(Closed) Spin-Off: Would You Go To An Event Without Your DH?

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    @ClassicCorvette:  When you say, “event” it sounds like a big deal. I wouldn’t go to a function without my husband but if I was meeting my sister for coffee, I’d be fine to go alone. Having said that, if we were both invited to the function and he had to work, I’d consider going depending who/what it was.

    In the other thread, the husband wasn’t even invited, which is the part I find rude and off-putting. We are capable of deciding who goes where, but our friends shouldn’t be trying to decide that and only inviting half of a couple. We socialize together for the most part so I suppose we are one of those couples who annoy you. 

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    Heck yes, I’d go anywhere without him– UNLESS he was being excluded for some reason. Then I’d be pissed as hell and would not go.

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    It depends on the event. A wedding, if he wasn’t even invited, I wouldn’t attend. I would find it pretty rude for him to not recieve an invite.

    I’ve attended social functions for my work without him, it’s not a big deal.

    I don’t ever go to the movies/dinner alone though.

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    I would definitely go anywhere and everywhere without FI! And I probably wouldn’t even be offended if he didn’t get invited to something I was or vice versa. In fact, he was invited to some fancy lawyer benefit/gala thing tomorrow and I wasn’t. Am I offended? Heck no! I’m glad I don’t have to go!

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    @ClassicCorvette:  I would go to a wedding w/o my Fiance. There are some events/places, however, that I would not go to. Sometimes we have conflicting shedules but that wouldn’t stop me from supporting a friend if I had the time and finances to do so. 

    Like many PPs, I WOULD NOT go if he was being purposely excluded though.


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    Like a lot of other bees, my answer is yes unless he’s being unreasonably excluded. Obviously if it’s a girls’ night out or something, I’d expect him to be excluded! haha I’ve gone to weddings without him because he couldn’t make it (i.e.: it was out of town and he couldn’t take the time off from work).

    However, a couple weeks ago he was invited to a wedding and I was not. This couple knows me, knows that we’re engaged, and they’re having a large wedding. Neither of us will be attending.

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    @ClassicCorvette:  If it was a sitaution where for example we were both invited to our best friends’ weddings on the same night or something then we could go separately. I like to do things with him but I’m not one of those people who can’t function without him. Probably because we’ve been in an LDR so many times throughout our 3+ years together (including right now).

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    It depends.

    Would I miss my BFF’s wedding because she couldn’t invite DH? No. But she’d also never do that; she knows we’re a couple, she’d find the room.

    Would I miss a distant cousin’s wedding because DH wasn’t invited? Yep.  Because we’re married, and it would feel gift-grabby and cheap for someone I’m not very close to to invite me without him or vice versa.

    With important events like weddings, yeah, I think it’s important that you either invite both or neither. 

    That said, of course we do things separately.  We each have our girls/boys nights, and he goes out without me a lot because I’m more of a homebody, and I’m ok with that.  I’ve also gone to big events solo because he travels a lot for work. If we’re invited together but for some reason he can’t go, I’m not going to turn down an invitation I can accept.  But the important part is the invite.

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    @ClassicCorvette:  I go to events without DH fairly regularly, but I think a wedding is in a different class somehow. I would definitely be offended if my DH wasn’t invited to a wedding with me, but I doubt that would happen in my social circle, as the only people who’s weddings I would care to attend are friends with both of us.

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    In regards to the other thread I find it ridiculous the number of people who wouldn’t go because zomg we are a social unit and he was excluded. Big damn deal, seriously. I’d say who cares but obviously some people do. I just can’t fathom giving a shit. I do things solo or with feirnds all the time, I’m not joined at the hip or about to miss something important to a friend over etiquette. 

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    We try to go places as a unit, but there are certainly instances where one of us has to attend something alone (a work function or other social function where one of us has to work/ has other plans) or wants to attend something alone (he doesn’t want to go catch up with a girlfriend over coffee, just as I don’t want to go watch football with him).

    I don’t mind that in the slightest, despite preferring to attend events/ social functions together we’re more than capable of being alone. I would be hesitant to attend an event or social function where my Fiance was specifically excluded though.


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    @ClassicCorvette:  We dont mind going to events alone.  We dont have to do everything together.  He has gone to a wedding without me cause I couldnt get off work. 

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    @ClassicCorvette:  A large event (wedding, large party, etc.) I wouldn’t go without my Fiance. It’s simply because, if it was important enough, he would be really upset if he wasn’t invited/couldn’t go and he would never tell me not to but I wouldn’t out of respect.


    As for lunches, shopping, etc. I do actually have a life away from my Fiance. So I plan things without him sometimes. If he was with me every single time I did something I would probably lose my mind.

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    @ClassicCorvette:  Depends on who it is for. I went to the youth pastor’s at our church without him because he was working but my kids were in it.

    If it was a family member of mine I would definitely go if he didnt. However, I would never go to something with his family without him and I doubt I would go to a friends without him.

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