(Closed) Spin-off: Why do some women hate when their SOs watch sports?

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WOW…where do I begin??? Lets start with…


FANTASY FOOTBALL…wtf??? Who made this shit up??? We create imaginary teams for points and throw away good money on 6-10 leagues a year??? Then we have a “smack-board,” where we post unsavory comments about each others body parts and girlfriends…especially me…WHY waste your time??? The sad part is, once you’re in fantasy…you can never get back out…

THE SCREAMING….OMG…peace and quiet is a luxury at my house…even just my sweetie at home all by himself…I’m dead asleep in the bed…dreaming my dreamy dreams…and I’m woken up by the loudest “YES!!!!” You’ve ever heard….then throw in a few of his buddies who got thrown outta their houses, cuz their girlfriends couldn’t take it anymore…and now theres a severe

FOOD DEFICIT….I went shopping and spent $360…(WITH tons of coupons and BOGO)…and everything is gone…the whole pantry is ransacked…the testosterone takes over, and all the food & drinks magically vanish into thin air…

SHUT THE DOOR!!! It’s open and closed all day…but mostly open…My dear sweet boyfriend is a soon-to-be ex smoker….but until that bless’ed event…The doors are wide open with ten heads poked through stairing at the TV…

SHIT TALKING…This is a word for word quote…”YEAH BABY! That was my Quarterback!!! TOUCHDOWWWWWWWNNNNNN!!! :::I get a high five and a hand fracture:::: I’m gonna go talk shit!” and he immediately calls the guy he’s playing this week on fantasy…

LONELY…He forgets my name…its almost as if I never existed…”Who are you, and WHY are you interrupting my FOOTBALL?!?!?!” Geez

PHONE…No way Jose…The louder I talk the louder the TVs go….Oh yea…

ALL THE TVs…on different games…motha F(&**(**&^%K you too…








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@ForeverAndEverAfter: Wow if I had to tolerate all of THAT, I’d hate him watching it too!  I am blessed for sure that he doesnt watch football, but his hobby is working on/pimping out his F250 Diesel Truck. Kudos to him because its a bad ass truck but there are effin truck parts everywhere!! Which wouldnt be so bad, but he buys shit, never installs it, and it ends up sitting and taking up space in the garage or shed. And Im not talking about a new mirror or a seat cover..im talking big stuff like a full set front and back heated SEATS..umm a new 60 gallon gas tank, turbos, rims.. just all sorts of shit. I swear to God, if I find one more car part or dayum tool on my kitchen counter, Im going to arrange an intervention.

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  I also love sports (that’s one of the things that brought Fiance and I together!), so that does help in our relationship. FI’s biggest love is college basketball. I would tease him when he would spend hours filling out his March Madness bracket. He wouldn’t enter it in a pool or anything…he just did it for fun!

  The sports (or video games) thing doesn’t bother me. I have things that I do that I’m sure my Fiance finds pointless. I agree with what a PP said…if it gets in the way of other things, or prevents him from doing other things…that’s when I would have a problem.

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@Stellar Magnitude: LOL! I’m a huge HP fan so I would have definitely had a fall off my chair eye roll at that one!

Chick Hearn from the Lakers was great!

But every other announcer I’ve ever heard–especially the ex-players talks like they defintely have gotten bashed in the head about 15 times too many. Add to that a fat fan in the background shot holding a beer or maybe a sign with some “clever” saying and staring at himself in the camera. Plus a player talking about how he “just wants to do the best he can for the ball club”. Cut to a commercial with dancing girls in bikinis bringing gorditas to bald guys in Lazy-boys on the beach.


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@ForeverAndEverAfter: You’ve got my sympathy. I hate the actual television portion. I CAN NOT IMAGINE pairing it with all that real life crap. I hope he has some other redeeming qualities.

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I don’t like sports much except baseball but I don’t like how my husband is glued to the football games and gets mad if I try to talk to him while he is watching the game.

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The only way I can get through the countless hours of sports is if I:

a) go into the bedroom and watch tv.  I like this option because I get to watch what *I* want to watch and there is no complaining from him.  It’s win-win.

b) make fun of the STUPID comments that the announcers make.  They feel like they have to constantly talk and they say the stupidest things that don’t matter to anyone, anywhere, at anytime.  It’s an easy job and someone has to do it.

