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Honey bee
  • Wedding: March 2014

  1. We don’t watch a lot of tv but we LOVE Breaking Bad and Doctor Who. They are the only shows that we watch together.
  2. We are both complete nerds.
  3. He is exactly 5 months older than I am.
  4. He refuses to get a smart phone and hates to use his debit card while I love my iPhone and don’t like to carry much cash on me.
  5. We don’t have a song which most people seem to find strange.

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: June 2015

1. We have an unhealthy addiction to the show TRUEBLOOD

2. We have 2 lovely furbabies, that we often refer to as “the kids”

3. We love to randomly dry hump eachother (more in a comical way, than anything sexy)

4.We are very competitive scrabble players!

5. We have a tendency to burst out in song and dance together in parking lots, parks and grocery stores 

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: June 2015 - Thorpewood

1. We like to dance while we’re in the car, even though people always stare at us.  We have absolutely no natural rhythm.

2. One of our favorite movies to watch together is Disney’s Tangled.  We both find it hysterical.

3. (I’ll stick with the age thing) He’s 1 year and 28 days older than me.

4. Our favorite restaurant is Melting Pot.  Nom nom nom fondue!

5. We’re both absolutely terrified by the movie Event Horizon.  Seriously.  It’s anxiety/nightmare enducing for us both.

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: September 2012

ooo Fun!!

1. We love watching SyFy flicks together and make fun of the horrible graphics

2. Everyday we argue over who loves the other more (“I love you more” “No, I love YOU more!” “Well, I love you one plus whatever you say!” “….well played”)

3. We hate baseball and LOVE hockey. Our reception tables are named after each NHL team.

4. We’re both soda addicts

5. He’s 5 months older than me

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: June 2012

1. our wedding song was “are you gonna kiss me or not” by thompson square.

2. we are expexting our first child in december & its a boy.

3. we got engaged a year and two months ago. i love my rings, while he on the other hand never wears his wedding band because of work.

4. he is 4 years and 3 months older than me.

5. we met through mutual friends which we both now effing cant stand.<3 (no seriously, we hate them)

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: September 2014

1. We have bonded over watching shows on DVD together. In the start of our relationship, we devoured the first 5 seasons of Lost together. We do watch shows that are actively airing, but we LOVE getting into a show that’s already out so we can watch 4 episodes in a night πŸ˜› 

2. I am a tech addict – I have an iPhone, Macbook, iPod, Kindle…etc…I love my goodies! I am pretty much always on the computer, even while we’re watching TV. He, on the other hand, hates technology and only got an email address because I said he should, lol. 

3. We go to Michigan to his family’s lake house every summer. Except this summer πŸ™ I couldn’t get off work, so he’s up there for 12 days while I’m stuck at home! 

4. We have 1 dog and 2 kitties πŸ™‚ 

5. I’ve dated a lot (as in..I’ve had 3 very serious relationships prior to this and many other small relationships) and he’s never had a girlfriend before me. But I think it works somehow πŸ™‚ 

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: December 2013

1: we have funny nicknames for each other. Currently, I am Sudsy. He is Beardfacé 

2: he is 11 years and 6 days older than me.

3: we are obsessed with Journey. 

4: we like to switch which side of the bed we sleep on, alternating every other vacation. At home we each have our own sides, though!!

5: tmi but w/e. he’s the first partner I’ve been where I have a higher drive than he does!! It’s weird but not complaining! πŸ™‚

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: August 2012

1.  We eat WAY too much thai food. Its becoming embarassing when it’s delivered. 

2.  We freak out over the Universe series and anything Hawking.

3. We slow danced and cried to All Night Long the morning of our wedding.  Then did the same at the reception. *aww, that made me cry*

4. We get PMS.  As soon as I start getting crampy/whiny, suddenly he’s emotionally destroyed and having stomach aches and it magically disappears as soon as my cramps stop.  I am not looking forward to pregnancy.  HA!

5.  We have two cats, both whom started as mine, one of which is totally obsessed with him.  Our cats actually chose a human.

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: September 2013

1. We met at work and I had the hugest crush on him. I stalked him to the subway after work.

2. TV Shows (particularly Battlestar Galatica, Buffy, Angel, and Carnival) brought us together because I started borrowing his DVDs as a way to get closer to him. 

3. My first words to him were, “You look like Tobey McGuire.”

4. He is 3 and a half years older than me.

5. When we worked together, we saw each other 24/7 and never got tired of each other.

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Blushing bee

1. We met through our exes
2.Both very dorky
3.Both like cars
4.Hate dogs but we love cats
5. 5 and a half years older than me

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Busy bee

1. He’s a cop, I’m in the process of becoming one as well. FYI, the hours suck, lol. I swore I would never date a police officer.


2. He told me last night he’s never been this happy with anyone else. (For the longest time, I swore his ex was “the one that got away”).


3. We love Storage Wars and specifically, Barry mother effin’ Weiss. We also LOVE hockey – he bought NHL Network for me before I moved in. *swoon*


4. We made up a word for sushi (best food evar), which has disintegrated into “snushiluppugus”


5. He’s almost 8 years older than me (23 and 31). It works and he’s my best friend πŸ™‚

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: January 2010

1. We love working out together. We met through a martial arts, he was experienced when I started and we teamed up quite a bit… I thought he was a good teacher and was clueless that he thought I was a cute student.

2. We love watching TV series on DVD… We do not watch regular TV at all, in fact we do not have cable and have no real channels.. Since we had our baby, we have watched more series than ever before, because we’re too tired for house work.

3. We have 3 cats… Two were mine, and he used to have two as well but then when I moved in the fourth cat couldn’t stand mine and we had to give it away. I always thought that more than two was just too much and especially now that we have the baby, it’s hard. Once they pass, we won’t have other pets, ever.

4. We visited Egypt, France, Spain, Costa Rica, Cuba and the Dominican Republic together. We are looking forward to traveling again, once we’re more settled with our new family.

5. Our son is now 8 months old and just started sleeping through the night last month. It was really hard.. Since Darling Husband is not a good sleeper himself, he was sleeping in the basement in order to be able to go to work. We are both so happy to finally be back in the same bed! We never thought it would last this long.

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Sugar Beekeeper
  • Wedding: December 2010

1. We both LOVE golfing. – 2. We love anything to do with the paranormal. -3. We are both history nerds. – 4. I tend to do everything really fast and he tends to take his time. – 5. We both still love cartoons. 

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