(Closed) Spinoff: Anyone changed their mind about gay rights?

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@SnurfMurph86:  I was against it quite a few years back.

And then I realized that they are just people.  Yeah they may have a different sexual preference than I do.  But they are just people, and people are different.  i think what really changed my mind is when a dear friend explained it to me as.  It is just none of your businees, nor is it your place to judge, what another person does or feels towards the same sex.  I had to think about this a long time, and my dear friend was 100% right.

It is not my place to judge.  Nor is it any my business.  Since then, I have learned to accept gay/lesbian people like any people.  They are just people, just like the rest of us.  Just because they like the same sex doesn’t give any of us a right to tell them they are less than, or irrevant.  

I think it is great that it is becoming more accepted everyday.


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I would also like to know this. Also, I’d like to know if any people personally are against it, but put their feelings aside for public moral? I’m bisexual. I know not everyone will agree with the lifestyle, but I atleast respect those who are accepting, even if it’s against their religion/beliefs

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I’ve always been pro-homosexual rights. My brother is vehemently against homosexuals and any sort of right. Back when Prop 8 was being voted on in California (Same sex marriage), he made an effort to show me that he was voting against it.

So petty.

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@SnurfMurph86:  Yes. I went from being very very against to being very very FOR gay rights. In fact, my family took on our church when they began allowing homosexual ministers… we were eventually sort of asked to leave because of our LOUD stance.


Then, I left home… I got to know people of all sexualities, and I could not deny that these people were no worse or better than me because of their sexuality. I could not deny that what my family had done was WRONG. Very wrong and hurtful. 

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I feel like I should explain more – I believed it was wrong because I was TOLD it was wrong growing up. I was taught that homosexuality was the gateway to pedophilia. And I believed it with all my might.


Because I’ve been so strongly on the other side before, I do feel that I actually understand people who are still on that side. I no longer agree with it; it makes me sick and sad and angry… but I also understand that these people really, truly, fully 100% believe what they believe and I understand the rationalities they use to uphold that belief.


It took major life experience for me to realize I was wrong.

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I’ve always been a supporter of human rights, but a good friend of mine had always been one of the “I dont care about people being gay but I don’t think they should get married” types.  Then he met my aunts (who have been together for 20+ years and have been married for 4) and it shattered his stereotypes.  He got a lot less outspoken about it over the last year or so, and then mentioned casually a few weeks ago he supports gay marriage now after reflecting on it a lot and meeting people who caused him to reconsider his assumptions.    I just wish everyone had the same opportunity, because I think most people who are against gay marriage don’t actually know any gay couples very well.

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When I was in my early teens, I was against it.  I grew up in the bible belt of the South & a lot of it had to do with my environment, as well as the wierd social pressures of being an adolescent & trying to fit in.  If you weren’t against them (“the gays”), then people thought you were one of them.  And the last thing that you wanted to be labled, in high school, in the deep South, during the early 2000s, was GAY!

Just before high school graduation, I had a complete change of heart.  No particular reason for it though.  I just grew up, started thinking for myself, grew a backbone, and started to venture out of my tiny little corner of the south.  I started to interact with, and build relationships with people from differnt walks of life, and I became very open-minded, and much less judgmental. I am now a very strong supporter of Gay Rights.

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I grew up in a very conservative part of the country, in a very conservative family.  So growing up I didn’t know any better, and I thought I was against gays and thought that what they “chose” to do was wrong.  Plus, there aren’t any “out” gays/lesbians in the area, so a gay person was a mythical person.  

After I moved out of there and starting figuring stuff out for myself, my mind changed about a lot of things, gay rights, politics, religion, etc.  Now I have some pretty good friends who are gay, and I quickly realized that there is no difference between them and me, beyond preference, and that is okay.  (And no, it isn’t a choice)  

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Well I went to a really conservative church as a kid and was always told homosexuality was wrong. I didn’t personally know any gay people at the time. I guess I thought of it kind of like lying or lustful thoughts or stealing, a compulsion that is wrong and you need to fight against it. When I got a little older, a good friend came out as gay in high school. It really made me think about and question my beliefs. Ironically he is quite religious!

I support gay rights and gay marriage now. Actually I support single rights too, I’ve never thought it waa fair that some people get benefits and rights because they are married that single people don’t get (health insurance, family gym memberships, tax benefits, etc).

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My own personal moral conviction is still that homosexual relationships are not the way marriage was intended. But I also believe a secular government doesn’t have to agree with my own personal moral convictions, and have no issues with legal marriage for anyone of consenting age regardless of who they chose to marry.  Their legal marriage has nothing to do with the validity of my marriage and so I’m not really concerned by it.

I have a serious issue with churches who harp so mercilessly on this issue (coming from someone who is as liberal as you can be and still be Southern Baptist) because there are a whole lot bigger issues to deal with than two consenting and happy adults being happily and legally married; like the cheating preachers or ministers who steal from their church or the fact that divorce rates are no different inside the church than in the general population. Pretty sure no homosexual couple is asking the fire and brimstone preachers to  marry them so I’m not really sure why they are so threatened by their desire for the same legal protections hetero couples get in marriage. 

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@SnurfMurph86:  me too.  I’m touched that this many people have already replied to this post.  I’m not going to lie, I thought no one or little to no one would.  It makes me so happy inside to know that it is changing (albiet too slowly), and here is proof.

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@chasesgirl:  This isn’t meant to be argumentative, but what is the intended purpose for marriage if not for any free person in their own given right to lawfully commit themselves to another free person?

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I have the same story as many PPs – grew up in a conservative area and went to a conservative Catholic church growing up. As late as college, I didn’t really consider gay marriage a civil/human rights issue, but sometime along the way, I was enlightened. I am not close with anyone who is LGBT, so it wasn’t an awakening from knowing someone. It was the realization that religion shouldn’t dictate everything, and also that if I truly wanted to follow the Golden Rule, then being anti gay rights was antithetical to my goals. It drives my parents nuts, but oh well.

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