(Closed) Spinoff: Are You Okay With Students Observing At the Doctors/Hospital?

posted 8 years ago in Wellness
  • poll: Are You Okay With Students Observing At the Doctors/Hospital?

    Yes - Doesn't bother me at all!

    I'm only okay with students of my same gender observing.

    I'm only okay with certain procedures being observed.

    No - I don't want anyone observing anything.

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    I do.  It doesn’t bother me at all.

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    I probably wouldn’t allow it for most procedures/exams. My parents are a doctor and a nurse and I swear every medical person knows of them or recognizes the name (which is fairly unique) and asks “are you related to so and so?” Oh why yes that is my dad, but hang on let me take my pants off before I tell you about him! Ugh. I don’t need any nursing students seeing my hooha and then having to work with my dad the next day lol. It’s just awkward.

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    @ieatunicorns:  There’s always a nurse in the room, but she’s at an angle where she doesn’t actually see anything. When I went to L&D a few days ago it was the first time the nurse actually looked and I was totally fine with it. She was professional and they see it all the time.

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    I just graduated from nursing school in may. If it weren’t for people that allowed me to observe/take care of them, I wouldn’t have learned anything! So I’m very grateful for the people that allowed me to be involved with their care, so I would do the same for other students. 

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    I’m definitely cool with it as long as the student (and doctor, for that matter) are behaving properly/professionally. I’d rather have a courteous male student at my gyn appointment than a judgy or rude female student. Beyond general misconduct (which really has nothing to do with being a student or of a particular gender, anyway) I’m all for a reasonable # of students in on my exams/procedures.

    20 people staring at me in stirrups is a bit much, but I’m sure that a resonable professional wouldn’t have a gaggle of students with unless I was an extremely unusual case. And in that case (twins, complications, whatever), the more the marrier if it helps them all learn for future patients. 

    Heck, my last ‘well woman’ was performed by a NP student – I told them I wanted a gold star on my chart since I was her first vaginal exam. LOL! She was very appreciative that I’d let her do that…I told her I figured it’s her job 🙂

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    If the doctor asks me first, I am usually okay with it. However if they just waltz in with 2-3 lagging behind me, I usually say NO. And by the way as a patient just know you have the right to say NO to students. Residents are a different matter but medical students um NO. I work as a health professional, and was greatful to all the hospital patients who said yes but I completely respected their choice when they said NO especially after seeing how many medical students and residents completed screwed up. 

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    I’m always ok with students or observers. I know it truly bothers some other people, so I figure since it doesn’t bother me at all, might as well let them get the chance with me in case someone else doesn’t let them! (which it totally fine for those of you who prefer no students or observers). I’ve let all kinds of students do IVs on me, I’ve let a student watch a GYN procedure, I’ve even had a paramedic student intubate me when I went in for surgery! I’ve told Fiance when we have children, I’m more than willing to have students observe. He doesn’t like the idea, but I see no problem with it. I figure for observers, why not let them observe something realistic and find out they won’t like the profession or that they LOVE the profession. With students, they have to learn some time! Better as students than once they’re free to work on their own and you’d expect them to know how to do something.

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    I don’t mind at all, for anything. I don’t feel any shame or discomfort about any part of my body, and that goes double for any medical situation. I can pretty much reliably say that there is no part of my body that would incite anything but boredom in a doctor, nurse, or student. In a way, it’s their JOB to be bored by it, which of course only comes with exposure. Even if it was something medically interesting, it’s not like they’re going to call them in and be like “man check out her vag, how weird is that.” Haha. I guess I just don’t feel self conscious or judged about it.

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    For me, having a student/observer/doctor/nurse in training is no big deal. I recently had to have my IUD removed and replaced. Trouble was it had gone WAY out of reach and required some skill to get it out.

    They asked me if a nurse or PA (I don’t remember which-it mattered so little) could observe because it was a bit tricky and a good learning experience. No problem.

    And I’ve two babies-I can’t remember who or how many doctors/nurses/janitors/random people were in and out at given time. Lol I was trying to squeeze out a baby and could not have cared less-it was all such a blur. But both deliveries were unusual and I’m sure there were students galore.

    I was at Cedars-Sinai, a very well-known teaching hospital so it was to be expected. I hope it helped someone:)

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    Since I work in healthcare currently and was once a student doing clinicals I know what it’s like to be new and if I can help them learn something by them being there, why not?  The instructors usually are really good about helping them through things that they need it with.

    But it’s totally wrong for someone to watch that you haven’t okayed.  And for it to have been her daughter and not part of a student rotation is unacceptable.  Students have to known HIPPA law and follow it like the rest of the nursing staff.  That’s a totally breech of privacy.

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    As a medical student, I’m always greatful for those who allow me to participate in their care. Should the situation arise, I would hope that I would return the favor to future doctors/nurses and their patients.

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