(Closed) Spin-offish: What were you like as a baby?

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I was a demon.

I was born 2 weeks early. During a snowstorm, and my dad was stranded at work (luckily he made it in time for my actual birth). My mom had to have a c-section (she had one with my older sister, too, so they kind expected it).

After I was born, they brought me home and I decided to scream my lungs out every night at 6 or 7 PM for hours on end. Nothing they did could stop me. This went on for months.

I think I was all right once I grew out of infancy, but I was definitely the worst baby of the 3 of us.

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I was born 2 months early, and spent those next two months in an incubator. My dad jokes that I was the ‘box baby’. My birth mom had gone in for a normal ultrasound and ended up having an emergency c-section because the cord was wrapped around my neck and I was suffocating. I was also supposed to be a boy, and they weren’t trying to concieve, so I was a surprise baby all round. I think I was just under 3 pounds or so, and had so. much. hair. 

After I got out of the incubator, I believe I was a pretty good baby. I didn’t like being left alone and refused to not be held, haha, but other than that I was quiet. I think I remember my dad also saying that I didn’t really squabble to be held, just squeaked sadly until someone held me. I also remember my grandma saying that since I was so little, baby clothes didn’t fit me – she modified some Cabbage Patch doll clothes. My baby pictures actually have me in a cabbage patch doll dress with the headband, lol. 

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beeintraining:  Interesting topic! I’m excited to read the responses!

My mom went into labor with me almost 2 months early. Was kept on bed-rest in the hospital for a month given steroids to help my lungs develop. I was born 4 weeks early in a relatively easy labor. I spend one night in the NICU and we went home a few days later.

My mom said I was a super easy baby. Ate great, slept great, and rarely ever cried. She did say though that around 6 months I decided I hated to be held and would pull anyone’s hair who tried to hold me. 

I’m sure that was hard to not be able to hold her baby anymore but at the same time my sister who is only 12 months older than me needed a ton of attention. Not kidding, she didn’t sleep through the night until she was 4. So it might have been a good thing that I was not a needy baby. 

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I came 10 days late, an early labor though. As an infant, I slept 20 hours a day (college too, but that’s another story :P) I was pretty easygoing and content too.

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I was born 2 days before my due date, from entering the hospital to birth was 6 hours with 2 pushes to get me out. I was 5lbs 6oz and absolutely beautiful. My mom swears that the day I was born, I followed my grandpa across the room with my eyes. I was very fast with all my developmental milestones, was incredibly happy and easy going and my mom ADORED my baby stage. Then I learned how to climb/crawl/walk and it was all over (I was walking at 9 months). HAH!

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I was quite a content baby. I was a good sleeper and by the looks of my baby pictures a good eater too! My parents used to call me bruiser because I looked like a boxer with my frown and chubby face. 

My parents both say I was not the prettiest of babies. I didnt have much hair at all until I was about 2.

My brother was the crier. He had a lot of extra needs being disabled but my parents struggled to cope with him. Hes the first child. I nearly didnt happen because they had such a rough time with my brother.

My daughter on the other hand is the complete opposite to how I was. Little moody attention seeking, screaming, tantrum throwing baby!! 

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I was born 2 weeks late (stubborn much? lol) They had to induce my mom and after 14 hours I was born. 

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I was born around 37-38 weeks. My mother had a bicornuate uterus, so she had me a bit early.

I was 5lbs 3oz but healthy.

I was a pretty cranky baby…almost colicy.

Once I started eating solids, I ate so many carrots, I turned orange. haha.

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Good topic! I was delivered via cesarean at 39 weeks and was 8 lbs 1 oz. I was breech, which was the reason for the cesarean.

My mom said I was angel baby. I slept through the night at 7 weeks, and never woke up (other than when I was sick) after that. I rarely cried, would stay where she put me, and reached all my milestones early (sat at 4 and walked at 8 months). I think I was an ugly infant, though. Hah.

While my daughter is similar as far as reaching milestones early and sleeping well, she’s definitely more curious than I apparently was. Loves to explore, play with everything, and at just over 6 months is trying her hardest to get moving. I think she’ll be crawling and I’ll be chasing her around within a week. She’s also the most beautiful baby, ever 🙂

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beeintraining:  I was a really good baby. I was born two days early at 7 pounds 3 oz. I am still a very on time person and I hate being late. I was quiet, didn’t cry and loved to sleep. I still absolutely love to sleep and am on the quieter side. 

I’m lucky my parents had me because my sister was a nightmare. She cried, cried, cried. That’s still kind of how she is! Very loud and outgoing. And she was 2 weeks LATE! 

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i was born exactly on time, 5lbs 7oz.  i was healthy and happy.  my mom was a Stay-At-Home Mom so she took me everywhere.  i only cried when she parked the car at home because i knew home = sleep.

i walked at 10 months. 

i don’t remember the age, but i spoke a little late. i pointed and my mom gave me what i wanted so i  never went through the baby talk phase.  my mom was ready to take me to a speech therapist when all of a sudden i started talking in complete sentences surpassing all the other kids my age.

my mom always joked if i couldn’t do it perfectly, i wouldn’t do it.


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I was born, vaginally, 2 weeks late at 8 pounds 15 ounces. I don’t know how long I was, I have never thought to ask since I am usually guilted about being such a fat baby.  I was a lovely summer baby.. and by that I mean I made my mom’s life heck trying to survive the summer with swollen ankles, swollen everything, and my father traveled, so she was mostly alone without help. She was also sick her entire pregnancy with me.  She could hardly eat anything but plain spaghetti noodles apparently.  

I started sleeping through the night at 6 days of age, and that was about the best thing I did for her.  I started walking and talking at 8 months, so I was a bit of a mess.  I apparently talked nonstop and developed into a climber.  They ended up having to board off the bookshelves because I could make it to the top with no problem.  I also, naturally, wouldn’t stay in my crib. Most child safety things were no match against me.  I definitely stuck keys into electrical outlets a few times.  

Typing this, I am starting to wonder how much supervision I had as a child…  Thinking about it, I was a pretty terrible teenager too.  I try to be much more pleasant these days haha. 

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beeintraining:  Bald. I was bald as a baby.

And according to my parents, I was an angel. My sister is the demon of the family. 

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Was just talking to my parents about this! 

I’m the youngest of my siblings and wasn’t the kindest during labor. Had the umbilical cord wrapped around my neck and was in breach position but at the last moment before they would have demanded my mom have a c-section (she had two natural births prior) .. I turned and decided to come out .. I was fairly small .. about 6 pounds

Was crawling at 4 months… very curious child ..  but could also be quite the whiner / persistant 

Does anyone think that the personality traits we exhibit as a baby remain/mold our personalities as adults? I can certainly say im a stubborn person a lot of the time .. as indicated by my birth process and am incredibly persistant when I need or want something..though i guess for the most part humans are born with their personalities and environment can alter them .. that also goes into the whole nature vs. nurture debate..sorry im rambling!

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