(Closed) Spinoff: Are you easily offended on the bee when it comes to bee?

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  • poll: Are you easily offended on the bee while reading the boards?
    Yes -- Bees push my buttons quite often. : (9 votes)
    5 %
    Somewhat -- I find myself at times being offended. : (35 votes)
    19 %
    Not really -- I dont often feel upset/offended while reading the bee. : (106 votes)
    58 %
    Never -- Peoples comments never offend me. : (32 votes)
    18 %
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    I do find myself getting offended by certain topics on the Bee, but now I know to avoid anything political or religious. As to aspects of wedding planning, I definitely don’t get offended. It’s not worth it in my opinion. Also, it’s very hard to grasp tone via written replies. I can be very sarcastic and dry, but it comes across like I’m a bit dim, so I have to remind myself that just because I’m reading something that sounds catty or rude, it might just be how I’m reading it, not how it was meant. 

    And I definitely get more annoyed than offended, but I also have to reign in my responses. I find myself rolling my eyes a lot more than responding lately, particularly if there is a fight between diamond and moissy owners or any other stupid arguments like that. I just have to roll my eyes and move on, because I am sure as hell not jumping into THAT argument. I also find myself coming to the defense of posters if I feel they are being unnecessarily badgered. 

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    I haven’t been offended. I do find it amusing that some people on here give advice and then get in a big huff that the OP didn’t immediately take that amazing advice and say ‘That’s what I will do! You have changed my life!’ and close the thread because clearly their question has been answered.

    I find entertainment value in watching the ‘advice givers’ get their panties in a giant knot . That’s pretty much why I come here nowadays. I have generally stopped asking for advice because some people on here can’t just give friendly advice and leave it at that. They have to take it personally that the OP snubbed their awesomeness and worldly wisdom. Sometimes people just want a supportive nod, not a tirade on how they suck at life. 

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    Rainstorm77:  LOL that is 1000% exactly right! Someone will comment on page 1 or 2 of a thread with some advice, but then they’re still hanging around arguing with the OP 10 pages later. It’s like, dude, I heard you. It’s okay. You can go home now. If you’re so worked up over a situation (that is happening to someone else, mind you) that you need to comment 20 times on it, maybe go take a walk outside or something!!

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    Barbiestylez:  Have not been offended at all. I’ve seen some comments from posters that make me think “Was it necessary to say it like that?” because they can seem rude from the way they write, but some people have no filter. I’m used to that and just roll with it.

    What does drive me nuts though is when someone writes a post (and some of them you can tell were hard for them to write) and they get a bunch of replies like “Honestly…why are you upset?/This isn’t a big deal…/etc.” Just answer the OPs question or don’t respond. 

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    Nope.  The comments made by complete, faceless, nameless strangers on the internet don’t bother me in the slightest.

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    iarebridezilla:  +1. I am often surprised by how aggressive people get on the site, particularly those who are incensed that their advice was not taken and continue to berate the OP several pages after their original post. It’s quite entertaining, and I have a hard time not following these threads!

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    Nope. There has only been one Bee ever who has frustrated me lol and she made quite a few others frustrated as well

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    Barbiestylez:  I also think that some bees just post to start something. It is one thing to accept advice on a post and then try to talk about it as an adult, it is another to disagree with EVERYTHING EVERYONE is saying because it is not what you want to hear. Unfortunately, when you try to make a post and have an adult conversation sometimes, some people take that as trying to start something.

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    I sometimes get offended and I type out a 5 page emotion filled response to the person. Then I realize that it isn’t really worth all the time that I put into it and I erase it. By then I am just offended that I lost about 5 minutes of my life typing out that posting!

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    Zhabeego:  “Rude,” “nasty,” and “attack.” You keep saying those words. I do not think they mean what you think they mean.

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    Haha, I like that there is even snarkiness and getting offended from a post about becoming offended! There are always going to be jerks in life. People on this site become internet gangsta, as well as online in general. It is really easy to go balls deep into flipping out on people via a computer screen. In the real world most of the intentional offenders would not say what they say here. If they do, they have many enemies and very little to no friends. Perhaps that explains what seems to be unnecessary bitterness and anger over nothing, someone else’s choices, etc. 

    I only get offended when I read ignorant racist remarks. I just see no place for that nonsense in society. Other than that, I just get annoyed with the foolishness people say sometimes. Many times I don’t entertain it by responding. I think the intentional offenders thrive off of drama, and like to create their own problems and start trouble with others to feed this twisted need. Some folks just want to be miserable in order to have something to complain about or would not be happy if happiness punched them in the face. I really don’t have time for any of that. Let’s try to remember that on the internet you can be a millionaire model and actress while in reality you can’t afford to rub two pennies together, and are too clumbsy to walk straight down the sidewalk let alone a runway!

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    Barbiestylez:  You didn’t know? Being offended is the new black…

    I like to sit back and watch the show 😉

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    I came to the bee to learn about weddings (decorations, dresses, logistics) but I really like reading all the posts so I keep hanging around. I see a lot of snarkiness on threads but I try not to get involved. I didn’t come here to argue with people or have them change their ways. There have been a few bees that irritated me but mostly it’s because I think they are mean-spirited in general, not because I am personally offended.

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