(Closed) Spinoff: Are you anyone’s “pesky ex”?

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I wouldnt say “pesky” ex but I am friendly with most of my ex boys. I may or may not also be the friend that is female. I try not to be in my defense and try to distance myself if the friend is just first starting to date someone so they have some time to find out whom I am first. But sometimes it’s hard and I try to befriend the girl so they understand I am in no way looking to be anything but a friend.

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One time we were at a bar and his new gf starts telling another friend of ours about how he compares her to me all the time and how it’s starting to annoy her. He started requesting that she do thing the way that I used to do them. The third party friend later told me about it a few weeks later when we had met for lunch. I thought it was funny, and honestly it made me feel good even if that’s terrible.

However, a few weeks later I also found out that he still has a picture of me in his house. There’s another couple in the picture, but I couldn’t imagine if I was her having to walk by me everyday. That’s when I felt bad for her a little bit.

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Buzzing bee
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I don’t talk to any of my exes, but my best friend is a guy and his last gf hated me (now she is his pesky/psycho ex lol).  Somehow the fact that I was engaged to my bf of 4 years, that I’d been friends with the guy for most of our lives and we’d never even considered dating eachother, and that I was really excited that he had a gf so we could all go on double dates, didn’t help her insecurity with him having a female friend.  Come to think of it, she hated all his male friends too.  Some women are just horribly jealous!

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Busy bee
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I guess I am one.  I talk to my ex every month or so- my Fiance knows as I don’t keep secrets from him.  I don’t think she knows though.  It is a completely innocent friendship.  We don’t and won’t hook up of course, just text/e-mail about once a month to keep up with what the other is doing.  We were not compatible in a relationship but totally work as friends. 

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I was friends with my ex for two years before we started going out and we were together for 6 years. When we broke up, we first took time apart, but would go for coffee from time to time to catch up. We didn’t want to be too involved in each other’s lives, but still cared about each other enough to keep in touch.

Well his current gf does not like that and we severed all ties because of that. Now, we write twice per year, once to say happy birthday and once for Christmas; and I’m pretty sure she’s over his shoulder watching, because he keeps it briefer than he used to!

I wish she was comfortable with us staying friends but she’s not, and I respect that. But I miss him though in some way.

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Bumble bee
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I’m not a pesky ex.  I don’t want a relationship with most of my exes.  I don’t really have any contact with my ex-husband that does not involve the kids…and to be honest, I try to have most of our conversations through e-mail or texting.  I know I don’t bother his wife at all because she always seeks me out and makes a point to say hello and make small talk when she sees me..and even sent food when I was sick.

Howvever, there is one ex both my husband and I are close to.  But his girlfriend does not think of me as the pesky ex because she does not know we ever dated.  He made me promise I’d not tell her when I first met her.  I didn’t think it was going to be a serious relationship (he was on the rebound and not looking for anything serious when he met her), so I agreed.  Now they have been together several years and are living together.  So now, I find myself having to watch what I say around her, so I don’t slip and let out any information about him I really probably shouldn’t know.

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Bumble bee
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Nope, not at all! I haven’t talked to any of my exes in years. I’m actually pretty thankful for their douchiness, so I don’t have to deal with any drama as a result 😉 Also, my boyfriend has no contact with his exes so it’s nice to be on the same page!

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Busy bee
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@Mrs. Puffin: Haha agreed! I would send them a thank you note…but I have no interest in contacting them ever again!

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Sugar Beekeeper
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Nope! Although maybe kinda for a minute? I only have two real ex’s. 

Ex 1: HS sweetheart. Typically dramatic breakup followed by 6 months of not talking followed by a friendship we realized wasn’t really supported by having anything in common and eventual drifting apart. We reconnected via facebook and were casual acquaintances for years. We’d chat maybe twice/year for about 5 minutes until we ran out of things to say. I never thought anything of it until a few months ago I saw on someone else’s page that he’d gotten engaged and when I went to his page to congratulate him I saw he’d unfriended me. I didn’t take it personally because I assumed he was just cleaning shop from people he doesn’t talk to much, but when I messaged him a congratulation message and was met with stone cold silence I realized that his new Fiance prob nixed his communication with me because I’m an ex. oh well. 

Ex 2: dated from the end of hs through college and law school. majorly dramatic break-up. we don’t speak. last i heard he did have a girlfriend but I don’t really have any interest in chatting him up 🙂 

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Sugar bee
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Nope.  I’m not in contact with my ex’s.  I won’t say they are all jerks, but I just don’t have any reason to talk to them.  I’m not friends with them on FB and don’t see them ever.

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Honey bee
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Maybe.  My ex’s mom, sister and brother are still friends with me.  His kid’s used to be as well, but I eventually deleted them off FB because they asked me too many questions I didn’t feel priviledged enough to answer.

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Honey bee
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I was pesky ex when I was in college and for many months would continue to call the ex even though he was with someone.

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Buzzing bee
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Nope, I break up with men for a reason and don’t need to make their new partners jealous to feel good about myself.

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