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Vague posts and passive-aggressive attacks. Like when someone annoys someone, they vaguely allude to what happened, without actually calling the person out.

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Facebook period!  I deactivated my account 3 years ago and don’t regret it one bit! I think it breeds narcissism and causes unnecessary drama.

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Gym pictures and videos!! I have a friend who does that bikini muscle building stuff and pictures just aren’t enough, she posts videos of her working out all the time. Nobody cares!! You’re just making everybody feel fat. 

Endless baby pictures! One friend posts 7-10 baby pictures A DAY!! I’m so sick of seeing that kid. 

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blondie_ems:  I agree with the overshare. I think a lot of people overshare about their children. Talking about so and so pooping or cleaning cloth diapers, or how much your nipples hurt, it’s a bit too much for my liking. 

I have one facebook friend who is the epitome of this thread. Constant selfies, talks to her “husband” on there all the time professing her love (I’m not sure that they are actually married, but she calls him her husband). She used to have one facebook for the both of them. Oversharing about her kids. Posting vague statuses about being depressed, or not taking someone’s shit or judgy people. What really gets me is when one post she’ll be talking about how wonderful her life is and how she loves her little family and then an hour later she posts something complaining and ending with “FML.” I swear she shares every random pic she sees with some inspirational quote or quotes about being a “good woman” to her man (of course tagging her “husband”). As a side note, she left her husband and was with another guy for a while, who may or may not be the father of her latest kid, and then got back with her husband like a week before she gave birth. I think that the only thing she doesn’t do is hashtag. I’d unfriend her, but she’s my cousin, haha. 

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When girls pull the stupid duck face in pictures – it looks ridiculous, just smile like a normal person FFS!

Also “Vaguebooking” gets right on my nerves – if you don’t want to be clear or talk about it, don’t post.

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MrsWe:  Agree 100%. I hate FB. Deleted my account years ago and have zero (negative? lol) desire to go back. So in your face to all the people who told me that I’d be back the next week! lol

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(please remove comment)

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Pet photos. I love cats, but I don’t care to be updated about your cat every day. My cousin posts pics of her cat sleeping,  yawning, scratching, wearing a hat, etc etc. I get so tired of it. Every single day, no joke. I hid her from my news feed. 

That and pictures of food. I don’t get it. Half the time it doesn’t even look good.  Luckily it doesn’t seem as frequent anymore. 

“News stories” that aren’t true. I love when people correct the person though. 

I also agree with PP about vague statuses. 

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“Just ran 18,000 miles and deadlifted a minivan 10 times!” Made even worse if followed by, “So disappointed in myself, was hoping to break 20k! I’m a fat slob!” Shut up.

Also, like a PP mentioned, posts of articles that are CLEARLY satirical or just straight-up fabricated. And the subsequent, “OMG I can’t believe Obama actually kicked a baby in the face and the media covered it up!” comments. Makes me dumber every time I see it.

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I HATE IT when people post images of abused animals or children, OR WORSE, dead animals and children. Get that shit out of here.

People who air their dirty laundry. 



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Over abudence of pet photos.  I have two friends that post daily photos of their cats.

Kid photos that are overshare.  Its okay to have a picture of your kid in the bath in your family album, but this is the internet.  Your family ablum isn’t going to be seen by your kids boss some day, but your FB photo might. 

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I agree with EVERYTHING you pp’s have said! lol

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I hate it when #people#stop#writing#real#sentences#

Hash tag is really annoying to me.  Also hate it when this gf of mine constantly posts on her fi wall about how lovely dovey they are.  He never responds lol. They live together by the way. 

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There is this munter named T who posts 8 selfies a day, is always asking for free shit (“anyone have connections to get me a xmas tree for free”), talks about her IUD falling out along with her vaginal bleeding, and is just generally pathetic. Something about it, though… I LIKE to see what hazards have befallen her, because it’s just too intriguing.  Call it schadenfreude.

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 These are my top 5:

1. Super vague statues, looking for attention/sympathy

I know one person in particular who has one of these at least twice a day and if anyone ever commnets to ask if she’s ok, she NEVER responds. I just keep scrolling….

2. The “No Make-up” selfie that has instagram filters all over it and half of their face isn’t even in the picture but all of their boobs are…..

3. Couples talking to each other on their walls.

Now it’s one thing if you are posting links or something when you’re not together but the smoochy talk makes me want to puke….

4. pple who tlk lke ths or LIKE THIS or Like This….for every status/comment…. I mean oh my goodness, why???? I can’t understand you.

5. People who share articles that are OBVIOUSLY fake. Like, you are on the internet, google it!

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