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why did I read that at 2am… =( I’m too scared to go to the bathroom now.

Um… I was at the railroad museum and on our way out we stopped at the gift shop I picked up this book and started flipping through… turns out the place is supposedly haunted. They had amazing pictures captured by staff and such.

When we got in the car to go home I was looking through the photos and found this:

(the guy inside the train is a prop dummy and it’s the only one in there…) I was the only one standing outside of the train and my shadow would have been seen holding up my camera. Never seen anything like it) This gives me the worst chills still…


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that gave me the chills! My house was haunted after my son was born. One night he sat up in bed ( he was sleeping with my mom) and pointed to the door and asked “mama abuela who is that man?” She said she had never been so scared in her life. When I would read to him at night he’d shush me and stretch out his neck and say “Don’t you hear her mommy? she wants me to go play with her” Even now my son and me have  a sense about good and bad spirits around us. i have to cleanse my house all the time cause we pick up “stuff”. When he was little i would walk into a room and EVERYTHING electronic would go crazy. Light bulbs exploding, toys going crazy. it was never scary though. annoying yes. crazy at first but you get used to it. After awhile it would do stuff if I talked about it. doors would open, lights and tv’s would turn on as i was telling my friends about my house being haunted. After i learned how to cleanse my house it all stopped being scary to me. (but seriously your stories gave me chills!!)

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Darling Husband believes part of his parents’ house is haunted. Part of their house was already there when they bought the property, and they build a new portion onto it. The new portion’s fine, but his room, which is in the old portion, just doesn’t feel…right.

When he was still living with his parents, he woke up one night and his room felt strange somehow. His cat was acting like it knew something was wrong too. All of a sudden it hissed at absolutely nothing and fled the room.  Another time, he woke up to whispering sounds and saw three child-sized shadows standing over him. They leaned in close, and then disappeared.

One of the first nights we ever stayed over there together while visiting his parents (and before he ever told me about his experiences), I woke up in the middle of the night and thought I saw a woman leaning over my side of the bed. I’m still not sure if I was partially still dreaming or not, but it creeped me out. I get a bad feeling in that room, almost like I’m suffocating, and Darling Husband feels it too. I have never slept through the night in it either; I always wake up every few hours. The last time we stayed over at the house, DH’s uncle was using his room, so we stayed in a different room and I slept through the entire night, no problem.

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Holy moly. I love these stories. I’m scared now, but can’t wait to read more!


My neighbor’s house is haunted. I’ve never experienced anything there, but the entire family has along with three little girls she babysits. Actually so has my mother and great grandmother! Apparently there’s three ghosts. A woman, a child, and a “black” man (in the sense he’s a dark orb that’s frightening).

The man has scared my neighbor’s daughter (when she lived there) and the three little girls plenty of times. They always feel heaviness when he’s around. My great grandmother, when she was alive, saw him a few times once. She asked my neighbor who the man was sitting in the chair. My neighbor looked and no one was there. She knew right away who she was speaking about because the little girls saw him earlier that day too.

The little girl spirit likes to play around. She moves figurines at my neighbor’s house. She’s even seen little fingerprints on the top of her cabinets where no children can reach. As I said, she’s just a playful thing and is around often. They’ve named her Matilda.

Not much is said about the woman spirit, but she’s around once in awhile

My great grandmother used to live in a small apartment that was above the neighbor’s house. I’ll never forget the day she was over our house and it began to rain so my grandfather went over to close the windows. By the time he walked back, the one window was open. He was flabbergasted. He went back over, closed, and locked the window this time. Same thing happened. He figured he’d just leave it because someone wanted the window open. We all blamed Matilda.

My mother went over to the same apartment to clean since my great grandmother couldn’t. Well, she opened the front door and heard music playing inside the neighbor’s house. There were no cars in the driveway so my mom figured maybe the neighbor’s car was in the shop (son is mechanic). Anyways, my mom knocked on the door leading to neighbor’s house and suddenly she heard running footsteps and someone quickly locked the door. The music stopped and that was that. My mom confused decided to just go clean and come back. She told us what happened and my grandmother told her no one was home. The neighbor and her daughter went shopping for daughter’s wedding and everyone else was at work. This was confirmed when we saw the neighbors come home later that afternoon. Needless to say, my mother never cleaned the apartment unless my neighbor was home.