My darling lovely husband is pretty good about sports…he will compromise with me if he doesn’t want to spend the day in separate rooms.  Although, when we first started dating, he told me he just cares about this *one* college team.  I guess it wasn’t really a lie because he cares about them so much that he has to watch every game of every team that *might* one day play our team.  In the off season, he watches everything Arizona because well, he has to because he lives here (I think that’s the reasoning).  He also has to watch anything where the USA gets involved – such as women’s soccer – even though he hates soccer and doesn’t understand it. “But the USA is playing,” he says.  I’m not sure what that means, but ok.

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This is a bit of a sore subject for me right now since we’ve been bickering over the newly begun football season. My DH lives and breathes sports and at this point, I can honestly say that if I never see another sports related thing for the rest of my life and I would die happy. He works in sports and is usually on location so that’s understandable, but his love for sports is not restricted to one team or one sport. Oh no. He will watch all teams of all sports, especially baseball, basketball and football. He loves hockey, tennis, wrestling and UFC (UGH) and will even watch golf. While I never liked sports to begin with, after almost 10 years together I could probably use the word hate and mean it. 

I work 9-5, Monday through Friday. DH works on location so evenings, Friday, Sat and and sometimes Sunday. This means that the ONLY day of the week we get together involving daylight hours is Sunday and now that it’s’ football season, he must watch ALL football games ALL day. Forget doing things as a couple, running errands, even spending time together. I can’t even talk to him without interrupting the game. He also doesn’t do compromise, he has to watch every football game on Sunday and all the football games on Monday and screw whatever else I want/need to do. There will be no chores, no errands, no help, no togetherness, no nada until the games are over and there is no way to make up the missed time after X number of hours of sports. Sitting next to him while he ignores me to watch sports does not count as togetherness. 

This dislike spills over into sport shows, sport commentary, sports radio, fantasy sports and sports video games. Accepting DH has meant accepting that sports will be constantly invading our lives but seriously, can’t a girl catch a break somewhere??? While I have accepted this, it doesn’t mean I have to like it!!! 

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This is kind of sore subject now that football season has started. I don’t really mind him watching it, but for whatever reason he gets pissy when I’m not sitting there with him watching it… and then add the iPhone into the equation, don’t even get me started! As a PP said, he would NEVER watch hours of Real Housewives with me!

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I know it’s not exactly the same but my SO doesn’t watch sports, he plays video games, which I think is equally annoying. I hate it because he’s hogging the TV!

and then it makes me feel bad because maybe I shouldn’t be spending so much time in front of the boob tube. 

the reason why we can’t just get two separate TVs is because we both need the xbox (I use it for Netflix and the DVR.) 

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@saraja87: your situation totally sucks balls, I’m sorry! at least I can tear my SO away from the xbox during weekends!

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We both have our vices.  He is an absolute nutcase at the moment with the Rugby World Cup – we had to upgrade our satellite TV (at a not insignificant cost) so he could see EVERY game.  But, I made us get satellite in the first place so I could keep up with the hockey season over here in Oz.  Which means that in Australian summer (when I’m off school on summer break) I’m often up all night and sleeping all day, cause I watch as many games as i can and they usually end around 5am.  Also, during the Olympics (summer and winter) he is aware that I will not leave the couch while televised events are on, which is always.  We put up with each other’s crazy.

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My DH loves football but I really can’t complain. College football is the ONLY sport he is even remotely into, it is his passion and the season is so short. If he were into baseball however, I might ask him to skip a game every once in a while since the season lasts 365 days/year between multiple games and pre season training.

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@misssydneyj: The commentators, commercials, duration, etc. are all things that he may enjoy, so why is it a problem?….  

It is a problem when it infringes on the other person.  I guess i’m a little frustrated that you see this as “his thing” and “your thing” when as most posters have explained, the problem is that the watching does affect them: Listening to annoying announcers in small quarters (or be banished from the main room to hide out in the bedroom), terrible mood taken out on the partner, no time spent with partner due to obssession/watching multiple games, failure to help out around the house, etc.  Like many things in life, it requires moderation and balance.

But why feel like you have to watch it with them?? I’m pretty sure that most men could care less if you’re sitting there or not lol. I hate to sound snarky, but it’s true.

Unfortunately this isn’t the case with my Fiance.  He would prefer me to sit next to him while he watches.  I’ve gotten him to understand there will be no sitting next to him while the announcers are on.  If they are off, maybe I’ll read a book there on the couch with him then.

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