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  • Wedding: August 2012

1. Our birthdays are exactly one week apart (and he is seven years older than me).

2. We have a beautiful two-year-old Labrador who we both adore.

3. We both love watching football, but cheer for different teams.

4. We dated long distance for six months before moving in together.

5. We met on a bus in London (we are both Australian).

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  • Wedding: June 2012

1. We are obsessed with being at home and our house. We love to do small home improvements together and then hang out at home admiring our work. Our house is where he first said he loved me, where he proposed, and where we spent our wedding night. I think it is safe to say our favorite place to be is home. 🙂

2. We loooooooove our dog.

3. We are both only children and have our own “rooms” in our house. We are very independent from each other, but do not like to be apart for very long. If you are in a relationship with an only child/you are one, you might understand this.

4. Due to a major family event (in his family) that happened early in our realtionship, we are very, very close. 

5. I was his first girlfriend/relationship and we moved in together after only 5 months. Have not been apart since…we have both admited that the first time we met we knew we would be together forever.

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  • Wedding: April 2019

1. We both LOVE chocolate, it’s our favourite sweets.

2. He is 6 months, 9 days older than me. (We joke that he is 69 older than me)

3. We both are animal lovers, although he is a cat person, I am a dog person. We will get a dog one day though because I am allergic to cats.

4. We both love reading, although his love of reading was only acquired a couple of years ago. We sometimes just lie side by side in bed together reading books. We have very different tastes in books though!

5. We ‘get’ each other, if that makes sense, we are a bit whacky, I think I have gotten a little more whacky since we started dating, but we completely understand each other 🙂

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  • Wedding: May 1997

1. Our 2 year dating anniversary happened during our honeymoon. 

2. He proposed to me during my best friend’s wedding reception. It was totally setup by Darling Husband and best friend. Everyone except me knew what was going to happen…it was a whole I caught the bouquet, he caught the garter thing. Looking back it was pretty obvious, but for whatever reason I was totally oblivious. And the when it was over and I said “yes,” the DJ played “Lying Eyes” for us to dance to…silly DJ, should’ve invited him to our 15th anniversary party.  

3. We have the craziest, most important, silliest, emotional conversations in the car. Often when the car is parked at home and we sit there and talk for another 30+ minutes. 

4. In 15 years of marriage, he says I have only made him one meal that he disliked, and I told him I wouldn’t even try it after he chose the recipe from a cookbook. Seriously, it had mustard and apricots in it, I think. 

5. He is 3 years, 1 month and 7 days older than me. 

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Oooo, I’m going in!!

1. We are NOT sports fans. At all. We don’t watch the big game. We have no frame of reference for what went down on Saturday afternoon…we have nothing to contribute at the water cooler. We live in the South, and people act like we are INSANE.

2. We both hate reality tv, but will watch it and super judge everyone.

3. We listen to really ridiculous music in the car that our daughter hates..and sing/rap along with it…Boyz II Men, Tupac, Aerosmith…everything from when we were in high school.

4. We are both snobs in our own way. He’s a food snob and I am a clothes snob. And after all these years, the influence is showing.

5. We are opposites but work well as a team. I am a slob, and he is super neat freaky. I will race to clean the house the hour before he comes home. He cleans on the weekends.

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  • Wedding: February 2014

We’re complete opposites in so many ways. I love Mexican food, he can’t eat spicy food and hates Mexican. I’m as redneck as you can get, he’s a Jersey boy to the bone. He has a thing for women in heels & until recently I had never worn anything over 2″ wedges. I like country music, he doesn’t. 

We have a freaky twin thing where we think the same thing at the same time. Our most used phrase is “get out of my head”. Despite our differences, we are so alike that its scary.

I had never been seriously involved with anyone. He had moved here after breaking up with his ex, who he had moved halfway across the country for. He also had 2 other serious relationships, both of whom he had lived with. But I’m the only one he’s ever talked about marriage and children.

He’s terrified of snakes and spiders. A spider had him trapped on the toilet so I used his shoe to kill it. His cat caught a baby garden snake and I had to get it away from the cat and dispose of it. 

I have 3 brothers who can’t speak to each other without fighting but get along fine with me. He has a mom and sister here in town that are virtual strangers and won’t be part of our lives.

Before hiim I had rabbit ears tv (the US did that digital thing several years ago and I was too poor and cheap to convert) and crummy internet. He’s a fanatic about his shows and online video games so I finally joined the 20th century and now have cable and digital net. As a result I’m hooked on dvr and hate watching live tv.

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I like this thread. So many cute stories- I’ll share.

1. My SO and I met on New Year’s Eve at work. It was his first day as an airline pilot and I was a flight attendant. 

2. He’s 11 months younger than me to the day.

3. We do a lot of hobbies together that I never thought I’d enjoy until we met- keeping fish, weightlifting, building RC airplanes, playing video games, backpacking, snowboarding, brewing beer. We have so much fun together.

4. We have an Airedale terrier that we both believe is the cutest dog that’s ever lived

5. He always says i look like a baby giraffe.

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1. He completely against all relegion in anyway and detests it. I am a Catholic and adore my faith.
2. He HATES any Apple product and refuses to even watch an advert on the items. I LOVE my iPhone and I am saving for a Mac.
3. We both have exteremly high standards when it comes to movies, houses, jobs, life style, cars ect.
4. We both have massive tempers and are incredibly stubborn which makes our arguments last days but makes the sex mind blowing.
5. We’re both mental and have stupid streaks, like last night he wouldn’t get off the PS3 so I grabbed the controller and he was chasing me in circles around the sofa, whilst I was driving his virtual space ship closer and closer to the sun. When he eventually caught me I complaining about my adventures in space and how I had seen things. To anyone else we’re lame but to each other we make ourselves laugh really hard.

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