(Closed) Spinoff: Are You Okay With Students Observing At the Doctors/Hospital?

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  • poll: Are You Okay With Students Observing At the Doctors/Hospital?
    Yes - Doesn't bother me at all! : (137 votes)
    56 %
    I'm only okay with students of my same gender observing. : (15 votes)
    6 %
    I'm only okay with certain procedures being observed. : (73 votes)
    30 %
    No - I don't want anyone observing anything. : (18 votes)
    7 %
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    Sugar bee
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    For most thing, yes. For OB or GYN care, absolutely not.


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    Bee Keeper
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    Observation- yes, aboslutely ok.  It would be awesome if they ask my permission, of course.  I think I’d draw the line with certain procedures though.  Again, ask permission first, then let me decide if I want you to practice starting an IV or whatever. 

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    Honey bee
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    @mixtapehearts:  +1

    I’m mortified that the doctor even has to see me.  The less eyes the better…

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    Bee Keeper
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    Yes and that would include OB/GYN stuff. I just find the whole thing so impersonal already that another person in the room doesn’t bother me. I also have a few friends who are OBs and I know it was important to their education.

    Only semi-related but I was getting waxed a few months ago and they asked if someone could observe then and I was like “yeah whatever”. An interesting discussion on the direction of my hair growth followed lol.

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    Honey bee
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    Absolutely, that is how we learn! I have had nursing students, residents in on both of my deliveries and will do so again if asked with #3.

    ETA: In the other parts of my life I am extremely private. I change in a bathroom stall at the gym, I won’t breastfeed in front of anyone other then Darling Husband (and that is pushing it),

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    Bumble bee
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    Depending on what they are observing, I don’t care. I had an ultrasound for my kidney a few months ago and the tech brought in a few people to look because apparently my guts are positioned perfectly…Laughing  Anything where my who-ha is showing…no way…I’m not even fond of my regular OB-GYN looking there.

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    Blushing bee
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    @Mrs.KMM:  Totally fine with it! When I was in labour we had a student nurse the whole time and when I got my epidural we had a room full of students to observe. Even after we had our daughter in the hospital the students would be the ones to check in on me, no problem at all! They are our future doctors/nurses and I would want them to be the best if they will be taking care of me and my family in the future.

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    Well, being a nursing student, not MY classmates, but any other students, the more the merrier! People have to learn somehow! Plus, I know that better care happens when there are students around, people have to do things by the book more than they woudl normally, and like in med surg floors instead of 1 nurse to 8 patients there is a nurse, 4 nursing student and their prof there! In ICU the nurses usually have 2-3 patients but with nursing students there is usually a student per patient. I also think things get explained better to families because the nurse and the profs are explaining to the students too. 

    ETA: And I am totally okay with guy nursing students or med students being around, OB-GYN or not. The poor guys in my class did almost nothing in the OB-GYN clinicals because people were shy. Even when 90% of the OB-GYN offices we were at were MALE doctors. 

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    Bumble bee
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    I’m a nursing student, so I always feel obligated to allow others to watch and participate in my procedures and exams. I know what I’ve learned from people allowing me to help them, so I feel that it’s important for me to give them that same chance. 

    A lot of procedures, like entering a catheter, must be performed on an actual person, and I know personally I would rather a student perform it on me with the help of an instructor; than a nurse to do it for the first time “in real life” with no assisstance. Plus generally in the hospital nursing students do things like give baths, brush teeth etc.. as well, and if you don’t have a nursing student helping you, you may not get the chance to get it done at all!  

    If I haven’t signed anything however, I would prefer to be asked. I would almost never say no though! I also completly support and accept those who do not wish to have a student observing them.

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    Helper bee
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    I’ve only ever had a student observer at my ObGyn and I’m fine with it. I’m sure I’d be fine with it at other doctors as well. At my last annual exam, a midwifery student actual performed my pap smear. However, my midwife did bring her in while I was still completely dressed and introduced me, etc. It doesn’t matter to me whether the observing students are male or female.

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    Busy bee
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    I didn’t vote but so far I’ve allowed all students to watch. I don’t know how I would feel about a guy looking at my lady bits for the yearly exam but I’ve yet to be put in that position. I hate anyone looking down there anyway.

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    Blushing bee
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    The only way the students are going to learn is if they see things in person. I have had a student observe my GYN appointment; of course the physician asked before she began if I was comfortable having the student observe. I was once a student, now a Med Tech, and I have students with me all the time. Students are held to the same confidentiality agreement as the employees. I think the more experience these students can get, the better!

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    Worker bee

    As long as I do not know the students personally! That includes anything from ultrasounds to looking at my genitals (male and female students are fine). Honestly I’m prude when it comes to my body, but I realize that there is absolutely nothing sexual in a hospital. I’ve had a few appointments lasting 40 minutes instead of 20 minutes because the doctor was explaining things to a bunch of students. I’ve actually learned a ton of random things thanks to the students, including the fact that my ovaries were really nice (lol) and that I have a tilted uterus (oops).

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    For anything having to do with OBGYN…no. It’s hard enough having doctors and nurses see me exposed and I’m not willing to let anyone that isn’t required to be there see me like that.

    Other routine exams I’m all for allowing students perform or watch them being done as long as nothing “private” is exposed.

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