, “your wife is the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen in real life!” To which my ex replied that, “she [receptionist] needed to get out more” (asshole).

Anyways, that always stuck with me. He relayed the conversation as sort of a “haha, this poor gal thinks you’re actually pretty!” But it really meant a lot, and his reaction helped solidify why I actually left his sorry ass.

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As I was leaving a cafe recently, I smiled at the older lady coming in behind me and held the door open for her. She told me that I had a beautiful smile and brightened up the place! It was such a small thing, but it made me feel so good and really made my day.

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Many years ago someone once said to me,ย ” I have never ever met anyone with a sense of humor quite like yours. I don’t think you know how rare and special that is. Don’t ever lose that. It’s the best thing.”

Awwww ๐Ÿ™‚ that made my day!

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stephyhansen :  right? I think I would too! I just felt so flattered that basically all of my friends were like, “yeah, if the worst happens…we’re coming to your house”, lol. I’d totally have end-of-the-world themed appetizers alongside my survival plan presentation. 

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My Grandma used to say “The world needs more *sunshines*’

When I was providing behavioural support to a classroom a long time ago there was a boy in the class who was about 8 years old and was labelled as a bad kid. He got into a lot of trouble and had been kicked out of several schools forcing him to change into new schools many times within a year. He had a reputation and wasn’t very well treated. But I liked him a lot, he definitely was a little sh*t disturber but I found him very likeable. He was clever and funny. At a meeting one day (that I was not present at) he was asked by the prinicpal if there was anything he liked about school. He yelled at them and cursed them out and said ‘I hate everything about school! The only thing I llke about school is Miss Sunshine.” When I left and the class wrote me goodbye cards, most were basic construction paper, his was an actual card with flowers on it and he had written me a long note in 8 year old pencil printing about how much he would miss me because I was always nice to him and never yelled at him.” – that was about 25 years ago but I still remember it. Almost makes me tear up still.

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‘You are the best mom in the whole wide world’


From my daughter.

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