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Ooh I love these stories!  When my SO and I went on a tour of Savannah last year we got this picture in an old tunnel under the hospital!  This is the lightened version of the picture because the original is hard to see on a computer screen, but it looks to me like there’s a man standing at the end of the tunnel.  It was completely empty when I took the picture.

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I have posted my story a few times but here goes it.

 My husband & I think our home is haunted, but not bad. We hear huge & I mean LOUD crashes in our kitchen while we are in the living room. So we can see the whole kitchen & nothing has moved. PLUS our fur babies will be RIGHT next us. One night I was home alone (husband works night shift) & I hear something moving around like it was sliding across the top of the fridge, then it started moving really fast then flung behind the fridge & hit the floor. I was scared like no other!

Also our dog will be asleep, jump up & run to a corner in the living room & stare at something & growl like crazy & bark! :/ 

There has also been things that lead up to all of this. Like the second night in our apartment, (my husband was at work but was home the first night.) I heard someone walking through the kitchen (sounding like boots) while I was laying in bed trying to fall asleep. I remember just rolling over & pretending I didn’t hear it. The next thing that happened was one night I was in the bathroom & heard a cabinet door SLAM shut so I took off running (at the time we only had two cats) & figured they did something but once I got into the living room they was laying on the chair asleep cuddled up together the same way they was 5 minutes before I walked into the bathroom. 

One of the weirdest things that ever happened was one day I kept singing a Indian song from a disney movie (lol) & I took a nap that day. I woke up suddenly & was in the living room napping on the couch btw, anyways so I woke up & was looking in the direction of the wall & saw a huge leaf like about 2 feet wide 3 feet long waving up & down against the wall! :O I FREAKED out! It made me think the song I was singing over & over (because it was stuck in my head & I was cleaning) was connected to the huge leaf I saw.

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i have told this before on another thread but im pretty sure my house is haunted.

first i was asleep one night, my bedroom is in the upstairs and im the only one who stays on that floor. my son’s room is downtsairs. I heard three knocks on my door so i said come in babe! because my son would sometimes wander up there to crawl in bed with me. after i said come in nothing happened so i looked at the door and listened and it was silent so i turned over and closed my eyes. two seconds later i heard another loud three knocks on my door. at this point i was frustrated and got up and started to say “i said come in babe! the door is ….” i opened the door and there was no one there. everything was quiet and silent too. my house is old and you literally cannot take a step in that house wihtout the floor squeaking loudly. so if my son had run up knocked and then ran away i would have heard something. there is no way possible someone could have knocked and walked away without me hearing it.

there is a cross hanging on my back door that leads into the pantry area and occasionally it will just start swinging back and forth on its own and then stop.

since my grandfather passed (it was his house) tv’s turn on and lights go on. ill turn the fan on and it will turn off. ill turn it on again and it will turn off again. also to be noted, my grandpa watched baseball all.the.time. and during baseball season the tv in his old room will turn on and the game will be on.

the most recent thing that happened was that my son and i were sleeping in my room and i woke up and saw the outline of what i thought was my son kneeling on the bed by me. he was touching my face and being “playful”. I kept telling him to stop and to lay back down and then i looked to my right and he was still sleeping just as he had been earlier in the night when i woke up to check on him. he hadnt moved. and not even two seconds had passed from when i felt his hand on my face to when i turned to see him laying there so its pretty impossible that he had already laid back down. something to note about this is that my son was supposed to be a twin. his twin stopped developing around the 3 month mark during my pregnancy and i fully believe the “child” i saw the outline of that night was the twin that died. i was not scared at all and i could feel the playful loving vibe coming from this “child” which is why i just assumed it was my son doing it. it was very strange.

i could seriously go on and on with stories about my house. but something i should mention is that rarely am i scared. there has only been once that i woke up really scared of something but majority of the time i never get a bad or dangerous vibe from the things that go on. its either playful or to me feels like just a hi or hello form whoever or whatever is causing it.

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Thanks ladies. Thanks a lot. It’s the bright of day but I’m still freaked out now. Hold me!

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@MissBoPeep: that is definitely a human form.

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